Lady Gaga‘sSound of Musicmedley at Sunday’sOscarswas significant for countless reasons — namely, how stripped-down the whole affair was, with the pop star’sbeautiful voice taking center stageinstead of the theatrics that her at an early stage career. The cherry on optimal was whenSound of MusicstarJulie Andrewscame onstage climate and embraced Gaga v a wide smile on she face.

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It showed up that andrew was simply as in awe the the performance as the audience was — and also as it transforms out, she was.


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“I to be deeply honored through the Academy’s beloved tribute toThe Sound of Musicand especially touched through Lady Gaga’s exorbitant performance,” the Oscar winner claimed in a declare toAccess Hollywood. “I have always been a fan, yet last night we bonded and now I have actually a brand-new friend.”


Gaga’s tribute significant the 50th anniversary of the beloved musical.

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