In the TV show Gotham you acquire to see where a many the standard Batman villains gain their start. I can"t figure out who Kris Kringle is going come become, though. I"m not all that acquainted with Batman canon, yet from mine searches i haven"t to be able to obtain a hard answer. Probably someone here knows?




As that Season 2 episode 6, "Rise that the Villains: by Fire":

She"s dead, suffocated by Nygma, which way that, exterior of resurrection, she"s no going to be revealed together anything from the comics.

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These circumstances, that course, don"t constantly rule out the character ending up being someone, yet only time will tell.


An post on has some theories. It is quoted below.

As much as the display is concerned, Kristen Kringle works through Edward Nygma (who will eventually become the Riddler, E-Nygma, crafty isn"t it?) in ~ the Gotham City Police Department as an archivist, and the latter seems come have developed some romantic feelings towards her. As the short article on points out

Though Kristen has actually acted specifically as a love interest for Edward for this reason far, the Gotham authors must have actually something more in save for her.

Possible outcomes:

She’ll be transforming Into Harley Quinn

The Hollywood Reporter suggested the opportunity of Kris turning into Harley Quinn, a character that debuted in the Batman comics as a mrs sidekick to the Joker.

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But this might necessarily no be the instance here, together she is presented as a equivalent (so far) the Riddler in the show and not Joker, and also Joker has not also made an entry in Gotham so far.

She’s Santa Claus’ Daughter

Well, we have actually seen Santa re-publishing the page with the Dark Knight prior to (kind of) and also he wasn’t

the jolly old heart he’s illustrated to be in famous culture. Instead, he had actually an army of elves and also was decapitated by intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo. Observer suggests that Kris can be Santa"s daughter.


She’s concerned Mr. Freeze

Now this is a rather long shot. It"s

along the exact same lines together the Santa Claus theory, due to the fact that Kringle = Santa = north Pole = Mr. Freeze.

But then again, these are as much as we can come up with at this allude of time.