Kilojoule/kilogram (Symbol or Abbreviation: kJ/kg)

Kilojoule/kilogram is one of fuel efficiency per massive units. Kilojoule/kilogram abbreviated or symbolized by kJ/kg.The value of 1 kilojoule/kilogram is equal to 1000 joule/kilogram.In that is relation v calorie (IT)/gram, 1 kilojoule/kilogram is equal to 0.23885 calorie (IT)/gram.

Relation with other units

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Calorie (IT)/gram is among fuel performance per mass units. Calorie (IT)/gram abbreviation or symbolized by cal/g.The value of 1 calorie (IT)/gram is same to 4186.8 joule/kilogram.In its relation v kilojoule/kilogram, 1 calorie (IT)/gram is same to 4.1868 kilojoule/kilogram.

Relation with various other units
Conversion Table because that Kilojoule/kilogram to Calorie (IT)/gram (kJ/kg to cal/g)kilojoule/kilogram (kJ/kg)calorie (IT)/gram (cal/g)
0.01 kJ/kg0.0023885 cal/g
0.1 kJ/kg0.023885 cal/g
1 kJ/kg0.23885 cal/g
2 kJ/kg0.47769 cal/g
3 kJ/kg0.71654 cal/g
4 kJ/kg0.95538 cal/g
5 kJ/kg1.1942 cal/g
6 kJ/kg1.4331 cal/g
7 kJ/kg1.6719 cal/g
8 kJ/kg1.9108 cal/g
9 kJ/kg2.1496 cal/g
10 kJ/kg2.3885 cal/g
20 kJ/kg4.7769 cal/g
25 kJ/kg5.9711 cal/g
50 kJ/kg11.942 cal/g
75 kJ/kg17.913 cal/g
100 kJ/kg23.885 cal/g
250 kJ/kg59.711 cal/g
500 kJ/kg119.42 cal/g
750 kJ/kg179.13 cal/g
1,000 kJ/kg238.85 cal/g
100,000 kJ/kg23,885 cal/g
1,000,000,000 kJ/kg238,850,000 cal/g
1,000,000,000,000 kJ/kg238,850,000,000 cal/g

Conversion Table because that Calorie (IT)/gram to Kilojoule/kilogram (cal/g come kJ/kg)calorie (IT)/gram (cal/g)kilojoule/kilogram (kJ/kg)
0.01 cal/g0.041868 kJ/kg
0.1 cal/g0.41868 kJ/kg
1 cal/g4.1868 kJ/kg
2 cal/g8.3736 kJ/kg
3 cal/g12.56 kJ/kg
4 cal/g16.747 kJ/kg
5 cal/g20.934 kJ/kg
6 cal/g25.121 kJ/kg
7 cal/g29.308 kJ/kg
8 cal/g33.494 kJ/kg
9 cal/g37.681 kJ/kg
10 cal/g41.868 kJ/kg
20 cal/g83.736 kJ/kg
25 cal/g104.67 kJ/kg
50 cal/g209.34 kJ/kg
75 cal/g314.01 kJ/kg
100 cal/g418.68 kJ/kg
250 cal/g1,046.7 kJ/kg
500 cal/g2,093.4 kJ/kg
750 cal/g3,140.1 kJ/kg
1,000 cal/g4,186.8 kJ/kg
100,000 cal/g418,680 kJ/kg
1,000,000,000 cal/g4,186,800,000 kJ/kg
1,000,000,000,000 cal/g4,186,800,000,000 kJ/kg

Steps to transform Kilojoule/kilogram come Calorie (IT)/gram (kJ/kg to cal/g)Example: transform 512 kilojoule/kilogram come calorie (IT)/gram (512 kJ/kg to cal/g).1 kilojoule/kilogram is indistinguishable to 0.23885 calorie (IT)/gram (1 kJ/kg is equivalent to 0.23885 cal/g).512 kilojoule/kilogram (kJ/kg) is tantamount to 512 time 0.23885 calorie (IT)/gram (cal/g).Retrieved 512 kilojoule/kilogram is tantamount to 122.29 calorie (IT)/gram (512 kJ/kg is tantamount to 122.29 cal/g).

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