Kevin Federline is security some top quality time with 3 of the many important civilization in his life — his daughters

Kevin Federline is security some top quality time with 3 of the most important world in his life — his daughters.

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The 39-year-old was every smiles together he posed with his three little girls in ~ a father-daughter dance end the weekend.

“So happy to have every one of my girls critical Saturday because that father daughter dance. We had actually a blast.. I love you girl so much,” he composed on Thursday alongside a picture of Jordan Kay, 6½, and also Peyton Marie, 4 next month, his girls v wife Victoria Prince, and also Kori Madison, 15, Federline’s daughter v ex-fiancée Shar Jackson.

And Federline wasn’t fear to display off his silly side as he cozied up together his daughters while wearing a giraffe ear headband — which go perfectly through daughter Kori’s feline-inspired hat.

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Federline’s wife had previously common a photo from the group’s family-filled night on Saturday.

“Jordan it s okay to take along 2 extra dates for daddy at she Father Daughter dance tonight!! 💕,” she composed alongside a photo of Federline holding his 3-year-old while Jordan and Kori held hands.

While both Jordan and also Peyton opted to wear bright-colored dresses, Kori dressed under in a black tank top and also jeans.

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Federline has actually three various other children: son Kaleb Michael, 13, with Jackson, and sons Sean Preston, 12, and also Jayden James, 11, v ex-wife Britney Spears.

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Federline and Prince started dating in 2008 and also in august 2013, simply one job after gaining engaged and also receiving a marriage license, the pair bound the knot in a las Vegas ceremony.

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