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By WallacebRon: Ah.

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Kim: So, Ron. You"re simply gonna chill every summer? Ron: "Chillin"", together you placed it, is for amateurs Kim. I"m marinating.** Kim:** Marinating?Ron: Marinating: Relaxation for the professional. Mr. Dr P: ready to roll, Kimmie?Ron: Roll? No one said anything around rolling. ** Kim:** Road trip to visit my Uncle Slim.Ron: Okay. I"ll be here when you gain back.** Kim:** In Montana.Ron: Montana? Okay. I"ll be right here when you obtain back.Mr. Dr P: long time because we saw the old Lazy C Ranch. Ron: Lazy? I"m simpatico through lazy.** Kim:** Well, mine Mom needs to work. You wanna come with?Ron: permit me consult mine marination advisor. Up for Montana, buddy?Rufus: Yee-haw!Ron: Okay, let"s obtain lazy. Mr. Dr P: right here you go, Ronald. Toss this in the car.Ron: This does no bode well for the Ron-ster. Shego: Bill, bill, bill... What is this? Drakken: That"s because that me. To ~ Mr. Drakken... It"s Dr. Drakken, friend dolts! give thanks to you for her application... Blast! rejected again! Drakken: Shego! Shego: "Cerebellum Ultra-Smart at sight Genius reasoning Society?" room you kidding me?Drakken: give it!Shego: Whoa, whoa... And they won"t let you join?Drakken: No, and also it vexes me to the bone! They have fun singles mixers, and fabulous cruises come nowhere, and also their newsletter has the many fiendishly clever word jumbles. Shego: Oh, come on. Why carry out you desire to join some at sight dorky club?Drakken: come prove that I"m brillianter 보다 a the majority of them!Shego: "Brillianter"?Drakken: many smartest. Whatever. I"m a clinical genius, not a englist. Shego: "Linguist".Drakken: prevent that! I need to design something therefore brilliant, for this reason irrefutably mind-bogglingly wowful...Shego: so close.Drakken: ...that no one can deny me my location at the head of the genius table. Shego: If you satellite at the doofus table, you"d have actually a lock.Drakken: Doofus table, I"ll provide you... Shego! Wait! That"s it!Shego: What"s it?Drakken: Ow! The prize is not to develop myself up, it"s come knock the compete down. Shego: Boop, boop, boop. Stupid idea alert.Drakken: Precisely, Shego. Mr. Dr P: okay kids, we’re here. Ron: The Lazy C. The lazy me need to fit best in.Rufus: Oh, yeah! ** Kim:** Ron, Uncle Slim"s ranch is a functioning ranch.Ron: What? I believed it was a dude ranch. For dudes, favor me. Jim: Giddyap, dad!Tim: us wanna begin ropin" "n ridin"! Slim: Hey, Squirt! Mr. Dr P: Come on, Slim. Don"t contact me the in prior of the kids.Tweebs: Squirt!Slim: Where"s my favourite sister-in-law?Mr. Dr P: She got stuck working dual shift in ~ the hospital, for this reason we carried Ronald instead. Ron: Howdy, partner.Rufus: Howdy!Slim: How"d her prairie dog lose its hair?Rufus: Hmmph!Slim: Feisty small fella. ** Kim:** Where"s Joss? She e-mailed me right before the trip around some large surprise.Slim: Well, Joss is going through a phase.Mr. Dr P: What sort of phase?Slim: She"s acquired herself a hero the she for sure idolizes.Mr. Dr P: Ah, It"s good to have actually heroes. For me, it was Vlad Lukovic, that Hydraulic Servo-Actuator fame. Man, could that guy construct spacecraft! provided to write to him once I was Joss"s age. Never ever wrote back. So, who"s Joss"s Vlad Lukovic?Joss: I deserve to do anything!Slim: your daughter. Joss: "Cause I"m just like you, Kim.** Kim:** Ah... Wow! Ron: Oh, yeah! have the right to I mosey or what? Ahh!Jim: room you afraid of horses? Ron: Me, afraid? Yes.Tim: It"s no a real horse, it"s just a robot.** Kim:** That"s the type of equine he fears most of all.Ron: It was ten year ago, the end in front of Smarty Mart. I shed two baby this that day. Transforms a guy.** Kim:** Ron, friend gotta gain past this.Joss: Yeah, just be favor Kim. She"s no afraid that nothin". Ron: Kid, if being favor Kim was that easy, I would certainly a done it a lengthy time ago.Joss: You deserve to try.Ron: Fine. Quite robot horse... Pretty robot...Slim: Sorry around that. Old Tornado still has some glitches in his get-along.Mr. Dr P: exceptional work, Slim. Is he cybertronic?Slim: Yep. Runs on a solar-powered self-perpetuating power core.Ron: Mmm-hmm. Ya know, that"s specifically what I claimed to Rufus. Right?Rufus: Oh, yeah. Slim: Hey Squirt, girlfriend wanna hit the basic store v me? Gotta get some supplies.Mr. Dr P: Sure. You guys behave if I"m gone.Tim: whatever you say...Jim: Squirt.Mr. Dr P: Kimmie, you"re in charge. ** Kim:** Okay, dad.Joss: Come on, I got all type of stuff ns wanna display ya.** Kim:** Uh, cool. Slim: Where"d they relocate those habaneras to?Mr. Dr P: If friend fixin" to rustle us up some of your five-alarm chow, I"m gonna be one happy camper! Slim: Ain"t no "campers" out in these parts.Mr. Dr P: Oh, right. Buckaroos.Slim: Squirt, you"re the finest brother a fella might have, yet you are a tinhorn, negative as the various other fellas they been bringin" in.Mr. Dr P: What fellas? Ramesh: Possible?Mr. Dr P: Ramesh!Ramesh: ns was wondering as soon as we"d see your sorry self here. Of course, I"m being jocular as soon as I to speak "sorry self."Mr. Dr P: Gotcha. This is my huge brother, Slim Possible.Slim: Howdy. Mr. Dr P: organize up there, Ramesh. Why did you expect me?Ramesh: The Wild West scientific research Fest. Are you padres ready?Mr. Dr P: Uh, I"m in the dark here.Slim: some meeting the the psychic they"re havin" at the Crooked D.Ramesh: just the best scientific minds approximately the human being were invited. Mr. Dr P: and I wasn"t invited.Ramesh: Ooh... My bad. Well, we much better be getting earlier to the other super geniuses. Um, toodles. Slim: What happened to Squirt, the happy camper?Mr. Dr P: Oh, it"s no large deal. I"d fairly spend time with you than a bunch that tinhorns, really.Ramesh: Yee-haw! Mr. Dr P: just wish i knew why ns didn"t do the cut. Drakken: room they every here?Shego: Yes, all the poindexters on your list room here. So, now what?Drakken: Prepare yourself, Shego. Because that soon, this so-called geniuses will certainly be yesterday"s news. I, Dr. Drakken, will certainly be the most brilliant clinical mind top top the planet!Shego: Yeah, you understand what? I"m gonna walk ahead and also put this arrangement in the failed obelisk right now. ** Kim:** Joss, i don"t understand what come say.Ron: Er the word "obsession" involves mind. Joss: Isn"t it spankin"?** Kim:** Totally. I"m... I"m flattered.Ron: You"re a little light top top the sidekick right here Joss. Joss: I"d to speak Wade is a lot much more than a sidekick, mister! He operation Kim"s website, builds all them gadgets, that keeps the entirety operation running!Ron: I"m talking about me. Joss: Who?Ron: The sidekick.Joss: Huh?Ron: typically acts in a support/distraction role?Joss: not ringing any type of bells. Ron: Ron Stoppable?Joss: never ever heard of ya. But you have to be proud to it is in a girlfriend of my cousin"s.Ron: Oh, you more than likely don"t recognize me without my trusty naked mole rat!Rufus: Ta-da!Joss: Rufus! Ron: currently it"s coming ago to ya.Joss: I understand everything around every one of Kim"s adventures, therefore I understand how numerous times you saved the day!Ron: and also I"m always right there. The guy with the pocket that Rufus comes the end of.Joss: Oh, yeah. You"re the one who"s always losin" his drawers.Ron: Oh, come on, it"s just been 6 or eight times. Slim: sent out a little bird increase a pair years ago, therefore I gained an eye ~ above the whole spread.Mr. Dr P: Oh, satellite, huh? So ns guess you can take a look in ~ the eh...Slim: The Crooked D?Mr. Dr P: Yeah, wherein the tinhorn brainiacs are.Slim: girlfriend know, Squirt, I"m nice handy through the cutting-edge tech myself, however I"m nowhere close to as smart together you. Mr. Dr P: Oh, now, Slim... I"m, I’m not that smart.Slim: "Course friend are, and you understand it. Doesn"t issue who else knows it.Mr. Dr P: I"d similar to to recognize who placed together the guest list. Drakken: Ladies and also gentlemen! You might now placed on your hats and become official buckaroos and buckarettes!Ramesh: Yippie ki-yay! My own ten-liter hat. I am many eager come rope "em up and ride "em out! The farmer in the dell. The farmer in the dellHi, ho, the dairy-oh The farmer in the dell. Ns love this cowboy songs! Shego: Wow. They"re acting so... So…Drakken: Silly?Shego: Not the word I would use, yet Ok.Drakken: It"s because they"re put on my brand-new invention: The stunner hat. Anyone that wears one of these hats will certainly act as silly as...Shego: your outfit?Drakken: I occur to feel muy macho, say thanks to you an extremely much. Anyway, with the world"s many brilliant human being incapacitated...Shego: You begin looking pretty smart.Drakken: I will be the greatest mind ~ above the planet, since the remainder will be reduced to babbling buffoons! Kim: Well, I hate to brag, however it to be pretty exciting, the time Drakken had actually a huge laser drill.Joss: In the world"s largest cheese wheel, i m sorry was no a cheese- covered building, it was yes, really made that cheese!Kim: Yeah. The time. You recognize all about the mission, huh? Ron: Hey! right here I am! See, when we busted Duff Killigan in Tokyo, that"s me in the background there, see?Rufus: No. Sorry.Ron: Wha...? Oh, you"re right. It"s a Japanese schoolgirl.Kim: Here"s one i don"t typically talk about but, due to the fact that you"re a fan, there was a top an enig thing called the Centurion Project...Joss: i beg your pardon Drakken and also Killigan wanted, however got stuck on you, and also whenever friend lied the Centurion battle armor grew and also spread all over your body. Boy, howdy! ns bet that"s a Halloween nobody in Middleton will ever forget! Ron: Was the Halloween? I thought it to be a big groundhog day"s adventure?Kim: How about when Shego...Joss: Tutored Senor Senior, Jr. Just how to it is in a negative guy.Kim: Or as soon as Drakken...Joss: Stole a weather machine. Kim: Ah, you recognize what? Let"s forget about me for a minute. Let"s talk around you.Joss: Sure!Kim: What are you into?Joss: You.Kim: Okay... Ron: I"ll mosey somewhere else.Rufus: Later!Kim: Let"s walk outside and also do something. Joss: You got it!Kim: Here"s one idea. Why don"t you decide what us do? Joss: i have obtained a good idea!Kim: Excellent. What perform you wanna do?Joss: everything you wanna do.Kim: Oh…Mr. Dr P: simply a few adjustments come the satellite surveillance system... And...Ron: Whatcha doin", Mr. Dr. P?Mr. Dr P: not spying ~ above the wild west science fest. I can tell you.Ron: Hey, isn"t that your pal, Professor Ramesh? Mr. Dr P: that is.Ron: That"s one strange square dance.Mr. Dr P: bet it"s a square source dance.Ron: which is... What?Mr. Dr P: i don"t know, yet it"s the type of thing the smartest people in the civilization would do. Ns don"t care if i wasn"t invited, I"m going end to the Crooked D. Ron: count me in. It"s gotta be better than hanging out through the never Heard of Ron fan club. Joss: ns mean, I understand Dr. Drakken is your arch foe, yet it seems to me Shego"s the yes, really dangerous one. Ns mean, if she put her psychic to execute it, she can be the toughest villain the end there, don"t girlfriend think? Kim? Kim? Kim!!!Kim: Wade? Wade: Hey, Kim.Kim: you re welcome tell me that someone somewhere needs me to do something.Wade: What"s the static?Kim: My tiny cousin is mine number one fan.Wade: Aww, exactly how sweet! Kim: Well, at first, however I can"t take it anymore. She won"t leave me alone.Wade: That"s the price the fame. You won"t believe what it"s prefer for me as soon as I go the computer system store. Joss: i wonder whereby she could got to.Kim: I"m serious, Wade. She"s so gotta acquire a life. Preferably, she own.Kim: Oh, no!Wade: She heard you?Kim: She so heard me. Mr. Dr P: Something"s not right. They"re acting like a bunch of goofs. Ron: Dr. P, sometimes you gotta let your hair down and also get loose! You know what, possibly some boundaries are gift crossed here. Mr. Dr P: What is wrong v you, man?Henchman#1: What"s going on down there? Henchman#2: Looks prefer trouble. Better report it fast.Henchman#1: Hombre 1 to Drakken. We have varmints. Drakken: We have what? Varmints? What is a varmint? Shego, here, friend speak hombre.Shego: provide me that. Howdy, hombre. What in tarnation is a"goin" on? ...Looks prefer we gained us part varmints.Drakken: What does the mean?! Kim: Hey, um... I"m sorry. I mean, it was so nice that you choose me come be her hero, and also I become a complete jerk. Joss: It"s not your fault.Kim: it is. It really is. I mean, you"re...Joss: just a nobody, stuck right here in the center of nowhere.Kim: Joss, i was simply a nobody. Ns mean, no a nobody. Nobody"s a "nobody." Everybody"s somebody, right? Joss: Is this an alleged to do me feeling better?Kim: I"m simply a regular person. I"m right into cheerleading, and also boys... Sometimes, girlfriend know, continual stuff.Joss: You perform incredible stuff. You conserve the world!Kim: Joss, I"m just, friend know, me. That"s all i ever try to be. And also it turned the end that periodically being me is sufficient to conserve the world.Joss: Yeah! and that"s why being you is so cool! Kim: try being you. It"ll be also cooler.Joss: Doubt it.Slim: Kim! You finest get under here. Both: What"s the sitch?Joss: Oops. Sorry.Kim: No big. Kim: Ron and also dad?Joss: recorded by Shego! That means your arch enemy is next door. Spankin"!Kim: Joss, that is no spankin". It"s serious.Joss: however nothing ever before happens "round here. This is major! Kim: That"s what I"m afraid of. Drakken: So, we"ve got a new team here. The genius and the lack-wit.Ron: Don"t permit him contact you a lack-wit!Mr. Dr P: everything your evil plan is, Lipsky, the won"t work.Drakken: A-ha, yet it already has. And all prisoners will describe me as Dr. Drakken. Mr. Dr P: You"ll constantly just be drew Lipsky, the scientific research student that couldn"t make the grade.Drakken: I will certainly now. Friend see, Possible, I"ve adjusted the curve.Mr. Dr P: friend gathered the best minds ~ above the planet here, so girlfriend could alter their intelligence and also make yourself seem smarter.Ron: A-ha! How"s he doing that?Drakken: That"s for me come know and also you to find out. Mr. Dr P: It"s clear those cowboy hats. They most likely contain some hidden circuitry that alters mind wave efficacy.Drakken: girlfriend Possible’s take the funny out of everything!Shego: It operation in the family. There"s a possible posse heading into town! Slim: Looks like they"re expecting us. That"s a passel of hombres. Joss: do we take "em?Kim: Gotta remember, Joss.Tweebs: Anything"s possible for a Possible!Kim: Let"s ride.Jim: Hicka-bicka-boo?Tim: Hy-Hoo-sha!Slim: You understand what"s nice around robot horses, partner? Magna-hooves.Shego: Yah!Henchmen: Oof! Kim: cave on, Joss. I"ll bust out Dad and also Ron. Joss: So no the drama. Ooh! Shego: Thanks, kid. Couldn"t have done it far better myself. Joss: This is all my fault.Slim: Well, l"il darlin", now you can"t simply go imitatin" whatever you check out cousin Kim doing. Mr. Dr P: Don"t blame yourself, Joss. It"s mine fault because that being together a nosey parker.Kim: Dad...Ron: Kim, the man"s a nosey parker.Kim: Ron!Ron: fear not. We"ve acquired this escape in the pocket. Rufus: Gotcha!Ron: Rufus. Kangaroo rat! Joss: that did it! Drakken: you actually fell for the totality "key close to the cell door" ruse? and you"re not also wearing the silly hats!Ron: an excellent hustle anyway, buddy. Mr. Dr P: I just want to recognize one thing around your evil plan, Lipsky.Drakken: Well, I carry out like come gloat about the nuances of mine schemes. Fire away.Mr. Dr P: If girlfriend gathered the greatest minds ~ above the planet, why go you leaving me out?Drakken: because you"re a Possible! You people are together pests!Slim: Yep. Drakken: What to be that?Slim: What?Drakken: that "boop boop."Slim: Oh, that. Twern"t nothing. That was just me activating Old Tornado. Drakken: Is the all? Well, never mind, then. Wait. That is "Old Tornado"? Mr. Dr P: That"s my big brother.Drakken: great horsy! What"s he doing?Ron: See? The tiny pony outside Smarty Mart could never do that.Slim: Yep. Old Tornado is among a kind. Kim: Come on. Let"s get Drakken.Shego: Oh, I"ll take that.Kim: cave on, Ron. Ron: little horsy, come back!Shego: This is good time fun.Kim: offer me the remote, Shego.Shego: ns don"t think so. And if you come any closer, your sidekick obtain bucked right into the next county. Mr. Dr P: have the right to we do anything?Slim: No.Mr. Dr P: fear of that.Tweebs: Now! Shego: What?! Tim: No fair. Shego: Hiya! Ah ah ah. Kim: Oh, no. Kim: That"s original. Ron: that was bad-dical!Joss: Thanks. Just doin" the Joss thing. Ron: Whoa, whoa! Huh?Shego: Huh?Kim: I"ll take it that. Ron: What did girlfriend say to it?Joss: Oh, nothin". I simply knew there to be an off switch earlier here.Kim: See? ns couldn"t have done that. Shego: Dr. D., I"d say it"s around time to vamoose.Drakken: We require something large to cover our escape. I"ve gained it! Stampede! No, seriously, fellas. A stampede would be really helpful here.Shego: allow me. Slim: Hmm.. The they"re simply dang weird. Kim: Dad! Ramesh: Possible? What"s this all about?Mr. Dr P: silly hats. Slim: Well, Squirt, walk you occupational up an appetite?Mr. Dr P: Yes, ns am hankerin" forsome grub, I"ll tell girlfriend what.Slim: probably you"re no such a tinhorn ~ all.Kim: Hey, where"s Joss? Jim: Haven"t watched her because that a while.Tim: Me, neither.Mr. Dr P: She was bending Ronald"s ear about something. Kim: space you males ready come eat?Kim: Oh, boy. Joss: Kim, ns just established who the real hero is about here.Kim: Ron?Joss: Totally.Ron: It"s hard to argue.Joss: Ron here is fear of virtually everything, yet does he let his fears store him indigenous sidekickin"? Ron: I perform not.Rufus: Atta boy!Joss: Let"s face it, Kim. You have the right to do anything. So encountering all those dangers and villains, well, it"s as with you say. No big.Kim: Well... I guess.

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Joss: A fella filled v that much fear constantly chargin" into activity with you? seems to me that"s a true hero. Ron: I deserve to tell she"s a Possible. Smart together a whip, this kid.