“As numerous languages friend know, as many times you are a human being being” – Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk

The prestige of languages and the communication in different languages has increased dramatically in the XXI century, because of globalization and companies starting to run in different markets worldwide. Nowadays, we space able to communicate effectively with human being from other countries by utilizing English or also other languages. However sometimes us meet obstacles to properly recognize each other, simply since of different interpretations in our indigenous language. So, just how does language form the way we watch the world?

The linguistic area got revolutionized by Edward Sapir and also Benjamin Lee Whorf v the introduction of the concept of linguistic relativism. Based on a comparative research of the American Indian language native the people Hopi and also Indo-European languages, plenty of differences in between them were noticed. Because that instance, Whorf concluded the Europeans identify the human being as a “set of things”, when in Hopi language the human being is a “collection the actions”. Much more so, category such together “time” and “space” space not transcultural, yet are part of our grammar. Thus, follow to the Sapir-Whorf-theory, language is much more than simply a communication tool – it determines our tardy of reality and also influences ours behavior.

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TIMEIt might seem that the idea the “time” for every is the same yet it transforms out that it’s no that simple. Research lugged out in the 70s verified that civilization who speak a distinct language also perceived time differently: for the brothers “time” is linearly, relocating from “left” come “right”. Chinese people have the idea the time in terms of “over” and also “under”. In the case of the Greeks, dimension plays a far-ranging role and time deserve to be “large” or “small”.Furthermore, Keith Chen – experienced of behavioral economics – made an exciting discovery. He claims that relying on what language us use, we have a different strategy to financial and economic issues. Languages prefer English, Spanish or Portuguese show a details time and also distinguish in between past, present and also future in your grammar, when languages there is no time, favor the Chinese, usage the very same phrases to define the actions at different times. Chen argues, civilization who speak in “timeless languages” are more likely to save more. The is simple, once we talk around the future, we room thinking around something further and with an ext distant, so we space less urged to save money now.

SPACEEvidence the the language impact on human being thinking is the language that space. In English, we have actually the expression of “left” and also “right” to define the orientation that the world approximately us. However, in part languages, geographical directions room used. During a research exploration to Australia, Professor Lera Boroditsky fight upon the tribe Pormpuraawans. Your language walk not refer to objects as best or left, but an ext as the “north-east” and also “south-western”. Boroditsky noticed, the these people, thanks to that sort of language training, have actually a high sense of orientation and also instinctively understand where to go without obtaining lost even in a completely unfamiliar place.

COLORSThe distinction of shade is also not for this reason obvious. In English and also German, blue and green are two various colors, yet in Japanese language, this colors are considered as shades that the same color. In 1954, researchers Lenberg and also Brown lugged out an experiment on American, German and Japanese students and also asked them come distinguish in between different colors. It turned the end that the Japanese often made mistakes when differentiating between the shade of blue and green, when the Germans and also the Americans flourished flawlessly. The test showed that the results strongly counts on whether this colors have the same or various names in every language.

OBJECTSAnother example are “articles”. Languages such as French, German, Spanish, and Russian not only assign masculinity or femininity to topics but additionally a whole range of meaningless objects. In the recent years, various experiments have shown that grammar write-ups can form the different feelings and also associations to the particular object in various languages. In a study, German and also Spanish speakers were request to define how they see different objects, choose a leg or a key. German speakers connected a leg with usual “feminine” adjectives prefer “pretty, elegant, peaceful, slender”. In contrast to that, the majority of the Spanish speaker used usual “male” adjective to explain a bridge favor “tall, long, powerful”. The reason for these various results might be the contrary grammatical sex the word has in both languages: The German native “die Brücke” is grammar feminine and the Spanish word “el puente” is masculine.

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Vocabulary and grammar in various languages often tend to form our perception of the human being and way of thinking. The is why translations into other languages are really difficult. This all shows how necessary it is come get help from professional translators in the ar of language and also when translating your content to a an international audience.

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