Hey. I require a clever card reader for work. Do you have a recommended home windows laptop v a constructed in smart card reader? Thanks.

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* **Total budget and country the purchase:**

$1,000 USA

* **Do you favor a 2 in 1 form factor, good battery life or finest specifications because that the money? choose or include any type of that apply.**

Build high quality is greatest priority.

* **How vital is weight and also thinness to you?**


* **Which OS execute you require? Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Linux.**


* **Do you have a wanted screen size? If indifferent, placed N/A.**

13" is the max I'll lug around

* **Are girlfriend doing any kind of CAD/video editing/photo editing/gaming? list which programs/games girlfriend desire come run.**


* **If you're gaming, perform you have details games you desire to play? in ~ what settings and also FPS do you want?**

Not gaming

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I'm not super knowledgeable around laptops with smart card readers however I would examine out Lenovo's Thinkpads. I'd introduce to examine out their Thinkpad T480s. The weighs 2.9lbs however it is a 14" laptop. I'm sorry i couldn't aid you out more.

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Only business-grade laptops have smart map readers therefore you must not need to worry about build quality. Right here you deserve to see what options are in your budget: search engine.

You have the right to see and change the find parameters using the "Refine results" button in the upper-left part of the search outcomes page. Girlfriend can likewise click on the laptops for more information.

One option could be this Lenovo Thinkpad X395 - it has a quad-core Ryzen processor, Vega combined graphics, glowing display: 60Hz, 90% sRGB, 300 nits, PCIe SSD, soldered RAM, ~9H battery life and a good peripheral harbor selection: 2 X USB-C 3.1, 2 X USB 3.1, SD card reader. You can configure it with a SmartCard ~ above their official site - I recognize it has this option.

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Another option could be the Dell Latitude 13 7390 - comparable specs together the Thinkpad however with an Intel processor, has actually a much much better peripheral harbor selection: 2 X USB 3.1, 1 X USB-C 3.1, 1 X LAN, SmartCard, MicroSD card reader, center card, Thunderbolt however it has single-channel RAM and the screen is not that great.