Key & Peele will certainly go down in background as among the biggest sketch reflects of every time, one that redefined the “filmic” sketch and established such a strong viral visibility that many civilization didn’t even know it was a show that aired on yes, really television. Truly an web juggernaut, K&P sketches racked up much more than a billion views on YouTube end the course of 5 seasons, i m sorry culminated critical week with a two-episode collection finale. A exchange rate views. Insane, right?

But also not that surprising, considering the level of care and attention that appeared to get in every map out from the height down — from the subversive, racially conscious sketches that provided the present its edge, come the plenty of others around farts. What Jordan Peele and also Keegan-Michael vital accomplished together comedic performers will certainly be known for years to come, as will the directing talents of Peter Atencio, that turned also the silliest principles into memorable quick films; and also the writers, that picked v both the absurd and also the object (oftentimes simultaneously) with a fine-tooth comb. (And speaking of combs, we can’t forget hair and also makeup; v K&P ending, The Americans and also Drag Race are left to hold down TV’s wig game. Also, if we’re here: The props and also production design and also costumes were continuously at the toppest notch, too.)

Before our rankings begin, let’s obtain this the end of the way: Ranking every crucial & Peele map out is a ridiculous, near-futile endeavor. Not only due to the fact that so many K&P bits were stunningly shot, hilariously funny, completely prescient, or all of the above (even the least-successful sketches still host up much better than most on various other shows), but also because comedy is fully subjective in every way, and also what I, a solitary person in this crazy world, find funny is bound to differ from what you, a different person, uncover funny. But, hey, this is the internet: a sea that lists and rankings that pepper our resides with opinions we didn’t even know we wanted! To settle on a ranking, i tried to incorporate multiple factors — subversive qualities, good, old-fashioned LOLs, and viral success — right into each decision. I more than likely failed, in some capacity.

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So, v that: Let’s set off on a journey that extended well end 10,000 words!

298. “Karim and Jahar at the Gym” (Season 3, illustration 11)Unfortunately, K&P’s middle Eastern catcalling guys always rubbed me the dorn way. Here they shot their hand at choose up women at the gym.

297. “Paint Titties” (Season 3, episode 12)Paint splotches can additionally look like titties.

296. “Biological Dad” (Season 2, illustration 10)Peele meets his genuine father (Key), who at an initial is dismissive, but when Peele claims he “has his very own show,” this gets Dad much more interested. Ends through a Comedy main zinger.

295. “Murder Laughs” (Season 1, illustration 8)A profoundly dark lay out that asks the question: what’s funny around shooting someone?

294. “Army Recruiters” (Season 1, episode 7) They’re military recruiters — in ~ a happy bar! very early dip into gay jokes that don’t quite work. K&P would certainly stumble into a couple of of these over the run of the show.

293. “Mary Magdalene’s Pimp” (Season 2, episode 1)Jesus is not a pimp. He is a carpenter.

292. “Pawn Shop” (Season 3, episode 11)Here, an essential plays a stunner bearded male who desires to buy monster shit in ~ a pawnshop. He’s definitely not going to murder anyone.

291. “Crosswalk Button” (Season 3, episode 9)I never really chosen the sketches the played the end as lengthy arguments, but this is definitely something we’ve all faced. “Did you push the button?”

290. “Macedonian Cafe” (Season 4, episode 5) A good chance to focus on one oft-unseen team of American immigrant — the Macedonian — end up being simply okay.

289. “Lion King Flirting” (Season 5, episode 8)Tatiana Ali provides a cameo in this confusing bit around a male trying to one-up his girlfriend by discussing The Lion King.

288. “Bank Robbers Can’t open up a auto Door” (Season 4, illustration 1) It’s harder 보다 it looks.

287. “Baby Prudence” (Season 1, illustration 5) A short and sweet look in ~ a shed baby called Pru.

286. “Biracial Engagement” (Season 5, illustration 4)Key is engaged to Melanie Lynskey, but her parents simply don’t approve. But also, the parents room aliens? weird twist.

285. “Dental Insurance” (Season 3, illustration 10) No actual jokes here, as well as a many yelling from Peele’s LaShawn character around various things. This is the low allude of LaShawn’s otherwise memorable and enjoyable journey on K&P.

284. “Cult Guys” (Season 3, illustration 12) A funny setup, however the can be fried premise that this lay out eluded me. They’re two males who simply really don’t want civilization to recognize they were in a cult?

283. “Makin’ that Rain” (Season 3, illustration 9) You can’t fling coins in ~ a strip club. You simply can’t.

282. “Laughing at the dorn Time” (Season 4, episode 3)Peele’s character reveals his “famous joke” come his co-worker in the office rest room, however he laughs at every the dorn things.

281. “Guy in terrible Pain” (Season 4, illustration 2) Key dram a guy in — friend guessed that — horrible pain, who have the right to barely move and also often screams out. Some delicious key physical bits, as per usual, but the lay out drags on a bit too long.

280. “Phone Call” (Season 1, episode 1)In the opening lay out of the very very first episode (with laugh track!), K&P rotate up your “black voices” top top their particular phone calls, every fearing the various other one will certainly mug him.

279. “Brothers” (Season 3, episode 13) We gonna it is in brothers now.

278. “Obama’s fury Translator: Victory” (Season 2, episode 7) The fury Translator sketches came to define K&P, despite it’s safe to to speak nothing was ever before as solid as the very first Luther meeting. This is the suggest where they began getting much more yell-y and also less jokey, despite the principle remained strong.

277. “Nerd in Jail” (Season 2, episode 8)I wasn’t certain what to contact this one. Peele’s a nerd, grounding in jail! Bite his prick off?

276. “Obama Raps” (Season 1, episode 2) Obama fall the mic in a street rap simply by being the president.

275. “1990s MTV Show” (Season 4, illustration 1)Key plays a lady singer named Majesty who’s all around girl power, and also Peele is interviewing she for one MTV-style ’90s video clip show. Majesty speak Peele around the “herpes in she butt.” The switch reveal — Majesty removing she wig and facing her/himself in the winter — was a fun surprise, and something K&P typically excel at.

274. “Racist Dog” (Season 2, illustration 2) Let this be a lesson: execute not adopt racist dogs.

273. “Two british Explorers” (Season 5, episode 2) K&P play two old explorer-men through taxidermied animals on your walls. This was just pure madness, and also honestly, ns couldn’t tell girlfriend what this lay out was, however you’ve gotta evaluate that low-angle shot.

272. “Massage” (Season 4, episode 4) Erections space normal during a massage. Even from the masseuse.

271. “Rap ago and Forth” (Season 2, episode 4) Unoffensive. Short. I have actually nothing to say about this!

270. “Baby Forest” (Season 1, illustration 8) I imagine the writer’s room pitch because that this was: “How ’bout we carry out something wherein Peele dram a three-foot-tall forest Whitaker?” Well, mine friends, that’s specifically what this provides.

269. “Old-Timers talk Drake” (Season 5, illustration 2)Two old guys at the bar rhyming many things v “Drake.” A the majority of words rhyme through Drake, as it transforms out.

268. “Human Centipede Reunion” (Season 2, episode 6)Wayne Brady shit in Peele’s mouth, Peele shit in Key’s mouth, and also Key… well, he is still bitter about being on the wrong finish of a human-centipede torture experiment. The visualizations space a little much.

267. “Obama’s fury Translator: project Trail” (Season 2, episode 6) “I ain’t trying to kiss no poop” is a line from this sketch. That’s all you have to know.

266. “Cheating mam (With a Twist)” (Season 4, illustration 5)We deserve to see the truth from a mile away, but Key’s outrage in ~ his wife cheating on him through a dog tho draws a few choice laughs.

265. “ESPN Classic” (Season 3, illustration 4)“Deal through me, dawg.”

264. “Creepy Movie Musical” (Season 2, illustration 9) Well-shot parody of a classic movie-musical, through Peele as an uncomfortably domineering leading man.

263. “Orgy jacket Guy” (Season 3, episode 5)He’s simply an plain man looking for a coat in the middle of one orgy. One note: Peele’s voice in this weirdly winter Eddie Murphy’s in Dr. Doolittle almost exactly.

262. “Overly Offended Co-workers” (Season 3, episode 9) A black man, a woman, and also a gay man are offended by every little thing at work.

261. “Karim and also Jahar” (Season 2, illustration 9)As mentioned earlier, a lot of of people loved this sketch, yet I guess: v I never quite acquired in line v these guys. They’re middle Eastern catcallers — an action they take it to rather subversive heights in this map out while salivating over ladies wearing burkas. Ns do, however, enjoy their fun grindy dance.

260. “Fro-Yo mind Freeze” (Season 4, episode 9) Key and Peele are eating frozen yogurt once Peele gets disastrous brain-freeze and also starts exhilaration crazy.

259. “Fighting Meegan’s Battles” (Season 3, episode 9) A lay out that proves, yet again, that Meegan is basically a demon spawn, though she insults to a typical club bouncer are an innovative enough come warrant laughs. Also, us learn right here that her favourite film is The eco-friendly Mile.

258. “Tackle & Grapple” (Season 3, episode 9) A good, old-school kung-fu video about the necessary difference in between tackle and also grapple. Sensei Doug Duggart is largely a pervert.

257. “Jimenez” (Season 3, illustration 10) Jimenez was a an excellent cop. That a shame he is gone.

256. “Gangster Actors” (Season 3, episode 11) Colin Hanks can not buy Peele as a “real” corridor member, yet he loves Key’s brothers actor. The joke stays the very same throughout the sketch, though Hanks and Key’s rapport is enjoyable.

255. “Key take away an emotional Pee” (Season 4, illustration 8) K&P are next to each other at a public urinal. Crucial laughs, then sobs, climate screams, all before taking the fastest to pee ever and leaving.

254. “Diametrically Opposed” (Season 4, illustration 11) A Crossfire-type show accidentally books two Republicans. Oops! the funny due to the fact that you can see it in reality happening.

253. “Lil Wayne” (Season 1, illustration 1) Lil Wayne comes to you straight from Rikers! A great runner because that the an initial show, this played out over multiple sketches and finished with an regrettably “gay scare” bit at the end.

252. “Trigger-Happy Cop” (Season 3, episode 13) Obviously hugely topical, this sketch adheres to Key’s white cop who simply can’t protect against shooting black color people. Designed come be common on sites favor Salon and also Slate, this map out was much more “mmhmm” than funny, yet it still has actually a clear effect.

251. “Little Homie” (Season 4, illustration 1)A lawyer’s puppet friend, named small Homie, help him called to civilization of the streets. Homie doesn’t constantly have the ideal advice, though. Need to admire K&P’s decision here, all the means up to the final twist.

250. “Bad prison Guard” (Season 5, episode 4)Key is a dumb — very, an extremely dumb — jail guard. He is dumb!

249. “Fro-Yo Samples” (Season 4, illustration 7) Key is an employee that a fro-yo shop whose indulgence of “free samples” proves her downfall.

248. “Terrible Henchman” (Season 4, illustration 8) Peele dram the world’s worst henchman to Key’s evil mastermind. He opens crinkly candy and takes all suggestions literally. This is mostly a standard straight-man/crazy-man bit, yet Peele was standing “like a statue” will make everyone laugh.

247. “A Grown-Ass Man” (Season 4, episode 8) Don’t allow his size and also voice confused you: Peele has actually Benjamin Button’s disease.

246. “Oil Is the key to Democracy” (Season 4, episode 10)Key and Peele room African leaders seeking help, but there are strings attached. Richard Schiff guest-stars as a U.S. Government official that is unable to aid until they cite having oil. Suddenly, he pulls the end a satellite phone, lots of planes show up in the sky, and also he welcomes them come democracy. As well real.

245. “Country Music” (Season 2, episode 3) A black male who loves nation music? Madness. This is an example of a game that the audience gets as well early, i m sorry doesn’t yes, really go all over you don’t predict from the outset.

244. “FaceTime” (Season 3, episode 3) FaceTime have the right to be annoying! (And in turn, so can this sketch.)

243. “Jealous Brother” (Season 4, illustration 11) Key’s personality is engaged to a Price Is appropriate model, and also Peele — decked out in a truly wondrous comb-over — is an extremely jealous.

242. “Bible Study” (Season 5, episode 2) Jesus’ personal advice that a Bible-study group sell all your earthly thing sparks them come flee.

241. “Levi and also Cedric: Lightning in a Bottle” (Season 5, illustration 5) This is our an initial sight that K&P’s Levi and Cedric characters, two local guys who have tendency to philosophize on the stranger things in life, but you’ll definitely be hearing more from them under the list. Here, Levi literally has actually lightning in a bottle. Literally.

240. “Tell the to the Guy’s Wife” (Season 5, episode 5)An example of exactly how the phrase “tell that to the guy’s wife” deserve to be taken far too literally.

239. “OK” (Season 5, episode 4) K&P space two females at a bar. An essential discusses a difficulty with his (her) man, while Peele can only speak “okay” in various ways.

238. “Moving Help” (Season 5, illustration 8) “It’s a monster coincidence the you need space when I’m around to move.”

237. “Let Me hit That” (Season 3, episode 5) We’ve had actually this conversation before.

236. “Obama’s anger Translator: Michelle’s Translator” (Season 3, episode 5) A fun twist on a sketch that was getting a little stale.

235. “Second Amendment” (Season 3, illustration 5) This is a great idea, about two males from the future that go earlier in time to prevent the 2nd Amendment from gift signed, but the huge moment at the finish doesn’t quite pay off.

234. “White DJ” (Season 3, episode 10) K&P want to hate the white “urban” DJ, but it’s difficult when the loves them.

233. “Keep it Real” (Season 1, illustration 4) When you gain a document deal, everyone desires a item of you.

232. “Obama’s anger Translator: disputes Are Over” (Season 2, illustration 5) This was one more anger translator sketch. That’s all there really is to say around that.

231. “Delete It” (Season 1, illustration 2) K&P room two women that hate their own selfies for this reason much, they can not live common lives.

230. “Bar Bump” (Season 5, illustration 10)A an easy bump at a bar becomes much an ext when Peele aggressively and tentatively picks a fight with a large dude.

229. “Jaden Smith” (Season 1, illustration 5) Peele is Jaden Smith, who just wants to be a normal boy but plainly cannot be one. This one doesn’t hold up quite as well because us now recognize that Jaden blacksmith is actually a philosophical GENIUS. But a home is a tiny mansion. A supermarket is a tiny mansion that has actually food in it.

228. “Rednecks Defying Stereotypes” (Season 4, episode 1) The scene is set: K&P space in a redneck bar, Peele put on a confederate-flag baseball cap. They speak nice things about Mexicans, Asians, blacks, and also Indians in large southern accents in the ton of racism dickheads. Yet what they’re speak is in reality nice. Acquire it?

227. “Les Mis” (Season 3, episode 1) One hoax here: Why is anyone in Les Misérables always singing end each other? prayer the high manufacturing values in this sketch.

226. “Wendell: technology Support” (Season 3, illustration 6) This Wendell lay out drags a bit and also certainly doesn’t have actually quite the same impact as the sad, grounded undertones that “Pizza Order,” however it complies with the exact same beats.

225. “Obama and Malia” (Season 1, episode 8) A runner sketch v Obama trying to teach Malia to execute “normal people” things. It’s not as basic as it looks.

224. “Chris Brown and Rihanna Video” (Season 2, illustration 3)A good blog post here, yet this parody the a brand-new Chris Brown video clip is practically (scarily) as well on-the-nose to have any type of comedic effect.

223. “Catcalling Dudes” (Season 1, illustration 3) One of what needs to be tens of catcalling sketches in K&P’s arsenal, but you gotta love the rhino cameo in ~ the end.

222. “Lando” (Season 3, episode 10) No doubt around it: Lando to be cool as fuck.

221. “Fraternity Branding” (Season 1, episode 4) A fraternity branding goes horribly wrong as soon as one member that the frat is branded v a straight-up dick on his chest.

220. “Dueling Trumpet Solos” (Season 3, illustration 10) The turning back trumpet in ~ the end is a joy.

219. “Hitler Mustache” (Season 5, illustration 10)Key’s “Hitler” beard is not a Hitler mustache, no, it’s a Charlie Chaplin mustache. And also that swastika is simply a movie prop, choose a rubber chicken.

218. “Adoption Meeting” (Season 2, illustration 10) Jordan’s super-gay LaShawn personality returns, this time to take on a baby. The really wants to have a fun baby, prefer a “special-needs boy with white eye that can tell the future.” these sketches always threaten come devolve into all type of offensive, yet it’s a testament to the actors that it doesn’t tip right into the cringeworthy.

217. “Biracial Penis” (Season 2, illustration 4) It’s favor a bite-size Snickers.

216. “Obama’s fury Translator: Addressing the Critics” (Season 4, illustration 7) The Luther sketches diminished in top quality as time go on, unfortunately, and the joke came to be just crucial “yelling.” However, this one had a drone strike, and also for that, the transcended the sketch’s repetitiveness.

215. “Blind male in the Morgue” (Season 4, episode 6) Peele is not actually blind, an essential is no actually a mortician, and the dead man isn’t in reality dead.

214. “Celebrity Game” (Season 2, episode 5) A video game of celebrity v a gay orgasm (Peele is gay).

213. “Pre-Game Pump-Up” (Season 5, illustration 1)No team deserve to have 2 pump-up guys. A game of one-upsmanship sends out K&P on one epic activity quest inside each other’s minds. The surrealism mostly works.

212. “Wendell: The strength of Wings” (Season 3, illustration 11) Poor Wendell’s music video clip runs the end of money halfway through production.

211. “Grass-Fed Beef” (Season 1, episode 6) It’s sophisticated meat native the Pacific Ocean.

210. “Satanic Flatulence” (Season 5, illustration 9

One that those sketches whereby a continue is sizing increase a customer and the customer has the adversary in his ass. This was the final appearance of Peele’s “California douchebag” character, and also it’s in which method fitting that it requires a demonic fart.

209. “Black eagle Up” (Season 1, episode 2)Helicopters: lock terrifying. Even for website traffic reporters.

208. “Money in her Ear” (Season 5, illustration 2) An old man finds a most (literal) things in a child’s ear.

207. “Black Republicans” (Season 3, episode 3) They’re naught if not diverse. A funny idea the doesn’t elicit genuine laughs until the man pokes his head in and also announces that “someone’s white mam is here to pick them up,” prompting a mass exodus to the parking lot.

206. “Soldier comes Home” (Season 4, episode 2)A smart play ~ above the “soldier come home and plays v dog” vids. An essential is a soldier that goes right for the dog, ignoring the kids. Under a minute, it s okay the task done.

205. “Obama’s rage Translator: debate Response” (Season 2, illustration 3) This message lugged to girlfriend by the letter “suck my” and also the number “dick.”

204. “Morning Photo” (Season 1, episode 7) Do not take a photo of your girlfriend in the morning. Simply don’t carry out it.

203. “Terrorist Food Truck” (Season 5, illustration 3) One the a number of K&P “terrorist” bits, this one poses the question: Is a food van more lucrative than terrorist-ing? A heavy premise that doesn’t quite construct on the early stage joke.

202. “Gospel Choir” (Season 5, illustration 4) “This is her note.”

201. “Hula Hoop Friends” (Season 2, episode 3)They’re no double-penetrating a mrs together, lock hula-hooping!

200. “Shot in the Dick” (Season 1, episode 4) This to be a hip-hop music video about a rapper gift shot in the dick.

199. “Obama’s fury Translator: ns Sunk her Battleship, Bitch” (Season 2, illustration 2) Obama’s post-debate blog post to Romney, and about the point when all the anger translator bits began to operation together.

198. “Valets: game of Thrones Recap” (Season 5, illustration 9) The valets work finest when they’re getting pumped about cultural icons or more specific gibbs (Liam Neesons, what up), however this one appeared too logical. Everyone’s currently going nuts for video game of Thrones. Still, the inflection on their “Khaleesseez” is a joy.

197. “Save the Children” (Season 4, episode 3) Only $5, and you can literally save the children. From a van. That they’re trapped in.

196. “Undercover Boss” (Season 5, illustration 7) An Undercover boss spoof. Peele expose himself together the secret president that the firm after at first posing together an employee and getting loads of shit indigenous Key’s disgruntled employee throughout his time there. As soon as the truth is revealed, vital tries to repent.

195. “White men Watching Amistad” (Season 1, illustration 6)Lots that white males want come talk around Amistad with black people.

194. “Little Zachary” (Season 4, episode 9) Peele is dating small Zachary’s mommy (Key), and also they have a picnic wherein Peele describes he will never spank Zachary, unlike his own father. But when Zachary reveals self to it is in an evil, evil kid … what room you gonna do?

193.“Bald Brotherhood” (Season 2, illustration 4)Key plays a character that can’t uncover his human being in prison, therefore he join the Bald men Gang, which might or might not it is in a team of skinheads. This map out was basically an excuse come watch key get his ass kicked in different, amazing ways. BGG 4EVER.

192. “Terrior-ist” (Season 3, illustration 3)The difference in between a terrorist and a terrior-ist? Semantics.

191.“Limo Driver” (Season 1, illustration 5)Key is a limo driver who might or may not it is in listening to all the insane ingredient Peele is saying. This sketch basically builds toward its diabolical final line.

190. “Awkward Convo” (Season 5, episode 5) Peele’s challenge in this is a hotbed of emotions.

189. “Menstruation Orientation” (Season 5, episode 2) The 2nd appearance of K&P’s men who room actually women. This time, they’re offering a TED Talk about periods.

188. “Awesome Hitler Story” (Season 4, illustration 2) Key tries to play dead if Ty Burrell’s Nazi personality from “Das Negroes” tells his favourite Hitler story. The fun of this bit lies entirely in Key’s physical comedy.

187. “Gangster through Poop in His Pants” (Season 1, episode 3)“How you want me to smoke somebody as soon as I acquired poop in my pants?”

186. “Tim chef Meltdown at iphone 5 Launch” (Season 2, illustration 3) Tim chef is crazy, and also won’t have actually it any type of other way.

185. “Turbulence” (Season 5, episode 2) It’s not against the law to use the bathroom once the seatbelt authorize is on? IS IT versus THE LAW? Extra points for Peele’s neutral demon confront as the trip attendant who watching key flail approximately the plane after disobeying the sign.

184. “” (Season 1, episode 1) A memorable sketch from the series premiere that, in ~ the time, set the tone because that K&P’s humor. In this parody commercial, the white world find out they’re all related to people like Aristotle and also Alexander the Great, while all the African-Americans are pertained to Thomas Jefferson.

183. “Dueling wonder Negroes” (Season 1, episode 5) So plenty of magical negroes, simply one troubled white businessman. This was a super-funny idea that kind of devolved into chaos, yet had a lovely button at the end.

182. “Sexting Scandal” (Season 5, illustration 5) Politician can’t protect against sending penis pics.

181. “Sex Addict Wendell” (Season 4, episode 10)The culmination that Peele’s wonderfully uncomfortable Wendell character. Here, he joins a sex-addict assistance group.

180. “Crackheads” (Season 1, illustration 8) This is the an initial appearance the Key’s pimp-esque landlord character, who really doesn’t like crackheads.This sketch essentially works as a construct to that button, once it turns out Peele and his quite girlfriend room crackheads (because of course they are).

179. Killing an african Warlord” (Season 2, episode 7) He just can’t death his boss!

178. “Hell’s Kitchen Parody” (Season 1, episode 1) The very very first of what would be litany the TV and also film parodies because that K&P, this lay out is a comment on every reality show, really — a hold that build to praise v a critique and then praises again, just to bait and also switch the audience — yet does so v aplomb. (Let it it is in known: I will certainly use the word aplomb once again top top this list.)

177. “Obama’s fury Translator — Reelection” (Season 1, episode 4) Does your people Trade facility hurt? then why nothing you take two bin Ladens and feel far better in the morning. Luther to be speaking for all of us here. An excellent callback come “The Negraph” lay out at the end.

176. “The Telemarketer” (Season 5, episode 9) How does it feel once the telemarketer hangs up on you? Not an excellent is the answer. Not great at all.

175. “Ultimate Fighting match Preview” (Season 1, episode 6) The chosen fighter will certainly win.

174. “Andre and Meegan’s very first Date” (Season 5, episode 3)One that the darkest Meegan sketches, this season-five map out reveals her to be even much more of a heinous, horrible person than originally suspected. She safety her very first date through Andre berating a waiter v condescending lines like, “Don’t be sorry … be better.” I’ve never quite interpreted Key’s Andre personality in these bits — like Keanu circa 1996? — yet I still choose him.

173. “Mattress Shopping” (Season 4, episode 3) Peele’s oversexed, dweeby personality goes to buy a mattress from a store. He tries the end each bed using extremely sexual physics gestures. The reveal: the his next-door neighbors doing the fucking; he’s simply trying to acquire a great night’s sleep. Actually one of several characters that requires Peele performing a sexual act by himself, to great comic effect.

172. “Obama’s college Years” (Season 2, episode 1) A fun runner sketch about how Obama smoked a lot of pot in college, particularly while publicly pontificating.

171. “Canine Unit” (Season 2, episode 5) Key is a reporter in a bite suit, acquiring bitten through a dog over and also over. The physical humor is precisely as funny as it sounds.

170. “Valets: sink Kilmers” (Season 5, illustration 6) “What around Valley Kilmers in The Willows, though?” In this one, the valets acquire on imagine horses and gallop.They additionally do quite delectable Kilmer impressions.

169. “Old School” (Season 1, illustration 6) An old guy at the club wants it real old-school native the DJ. Like real old-school. Like pre–old college old-school.

168. “Bachelor Party” (Season 2, illustration 4) “Bup bup bup bup” is K&P’s version of “yadda yadda yadda.”

167. “Text message Confusion” (Season 4, episode 3)Confusion around text tones get a fever pitch. This was a substantial viral hit before season four began, and also rightfully so: it’s a solid concept around something we all attend to on a near-daily basis.

166. “Levi and also Cedric: Foghorn Dickhorn” (Season 3, episode 8) All you really require to recognize is that this sketch has the name Foghorn Dickhorn.

165. “Futbol Flops” (Season 3, illustration 5) Peele is a football player that will execute anything to attract that red card. Also … die?

164. “Guys v Guns” (Season 2, illustration 1) Two cool guys with guns discover themselves facing serious street obstacles in slow-motion.

163. “Obamacare” (Season 4, episode 6) An old guy who hates Obama therefore much, the refuses to benefit from Obamacare, even if it means removing his heart from his surgeried chest. K&P’s timely political stuff can sometimes be as well on-the-nose come have any effect past its evident intention, however this one (literally!) strikes a nerve.

162. “Black Theatre” (Season 3, illustration 8) “How castle gonna kill Othello?” This is usually the valets map out in shak spa England. The final creation of “Shafte” to be wonderous.

161. “Slave Fight” (Season 3, illustration 3) Jack McBrayer is a servant owner who pits K&P versus each other in a Django Unchained–style servant fight.

160. “Sex with Black Guys” (Season 3, episode 11) Slightly racialism white girls controversy the merits of resting with black guys. Simply gets more and an ext racist, but the males can’t decide their breaking point and still do a play for action. The button is perfect.

159. “Ultimate Cock-Blocker” (Season 1, episode 7) Peele is the ultimate cock-blocker, also in stick-figure land. The finish of this map out elicited smiles from anyone in the room I an initial watched this in, in instance that kind of thing appeals to you.

158. “Obama Meets with Republicans” (Season 1, episode 5) Paul F. Tompkins shoves document in his mouth and tapes it come his challenge in this ode come political turning back psychology.

157. “Flash Mob” (Season 1, episode 6) Oh, no: Is this a race war or a speed mob?

156. “Pirate Chantey” (Season 5, episode 1) “We to speak ‘yo ho’ yet we don’t say ‘ho’ ’cause ‘ho’ is disrespectful.” A exciting tune about sexism that grows a little obvious by the end.

155. “Prepared for Terries” (Season 5, episode 1) A standard K&P “two crazy human being being crazy” bit, v our heroes playing two weirdos on one airplane. They call terrorists “terries.” favorite line: “If any terries come up in here, us gonna get our Bergeron.”

154. “French Restaurant” (Season 4, episode 5) Peele is flustered end the confusing dishes at a French restaurant. Bless Key’s French-waiter character’s pronunciations and also Peele’s attempt to speak French. Nobody is far better than K&P at funny sounds.

153. “Job Interview” (Season 5, episode 6) Peele, while waiting for a task interview in the 1970s, hears the interview prior to him going way, way too well. Way. Way too well.

152. “Black Republicans journey to the Polls” (Season 4, illustration 7) The black Republicans ~ do so they’re Democrats and drive a bunch the black world to the polls. K&P’s escape at the end bumps this up a notch.

151. “Drug side Effects” (Season 4, episode 6) Peele is a medicine dealer peddling a brand-new drug v truly dreadful side-effects, including pooping out of her mouth.

150. “Otis Carmichael acting Reel” (Season 3, episode 13) While transporting a eulogy for his father, key decides to play a reel of his dad’s old exhilaration clips. Turns out that was only in horribly racist old Hollywood movies.

149. “Spoiler Alert” (Season 5, illustration 2) 2 couples’ aversion to spoiler — of every stripes — devolves into madness. This sketch could have been about a minute shorter, but all the actors rotate in heavy performances. It’s always fun to check out K&P and also Co. Find brand-new ways to make weird noises.

148. “Coffee and also Explosions” (Season 4, episode 8) Literally minuscule in length, but powerful — a minute of appreciation because that the finer points in life, favor switching from Sweet’N short to sugar as soon as you find out the world is ending.

147. “Sports Injuries” (Season 4, episode 2)A news anchor on the neighborhood news lists women who have recently to be sexually assaulted. The button: “That’s it for sports!” This lay out does its job, it s okay in and gets out, and also makes that is statement.

146. “Old-Timer” (Season 3, illustration 9) In irradiate of Cosby’s lifelong tsk-tsk-ing gift revealed as profoundly and darkly ironic, this seemed to have better effect. Peele is an “old-timer” trying come moralize with everyone he sees. An excellent cameo by the office male with Benjamin Button condition (the very first of two Benjamin button refs!).

145. “Bling Benzy and also Da Struggle” (Season 2, illustration 4) Key’s Common-esque rapper, Da Struggle, tries come sling poetic truths if Peele’s, uh, much less poetic rapper discusses the places he will certainly shoot his sperm if flinging bills around.

144. “Valets: anne Hathaways” (Season 3, episode 13) Somehow, i didn’t think these guys had the very same love that Hathaway as they had actually for Neesons, yet Key’s defense — “She’s a confident mrs in Hollywood whose single flaw is the she cares too MUCH” — was a gem.

143. “Biracial Penis” (Season 1, episode 3) Never forget: There’s 2 sides — and two races — come every biracial male you date. Hope because that the best of both worlds.

142. “The Shining” (Season 2, illustration 6) This lay out reminds united state that every black people can do The Shining v each other. Yet don’t forget: that shit can acquire overwhelming. Extra points because that a bevy the (mostly) realistic celebrity impersonations, including Lil Jon (Morgan Freeman can use some work, though).

141. “Funky Nonsense” (Season 3, illustration 9) Another map out that’s truly impressive in that execution. A standard ’70s funk band live video clip once again enables K&P come fit as many nonsense words as they have the right to into a single sketch.

140. “Retired armed forces Specialist part 2” (Season 5, episode 6) The retired military specialist returns for one final mission in the military, but unfortunately, new technology confuses and also terrifies him. It’s no a laser, that a hologram.

139. “Con male Meet-Up” (Season 5, illustration 7)Two con guys of various stripes obtain together to con one one more simultaneously. Together someone who was successfully conned in real life in one eerily similar situation, this obtained personal.

138. “Following MLK Jr.” (Season 2, illustration 2) Key is the pastor who had to follow MLK ~ his “I have actually a Dream” speech. Who put the running order together?

137. “Cunnilingus Class” (Season 3, episode 6) Two men dressed together pimps and/or Dumb and also Dumber–era Jim Carrey and also Jeff Daniels in tuxedos teach a course on cunnilingus, with a big final reveal: lock actually ladies in disguise.

136. “Puppy Dog Ice-T” (Season 2, illustration 3) One of a couple of sketches that attribute Peele’s head ~ above a lot smaller body, but this is a damn fine impression. Extra point out for coco the Dog’s appearance.

135. “Helpful Dad” (Season 3, episode 12) This was a sweet sketch, with Peele’s father character tucking his boy (Key) right into bed if trying his best to prize some complex questions. Unfortunately, he keeps digging a feet he can not explain.

134. “Meegan watch for her Seat” (Season 4, episode 11) There is miscellaneous endlessly entertaining around watching Meegan watch for she seat in a dark movie theatre using whatever at she disposal, including Siri and FaceTime.

133. “Dubstep” (Season 2, episode 2)A timely and beautifully shot exploration of dubstep’s extreme powers, impressive in its technical prowess. Another substantial YouTube hit for the show.

132. “Baby Fight” (Season 2, illustration 8) You can not fight a guy while he’s holding a baby. This map out goes just the way you think that will, but it doesn’t matter since babies.

131. “The Negraph” (Season 1, episode 4)Who’s technically enabled to say the N-word? This app can help. Plunder Delaney, unfortunately, cannot.

130. “Economy Plus” (Season 5, episode 10)What a treat. Peele’s blithely ignorant “Continental Breakfast” character return to partake in the joys of a really slightly upgraded “economy plus” seat on one airplane. Ends v a invited Twilight ar reference.

129. “Dicknanigans” (Season 4, episode 10) The performance-art team Dicknanigans take it the art of a straightforward “kick to the groin” to one more aesthetic plane. Cheers come the button of this sketch, once a medical professional tells them the physical results of Dicknanigans have not been good for your balls.

 128. “I’m a Leftie” (Season 1, illustration 7) Short and also sweet: The accidental handshake/hug-kiss from two friends is a simple bit the delicious physics comedy. Delicious? Delicious.

127. “Pussy on the Chainwax” (Season 3, illustration 13) Silly and also innocuous, this map out nonetheless motivated a dynamic K&P catchphrase. “Pussy on the Chainwax” way nothing, however yet … it means something.

126. “L.A. Vice” (Season 3, episode 4)When he says “no,” ingredient blows up.

125. “Final Promises” (Season 4, illustration 5) Rashida Jones guests together a dice woman v a couple of final requests from she husband, Peele, who has actually a couple of issues with a pair of castle — consisting of no porn, no masturbating, and never being with an additional woman again. This does involve Peele making monster noises and weird voices, i beg your pardon I constantly enjoy.

124. “Michael Jackson” (Season 2, episode 6) Recommended because that those of you who want to see Keegan’s half-wonderful/half-terrible Michael Jackson impression over and over and also over again!

123. “Yo Mama has Health Problems” (Season 1, episode 2) Your mother’s health and wellness is not a joke.

122. “911 Call” (Season 5, illustration 11)Key look at a mrs faint, phone call 911, then gradually falls in love v her over the food of the call. Infused with a frenetic 24-style sense of drama, and also wrapped in a classic K&P bait-and-switch.

121. “Make-a-Wish” (Season 4, illustration 6) One of plenty of horror tropes discover in this episode, Peele plays Liam, a dice boy with one last wish: come murder world in a range of ways. Peele nails the devil-child thing, just as he nailed the hall-of-mirrors psychopath earlier in this very same episode (and afterwards down this list).

120. “Dentist S&M” (Season 4, episode 4) Probably the ideal reveal amongst the short K&P opening sketches: Key’s dentist character puts Peele under gas and also then it s okay decked out in S&Mwear. As soon as he is discovered: “Well. That was funny being a dentist.”

119. “Levi and Cedric: Steampunk” (Season 4, episode 2) Peele’s Levi walk steampunk, or simply an “ill-ass Lemony Snicket.” ns don’t understand why I reap this as much as ns do, but the Casio watch on the chain and also putting the “piece that pipe” up to his eye to use as a telescope probably have something to perform with it.

118. “Black Panthers” (Season 2, episode 10) This is a an extremely noble excuse because that Peele to do dumb encounters from various locations onscreen.

117. “Civil war Reenactors” (Season 2, illustration 1)K&P’s slave personalities disturb a Civil war reenactment through some harsh truths, adhered to by a mugging.

116. “East/West bowl Rap” (Season 3, episode 2) Another fun, filmic capitalization on the East/West coastline Bowl magic, and you can’t blame them.

115. “Power Falcons” (Season 2, illustration 8) He’s actually eco-friendly Falcon.

114. “The Morty Jebson display Goes turn off the Rails” (Season 5, episode 10)A young rapper wants to leaving Key’s Charlie Rose–esque show, however he can’t gain his lav mic off. A wondrous bit of physical nonsense the lasts a invited eternity.

113. “Drug Trade” (Season 3, episode 3) Don’t be weird and also secretive once you’re in search of drugs. Simply high-five and also say, “Drugs.”

112. “Gay Wedding Advice” (Season 4, illustration 1) This one starts turn off smart and honest, with a religious black family asking questions about how a happy wedding works, yet then devolves into an ext obvious stereotypical questions, like, “How lengthy do we execute jazz hands?” Still, that a extremely shareable map out that world still talk about. Extra point out to among the family members member’s questions around whether the priest will certainly dress as a “sexy boat captain” and also the rest of the family murmuring in approval.

111. “Weed Prescription” (Season 1, illustration 1) Key wants to purchase weed however can’t think of a condition from this century to pretend that he has.

110. “Meegan and Andre rest Up” (Season 5, episode 10)Well, the inevitable lastly happens here, but somehow, miraculously, Meegan is not angry. No at all! Not also slightly. She’s totaaaaaaally good. So good, in fact, the she manages to totally reverse the whole thing.

109. “Outkast Reunion” (Season 5, episode 7) Big Boi and André 3000 reunite in ~ a coffee shop. André 3000 put on a Peter Pan hat and also a bow tie and also does a lot of voices that bother big Boi. He additionally has a miracle pinwheel. Large Boi himself freshly commented that though the dynamic K&P imagined in between the two of castle wasn’t quite accurate, it to be still “funny together hell.” Ah, the coveted big Boi Approval Seal!

108. “Post-Game Interview” (Season 3, episode 6)A sequel to “You can Do Anything” and a solid take on exactly how all post-game interviews are the precise same. “Execute” and also “give 100 percent,” and so on.

107. “Morning DJs” (Season 5, illustration 2)In their commercial downtime, an obnoxious morning-DJ crew enjoy it in your real imaginative passions.

106. “Darius Rucker” (Season 2, illustration 9) One that the best sketches about semantics in band names ever before created. “I’m no Hootie, i’m Darius Rucker.”

105. “Return of the instead of Teacher” (Season 3, episode 1) Another example of the follow-up come the large hit sketch not being quite as fulfilling. Still, Mr. Garby is together a delightful character, one could listen come him mispronounce names every day.

104. “Magician Cop” (Season 2, illustration 8) This is not simply your daily unfair pullover the a black color person. He is a magician cop!

103. “Farts because that Names” (Season 2, episode 8) Sometimes a premise is so stupid, you just can’t prevent it from comes to fruition. This come out of a Peele tweet — “What if names were farts?” — and boy, does it provide on that specific premise.

102. “SWAT Team” (Season 2, episode 9) SWAT Team members proves castle not always “ready to go.”

101. “LMFAO’s nonstop Party” (Season 2, episode 7) Oh, no. The members of LMFAO room locked in their own constant party loop. Forever. Is this hell?

100. “Substitute Teacher component 2” (Season 2, illustration 9) The lesser-known substitute-teacher sketch, however worthy every the same. Peele’s proper sub is no-nonsense until he farts, magnificently. Then leaves. Easy, breezy, beautiful: fart as joke button.

99. “McFerrin vs. Winslow” (Season 1, episode 7) This sketch, about Bobby McFerrin and also the man from the Police Academy movie (Michael Winslow) squaring turn off in an epic fight of mouth noise, is physical dumbness in ~ its best, and also deftly showcases K&P’s prowess because that such points (and weird noises, that course).

98. “Gay R&B Group” (Season 1, episode 2)Some lovely production values in this sketch around one member of one R&B duo coming the end to his companion through song.

97. “Judge Jessie” (Season 5, episode 6) Not just a judge, but additionally a surgeon, karate master, cop, trial lawyer, cracked ho, and announcer. And, yes, he will share every his specialization with you.

96. “Metta world News” (Season 3, various Episodes)There wasn’t really one better than the other, however this strange exercise in absurdity lasted end the entire 3rd season. K&P and also Metta’s steadfast commitment come this bit warrant the a location in the top 100.

95. “Ghost Friend” (Season 5, illustration 5) “Did you get that LinkedIn I sent you before I died?” A nice underbelly the melancholy in this sketch, which is among a big handful of K&P sketches about ghosts.

94. “Mr. Mahina” (Season 3, illustration 13) This was a surreal, vaguely Monty Python–esque sort of sketch. Is Mr. Mahina a real male at the office, or is the a life mop in a suit?

93. “Beards 4 Kids” (Season 5, episode 3) If you really desire to protect children from ravaging warlords, offer them fake beards. This is stunner K&P in ~ their ideal here. Extra points to those kids for keeping straight deals with the whole time.

92. “Stan Lee’s Superhero Pitch” (Season 4, episode 9) Stan Lee visits Marvel headquarters to key some brand-new Superhero characters, which prove to be a small too personal and depressing in his old age. Balance Man and also Thermastatro, whose power is come control any thermostat therefore he’s never cold, are amongst them.

91. “White Zombies” (Season 2, episode 6) In a people of racism zombies, every you deserve to do is have a party.

90. “MC Mom” (Season 5, illustration 7) Like part slightly less-demented version of that Old freckles overbearing-parents commercial, Peele dram a mom who raps a keep in mind to her son in college. What starts together deeply embarrassing actually becomes half-good, as it turns out she’s obtained a pretty noble flow. Additionally a an excellent callback to “Pussy on the Chainwax.”

89. “Urban Camouflage” (Season 3, episode 1) How does a black man avoid acquiring suspicious glances in a white neighborhood? The new “white guy confront on the next of a hoodie” hoodie will perform the trick. Simple and effective, and all too real. Again, K&P excel at pointing out the vital injustices of our time there is no sacrificing one iota of humor.

88. “Laundromat” (Season 2, episode 10) For part reason, every time Peele’s laundromat owner states “the ’Mat” through his giddy smile, i laugh. “We got our very own assortment the colorful characters right below at the ‘Mat!” The sketch additionally featuring Billy Dee Williams, so it is a plus.

87. “High top top Potenuse” (Season 3, illustration 8) A an easy stolen hoax gets so out of hand the it drives a boy to madness, and comedian Gabriel Iglesias loves it! next note: Props to the woman who played the teacher in this sketch. She yes, really goes full-throttle. Also, a great button at end of episode with Obama phone call Key’s joke-stealer personally.

86. “Valets: Melly Gibsons” (Season 3, episode 6) “Remember once racist-ass Melly Gibsons was chopping up some Blue Man teams in Braveheart?” Points because that this expression alone: “racist-ass Melly Gibsons.”

85. “Harriet Tubman” (Season 2, episode 5) You store waiting because that this lay out to “say something,” however it doesn’t, and that’s absolutely fine. Every you require to understand is: Tubman to be the original master of parkour.

84. “Old Timey Catcalling” (Season 5, episode 5) You gotta be subtle if girlfriend wanna speak to the ladies. Peele’s “Mm, mm, mm, vagina” will constantly hold up, forever and ever, amen.

83. “Dance Show” (Season 2, illustration 1) Peele’s British judge on who Thinks They have the right to Dance remains one of my favourite Peele characters, and helps press this sketch greater up the list than probably it would have actually been. Key’s renting his body out together a “heroin suitcase” is highly enjoyable together well.

82. “Severed Head Showcase” (Season 5, episode 4) There space no yes, really words spoken in this sketch about two marauding tribes celebrating a decapitation. This proudly drops into the “deliriously insane” camp of K&P sketches.

81. “People Park” (Season 3, episode 13) A very enjoyable, cameo-filled little that imagines what a dog park for people would be like. (Hint: the the usually the same.)

80. “Retired armed forces Specialist” (Season 2, illustration 4) K&P became one of the premier outlets for parodies of standard movie tropes, and this is one of the pinnacles in that style. Peele dram a grizzled specialist, retirement to the woods, who might once capture a bullet through his face, however has acquired too old to save up.

79. “Dunk the Vote” (Season 2, illustration 5) A advertising parody in the vein the those ’90s “Rock the Vote” videos that asks vital question that numerous of us still battle to answer: “Hold the fuck on, who’s the electoral college?”

78. “Damn, check That Shit Out” (Season 2, episode 10) Key teaches his friend an important lesson in what’s actually “underneath” a woman’s clothes. Amongst the best of K&P’s numerous “catcalling” sketches. Also ends up together a funny parody the ’80s movies with that alien-tastic ending.

77. “’70s mob Movie” (Season 4, episode 4) In this parody that ’70s drug/mob movies, à la Blow, vital does significantly weird things to a man sitting across from Peele, dressed together the new York crowd boss that narrates the proceedings, prior to finally deciding to make him look an excellent again. The silliness that this one is riveting.

76. “MLK vs. Malcolm X in ~ the Theatre” (Season 1, episode 2) Two black symbols square turn off for the love that a community-theater audience. K&P excel at acquisition the “game” the a scene to one extreme, and then rocketing it to the moon at the end. This to be no exception.

75. “Slap-Ass Rehab” (Season 4, illustration 4)A beautiful call back to among the ideal sketches that the show. Rafi (Peele)’s sad speech is glorious, as is the minute of tension when vital reaches for the glove. Then the brand-new guy’s highly slappable ass. Then a quite “I’m so excited” conserved by the Bell reference for good measure. Climate the brand-new guy’s inevitable death by slap-ass.

74. “Gangsta Standoff” (Season 2, episode 8) Sometimes the most famous book/film franchises can lug the many villainous corridor members together. This sketch offers one that the ideal K&P montages — our corridor members holding weapons while splashing each other in the pool — followed by a distinct ending.

73. “Scat Duel” (Season 3, episode 9) Scat jazz can contain the harshest that insults. One of a number of K&P sketches examining oft-unseen musical genres, and done with true panache.

72. “One hundred Thousand Dollars” (Season 2, illustration 9) This sketch answers a an easy question: once you acquire a briefcase full of money, don’t you need to count it? The prize is never.

71. “Strike force Eagle 3: The Reckoning” (Season 4, episode 7) Bless Peter Atencio and also his crew for this one, a near-perfect remake of shitty B-action films, around an action hero who can’t protect against snapping necks. An homage to the highest possible degree.

70. “School Bully” (Season 2, episode 7) A deep self-aware college bully involves terms through himself — a bully breakthrough, if you will — and also spouts his ethical feelings.

69. “Truthful army Call and Response” (Season 4, illustration 1) Key is a sergeant in the army leading a call-and-response run through soldiers in maintain (Peele amongst them), i m sorry starts to acquire a little too real. “From poor families so much we roam / for this reason the rich youngsters can simply stay at home,” then more about just how they’ll probably come residence with PTSD and the VA hospital won’t care for them, climate they’ll end up homeless. Hits close come the bone, together the best of K&P often does.

68. “Boxing press Conference” (Season 3, illustration 4) I battle with sketches the toe the county line in Homophobic Land, but knowing that K&P space obviously not that way, this one remains planted in the optimal 100. Two boxers’ happy trash-talk becomes much an ext than that, together they establish they’re in reality in love with each other.

67. “Proud Thug” (Season 3, episode 3)Peele’s Carlito is for this reason proud the he definitely doesn’t require a chair, even though anyone else is sitting in chairs. He likewise definitely doesn’t treatment that the shards that the table he to be leaning on, rather of sit on, are stabbing him, or the he may be dying. “Heaven is for pussies,” that clarifies. Carlito’s return in “Loco Gangsters” is actually my fave Carlito sketch, so you’ll be hearing from that later.

66. “Hall the Mirrors” (Season 4, illustration 6) Two horror-movie comments run earlier to ago in this episode. This one is a parody that the “hall the mirrors” in so countless horror/thrillers. However what happens once the detective solves the hall of mirrors and also finds the psycho? This map out answers that question. One of those sketches wherein I wonder how the concept progressed in the writers’ room, and also another instance of K&P’s brilliance in parodying movie tropes.

65. “Put her Hands Up” (Season 4, episode 3) Proof the you don’t constantly want to put your hands up in ~ the society arbitrarily.

64. “Nooice” (Season 3, episode 4) Two men who say “nooice” a lot uncover their spirit mates in one another. Quite probably the ideal costumed map out in K&P history, “Nooice” also manages to play together genuinely moving.

63. “Consequences” (Season 4, illustration 8) Donnie Herera (Peele) talks around consequences come a group of high-school youngsters — but it becomes clearer and clearer the he’s embellishing. OR IS HE?

62. “Deez Nuts” (Season 5, illustration 11)A man cannot stop making various “deez nuts” retorts in the boardroom, even after hearing awful news. Once the music kicks in and the deez nuts guy makes it come the hospital to visit his dice father, I practically got misty-eyed discovering that this would be the last insane cinematic buildup to a switch in K&P’s journey.

61. “Car Accident” (Season 5, illustration 7) This one’s a wild card, yet it do me laugh a lot, and also I cannot explain to girlfriend the reason, which is probably a great thing. Here, Peele’s recurring surfer-douche-in-sunglasses personality crashes into Key’s car and also then doesn’t know what the next measures are supposed to be. In the end, the last line, a gleeful “I am a sociopath!” proves worthy of the optimal 100.

60. “Bagels space for Sales Associates” (Season 5, episode 8)Rob Riggle guests together the head of a sales team that entrusts crucial with the straightforward task of making certain nobody but “sales associates” eats the bagels on the table. Peele’s grizzled janitor does not understand, producing a delicious comic scenario. This map out provides one more one the Peele’s calm, subtle, unnerving characters that i love for this reason much.

59. “Alien Imposters” (Season 4, illustration 1) This takes the question, “Would a real alien ever before want to sign up with up through two black males in the apocalypse?” come the extreme. Funny, and extremely well-shot.

58. “Dungeons and also Dragons and Bitches” (Season 1, episode 4)Probably K&P’s an initial straight-up nerdy sketch, though many would follow. Peele’s Kanye the Giant starts a search for some bitches in Key’s D&D game, come his chagrin, and also the rather latch on to Peele’s an ext dubious quests. Good performances native both in this one.

57. “Terrorist Meeting” (Season 4, illustration 11) A group of terrorists satisfy to complain about the “genius” of the TSA, i beg your pardon keeps thwarting them at every turn. Obviously, terrorists can not do any damage in the skies with “four-inch scissors” or “less 보다 3.5 ounces of liquid.”

56. “Rap Album Confessions” (Season 5, episode 5)A rapper’s new album discover a complicated murder, however there’s no method Key’s officer can prove it, also though it’s best there in the damn lyrics. The more specific the song gets, the an ext hilarious, complied with by a classic K&P twist-ending.

55. “Cat Poster” (Season 3, illustration 5)This normal Suspects homage is worthy if just for the names the Peele’s Keyser Söze personality invents based on a basic cat poster top top the wall. Cat Branchman, Mr. Meow, Hangman Justin Cats, and also then, based upon Key’s detective character, Baldy Tallman Coffee Cop.

54. “Snitch” (Season 5, episode 8) Even despite it appears as though Peele’s character is a snitch, he most definitely is not. Also if he is receiving pizza from the cops, and also a tiny motorized car. How many times can I prayer the production-design team in this list? no enough. Bless the tiny motor car.

53. “The quiet Killer” (Season 2, episode 7) This is a quite brilliant map out parodying “that man in movies whom you fear since he’s law something totally innocuous,” prefer silently eat his lunch. A perfect ending when Peele’s character’s yes, really voice is revealed.

52. “Zombie Extras” (Season 3, illustration 5) Gotta gain that “lunge” bump. Sometimes you’re simply not a an excellent zombie, yet then again: What is a great zombie? Amazing button in Peele’s “What carry out we do if we gotta go to the bathroom?”

51. “Rap fight Hype Man” (Season 3, episode 1)Peele’s Lil Jon–esque hype guy thinks he is a horse and also becomes a liability to Key’s freestyle rapper. Periodically liabilities have to be … taken treatment of.

50. “Quarterback Concussion” (Season 4, illustration 5)A sad-funny look in ~ a quarterback through a concussion do the efforts to offer a motivational huddle speech to his team without all his brain cells intact. He’s not certain if he’s play football. And also his helmet is an apple pie. And also that cartoon squirrel says you need clinical attention.

49. “Fronthand/Backhand” (Season 2, episode 5) Masterful silliness in this sketch where Peele wants to save playing the fake “fronthand/backhand” game, which requires finding new, an innovative ways because that Peele to obtain slapped.

48. “Boarding group One” (Season 3, illustration 4)Literally everyone is enabled to board before group one, consisting of “old spiritual people with army babies” and also Jason Schwartzman.

47. “Neil deGrasse Tyson” (Season 5, illustration 9) A very special impression, and really well-executed bit, about Tyson utilizing a “Cosmos-esque” method to resolve his residential problems. This to be a runner in their third-to-last show, and also makes friend wonder how many things prefer this K&P still have in your arsenal. Native the music to the spot-on graphics, this lay out is gold.

46. “Auction Block” (Season 1, illustration 3) At part point, we all desire to it is in on many A. One of a few impeccably excellent sketches from K&P’s catalogue that mines actual humor the end of slave-era characters, this was one of the very first and strongest.

45. “Clear History” (Season 3, illustration 1) K&P regularly rely on the “game” school of sketch, wherein a an easy bit is played to the extreme. Here is no exception, together Peele plays a male whose anxiety boosts with every concern his lady-friend poses around his digital search background and why the keeps mysteriously getting deleted. A heavy build, and also a lovely button to lid it off.

44. “Valets: The Batmans” (Season 3, illustration 2) A top quality entrance into the Valets canon, a to mark being the various impressions of all the Batman villains over the years.

43. “Sexy Vampires” (Season 3, illustration 5) I gained bit on objective so I can live forever and also see future cars.” Key’s straight man is in reality the hero of this sketch, as he inquiries the clothing choices and also general way of life of Peele and Co.’s ann Rice–style vampires.

42. “Flicker” (Season 1, illustration 6) Who wins the most dimension-spanning “What’s on her shirt” video game of all time? an epic, important cinematic story that highlighted Peter Atencio’s attention to detail and talent behind the camera.

41. “Sex crimes Investigator” (Season 4, episode 7) By putting himself in the perp’s mindset, Peele’s procedural-style investigator is able to settle crimes nobody rather could. This also means occasionally pulling his penis out and jerking turn off on things.

40. “Shady Landlord” (Season 3, episode 12) This is just one of the more legit insane K&P sketches out of quite a few, however Key’s landlord character is just so much fun, and the disclose at the finish — the the questionably sized man in the vivid beard — is a most memorable climax.

39. “Georgina and also Esther and Satan” (Season 4, episode 3) Two old females talk about all the points they’re walking to perform to Satan, since he’s gained his claws in their friends and also grandchildren. Culminating in one epic, exorcism-style battle between the 2 women and Satan himself, this map out turns it approximately 11 and keeps going. Side note: i enjoy how much K&P are perspiring in the hefty wool clothes. It is effort, folks.

38. “Movie Hecklers” (Season 1, episode 3) This was among the an initial sketches i remember people posting non-saw on society media: the extremely informative black movie hecklers. “Has this dude ever heard of mise-en-scène?”

37. “Levi and also Cedric: wherein My Dookie Go?” (Season 2, illustration 2) Good God, this stupid thing makes me laugh. A straightforward question from Peele’s Levi character on the stoop around where his poop walk sets off a chain the questions and answers both ludicrous and also tender. Never forget: Everybody’s dookie goes up in the cloud. Then it rain down.

36. “Mafia Hit” (Season 3, illustration 2) Have i shouted the end Peter Atencio enough on this list? what’s left to say? He’s more than likely the finest comedy manager in the game. A beautiful shot step of a mafia surprise party that goes horribly, murderously wrong.

35. “Meegan, Come Back” (Season 2, episode 7) The best and the many cinematic that the Meegan/Andre sketches, this map out finds an essential trying to obtain Meegan to prevent walking away because he has actually the jacket she left behind once she stormed the end of the club. Props come Peter Atencio because that the last shot of the skeletons holding jackets in the desert wasteland, and props to Peele because that nailing Meegan’s chirpy, defiant “no!”

34. “Mr. T PSA” (Season 3, episode 6) “I pity the stupid who makes fun of another person’s name, also if they obtained the name via business choices.” A delicious parody of the infamous Mr. T laboratory PSA of yesteryear culminates with fairly the reveal: Mr. T’s haircut isn’t a haircut, but rather a rare type of male-pattern baldness.

33. “McCringleberry’s extreme Celebration” (Season 3, illustration 8) This sketch is a celebration event of Peele’s resting “serious face,” which is constantly somehow hilarious. One more phenomenal K&P sports lay out on a list of many.

32. “Gay marital relationship Legalized” (Season 1, episode 5) The inaugural figure of K&P’s gay couple, LaShawn and Samuel, likewise ended up gift the many prescient. LaShawn’s “We’re gonna gain married anywhere — over here, and also over there, and also in the sky, and on a cloud” remains one of my favorite lines of the series.

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31. “I claimed Bitch” (Season 1, episode 1)In this sketch that created the vital & Peele style of proceeding game-y bits previous what would be various other shows’ logical conclusions, the straightforward line “I stated ‘bitch’” i do not care an epos journey through space and time.

30. “You have the right to Do Anything” (Season 2, episode 1) Yes, literally, kids, young kids, you can fly. You deserve to do anything. Boys and girls eras 8 through