Lady Gaga may be a baseball fan, yet no issue what she"s law or wherein she is, she"s still, friend know, Gaga. While some people prefer to wear Converse and t-shirts at the ballpark, "The Cure" singer sported her own version the baseball game attire when she watched the LA Dodgers win the Houston Astros in the final round that the MLB playoffs at Dodger stadium on Tuesday night. In enhancement to her really Marilyn Monroe-esque outfit, Gaga arrived in a snazzy black car, from which she arised like the goddess the she is. When inside the stadium, the star took pleasure in the game from a exclusive box with her certified dealer boyfriend, Christian Carino. Also at a sporting event in ungodly warmth (it to be the hottest world series faceoff ~ above record), Gaga knows just how to shut. It. Down.

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