The Keurig B31/K10 Mini Plus brewing System
is a compact solitary cup coffee an equipment for residence use. Choose in between 6, 8 or 10 ounces the coffee every cup.

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The Mini Plus offers the much more expensive K-Cups rather of ground coffee, making it simple to collection up, clean and also produce consistently good coffee. However, you can brew her favorite floor coffee as well by utilizing the my K-Cup reusable coffee filter (not included).

To save it looking and also performing in ~ its best, be certain to clean the outside and also internal materials regularly.

This an equipment is UL detailed for family members Use Only. If you’re trying to find a similar single cup coffee device for the office, you might be interested in our evaluation of its advertisement counterpart, the B130 DeskPro.

Also, visit our comparisons of every commercial and also household Keurigs, and also our testimonial of the brand-new Keurig 2.0 (both web links open brand-new windows).

Do You already Own a Mini Plus?

Keurig has recalled Mini plus brewers (K10/B10/B31 ) created prior to July 2014 because of a feasible burn risk from spraying hot water. Learn how to identify if your brewer is involved and also how to receive a complimentary repair kit. Meanwhile, Keurig recommends not brewing more than 2 cup in rapid sequence and to maintain an arm’s length distance indigenous the brewer during the brewing process.

In a Hurry?

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Description that the Mini Plus

Keurig has recently readjusted the name of that is B31 Mini Plus come K10 Mini Plus, but the B31 and K10 are the specific same machines. A third machine, the B30 Mini, is an older design that was a little more daunting to operate. That is no much longer being manufactured. This review is because that the Keurig K10 (B31) Mini Plus


The Keurig Mini plus is a popular personal coffee machine that brews a cup that coffee in about two minutes. It perfect this by forcing warm pressurized water through pre-packaged K-Cups, extract the seasonings much an ext quickly 보다 a drip brewer would. Since all of the brewing following within the disposable K-Cup, this imminent system is simple to set up and tidy, making because that no-fuss cleanup. If you like to use your favorite brand of floor coffee, the my K-Cup recycle filter

(sold separately) gives you the adaptability to execute so.

The single-use water reservoir holds enough for one 6, 8 or 10-ounce cup of coffee or tea. The does no store warm water to make subsequent cups an ext quickly, so each time you want a cup of coffee you’ll require to add water and also start end from scratch. Just repeat the full brewing process for each cup that coffee.

This solitary serve coffee maker is simple to use, v LED lights to show what step of the setup and also brew bike the maker is on. Over there is a compartment ~ above the earlier of the an equipment for storing the short power cord when not in use (you should push it right into place, as it’s not retractable). Its compact size and portability makes it appropriate for tiny spaces like home offices, apartments, RVs, holidays homes and some dorms (check ahead for UL listing requirements). That is accessible in several gorgeous colors.


Coffee-Making Process

It’s important to clean your brand-new Keurig Mini plus brewer before making your first cup the coffee. Merely follow the instructions for brewing a cup the coffee however omit the K-Cup and also discard the resulting cup of warm water.

To make a cup the coffee, make sure the coffee an equipment is plugged in and then push the “Power” button. Elevator the lid because that the water reservoir and pour in the desired amount the water and also close the lid (pre-measured 6, 8 or 10 ounces – or pour until the water get the in salt of your desired fill level). Background the manage to reveal the brew basket. Water will start to drain into the brewer.

Meanwhile, place a cup or mug that the correct dimension on the drip tray (the drip tray is for recording spills yet can be removed to accommodate a taller mug). Insert a K-Cup (do not eliminate or puncture the foil lid) and also wait because that the water to finish draining prior to you lower the manage (about 5 seconds).

Press the flashing “Brew” button, which will certainly flash red if the water is heating (about 2 minutes) and also will revolve solid red as soon as your coffee starts come dispense. Remove the offered K-Cup and power the maker off when it has finished brewing. Or let it power itself off, which it will do automatically after 90 seconds of inactivity. Repeat the full procedure to brew succeeding cups. Empty the drip tray whenever the red overflow indicator mr up.

. type of Coffee Used

K-Cups. 200+ seasonings of coffee and other beverages are available.

You can brew her favorite ground coffee using the My K-Cup recycle filter

, which is marketed separately.

Type that Coffee Produced

K-Cups are easily accessible in a vast assortment the roasts, flavors and blends.

For solid coffee, choose an extra bold K-Cup (with as much as 30% more ground coffee) and also use a smaller sized amount of water. The much less water girlfriend use, the stronger the coffee.

More Than simply Coffee

The Mini Keurig can create hot water for tea and also other uses, and K-Cups are accessible for plenty of hot beverages as well as coffee. Iced beverages can additionally be made v this machine.


No coffee or water filters are compelled for this machine, but the recycle My K-Cup filter because that ground coffee deserve to be to buy separately.


Filtered or bottled water is recommended, particularly if her coffee tastes that undesirable substances favor chlorine.

Ongoing Costs

While K-Cups are more expensive than ground coffee, the mess-free convenience is worth it to countless users. Floor coffee can also be brewed in this maker with the reusable My K-Cup filter.


Amount of Coffee every Serving

The Keurig Mini plus brewer offers you the selection of imminent 6, 8 or 10 ounces of coffee every serving. A minimum of 6 ounces that water is compelled for the brewer to work-related properly. Eliminate the drip tray come brew into a taller mug. However, save in mind the without the drip tray to capture spills you have to be mindful to no overfill the an equipment or to pour out water when filling it. The an equipment accommodates a mug the is 4.5” high or less with the drip tray, and up come 5.5” high without the drip tray.

Brewing Time

It takes around 2 minute to brew each cup of coffee.


This device operates via manual push-buttons. LED lights indicate which action of the set-up and also brewing process the machine is on.

The Mini Keurig brewer will immediately shut turn off at any kind of stage that the brewing process if the idle for much more than 90 seconds, like if you wait too long to activate the brew cycle. Press the “Power” switch to restart it. If the “Brew” button was flashing blue when the brewer shuts off, lift and lower the handle to restart it.

Keurig K10 Mini add to Cleaning and also Ongoing Maintenance

After you’re finished brewing, eliminate the K-Cup and also wipe under the exterior of the coffee machine with a soft damp non-abrasive cloth.

Water continuing to be in the water reservoir deserve to be cleared by holding down the “Brew” button until all of the water has dispensed into a cup. Make certain the water reservoir lid is down before doing so.

Inspect the Drip Tray periodically and also wipe it down with a wet soft non-abrasive cloth. As soon as the Drip Tray Overfill Indicator appears, empty the drip tray and also pour the contents into a sink. Closely slide the tray towards you to remove it. Execute not put the Drip Tray or Drip Tray Plate right into the dishwasher.

The K-Cup Assembly (Funnel and also K-Cup Holder with departure Needle) can be removed and also washed top top a low temperature bicycle in the height shelf the the dishwasher. The exit Needle can be cleared of coffee grounds with a straightened paper clip.

Clean the water reservoir as needed by removed the Water Level Guide and also wiping under the within of the reservoir v a clean non-abrasive damp cloth. The Water Level overview is no dishwasher safe.

Descale consistently (every 3 – 6 months, possibly an ext if using tough water) with Keurig Descaling systems or white vinegar, adhering to the consisted of instructions.

If the Mini coffee machine is not producing full cup of coffee (not every one of the water is flow through), clean the departure needle (remove all coffee grounds), the K-Cup Assembly and follow v a descaling. If no water is coming the end at all, or these steps still don’t develop full cups, clean the entrance needle also. Make sure all three holes in it are totally free of grounds (the following video only mentions two holes).

. Store the coffee an equipment upright in a frost-free place, otherwise freeze condensation could damage the machine. Make sure the internal warm Water Tank and Water Reservoir are empty. If it has actually been stored in a cool place, allow the an equipment to rest at room temperature because that two hours before transforming it on. After ~ storage, operation 3 cleansing brews without K-Cups prior to using the brewer.


This device has a one-year warranty against defects under normal residence use.

Customer Service

The manufacturer can be reached by phone 7 days a week and also any time by email, although the seller handles refunds and also replacements.

Replacement drip trays and also K-Cup holders room available, but call the manufacturer’s assist line first, together they might offer an additional solution. Save in mind the the warranty will certainly be voided if you open up the machine to shot to diagnose a problem or settle it yourself.

Keurig K10 Mini plus Features

Single cup an individual brewerChoice the 3 cup sizes – 6 oz., 8 oz. And also 10 ounces13 colors to pick fromSingle-use water reservoirEnergy Savings setting – turn off itself off instantly after 90 seconds of inactivityRemovable drip tray through Overfill IndicatorUL rated for family members Use Only

What’s in the Box

Coffee maker, Owner’s Manual, Quick-Start Guide and also a tiny K-Cup variety pack.


Unit size: 10.8″H x 10.7″D x 6.9″W.

Overall elevation when the water tank lid is open up is 12.5”.

Weighs 8.75 pounds.

Cord: 15.5” long (not counting the plug itself) v a three-pronged plug.

The Keurig Mini coffee device accommodates a mug the is 4.5” tall through the drip tray in place, and one as much as 5.5” tall without the drip tray.

UL Rating

UL noted for family members Use Only. Not suitable for office buildings and other commercial environments. Learn much more about UL listings.

Power Usage

1,425 wattsVoltage: 120VAC / 60 HzThe Mini to add saves power by instantly shutting off when it’s inactive because that 90 seconds, even if it is that’s throughout the setup and also brewing procedure or after it’s finished creating a cup that coffee.


My K-Cup reusable filter


Handy K-Cup warehouse Units


Keurig Descaling Solution



A solid, simple single serve coffee an equipment that’s easy to operate.Its little size renders it great for small kitchens, dorm rooms, RVs, house offices, and for taking on the road.K-Cups do it mainly mess-free and also easy to save clean.Each cup of coffee can be a various flavor – simply use a various K-Cup.Can be offered to do coffee and also tea in a selection of flavors, and other hot and also iced beverages.The my K-Cup reusable coffee filter is available for brewing your favourite ground coffee.Choose in between making 6, 8 or 10 ounces that coffee or tea.There’s no must use special water, return filtered or bottled water is recommended, and also hard, softened, distilled and also reverse osmosis water is discouraged.No filter to transaction with.Economizes on electrical energy usage.Produces hot coffee.The coffee has great flavor.Many colour to pick from.


Produces a minimal amount the coffee per cup – 6, 8 or 10 ounces.Does not have actually a reservoir with warm water, as such the brewer must heat and brew every cup that coffee separately.Does no accommodate the height of standard travel mugs.The setup process requires specific sequence, which may confuse some users till they acquire the hang of it.Needs constant cleaning that exterior and also internal components to execute well.No auto-start function so you can’t schedule that to start brewing in ~ a certain time, like first thing in the morning.UL detailed for family members use only – not intended for use at the office or in other commercial atmospheres (a add to if you’re looking for a machine for residence use).

Tips from Users

Run a cup that white vinegar v the an equipment (without installation a K-Cup) to remove any type of lingering plastic taste and also smell. Follow that up with several brews there is no a K-Cup to rinse out every one of the vinegar.If friend want an ext than 10 ounces of coffee, brew a 6 oz. Cup. Refill the reservoir after ~ the very first brewing and also run that again using the exact same K-Cup with one more 6 ounces of water. Empty the an initial cup of coffee right into a huge mug (or take trip mug) before using that cup again because that the second brewing – then pour the 2nd cup of coffee right into the bigger mug, as well.To protect against spilling water, some individuals recommend pour it until it is full a measuring cup with a pour-lip v the exactly amount of water and also pouring that right into the machine. Be especially careful not to spill water if you’re making use of the an equipment without the drip tray.An easy method to measure out the appropriate amount the water is to fill the cup you’ll be unavoidable into and pour that into the reservoir.Avoid clogged needles by removing the K-Cup automatically after brewing.Be conscious of the optimal needle. Its 3 holes should be kept complimentary of coffee grounds in order because that the water to circulation smoothly (not stated in the Users hands-on cleaning instructions).Users report having an excellent results making use of reusable filter from cafe Cup, Solofill, Melitta Java Jig and also EkoBrew instead of my K-Cup.You may need come experiment to accomplish the brew girlfriend want when using ground coffee. Part user evaluate say that their normal store-bought ground coffee to produce weak coffee in the Keurig Mini brewer, while others say their favorite floor coffee is as well strong. Change the lot of coffee used, the grind, and also the quantity of water come suit your tastes. Part say to usage twice the amount of ground coffee together you would in a drip maker. Others imply that grind your own beans improves the flavor over store-bought grinds. You may need come experiment to find the appropriate coarseness. Grind your very own coffee beans quite than using finely pre-ground coffee because that drip brewers can likewise eliminate silt in the bottom the the cup.


Keurig K10 Mini add to Brewer consumer Reviews

The Keurig B31 (K10) Mini Plus

single cup coffee maker is a bestseller ~ above Amazon.com. At the moment this is created it is very rated with 706 reviews.

The bulk of customers report that this coffee an equipment produces excellent coffee, and also they evaluate its ease of use, little size and every one of the coffee, tea and other beverage choices accessible in K-Cups (200+ to choose from).

A couple of users report the their maker stopped working quickly after purchase it. In some situations it’s unsure to us if this is because of user error or device defects, however clogged needles it seems ~ to often be the cause. Keurig assistance is attentive and specialized to help to solve any kind of problems, and also will quickly send a replacement device if the is required. They anxiety that it’s crucial to store the needles clean and the an equipment descaled.

A usual complaint is that this coffee machine can begin to create partial cups of coffee (not all of the water flows through). Cleaning the leave needle and/or descaling usually fixes this. If not, or if no water flows v at all, you might need to clean the enntrance gate needle as well, removing every coffee corpuscle from all three holes in it. Users additionally suggest tenderness pushing the K-Cup down onto the lower needle to release inner air pressure before closing the lid, together this avoids trapped air from puffing grounds up right into the entrance needle.

Another complaint is that some users suffer leakage indigenous the bottom of the machine. This is often because of an overfull drip tray or clogged needles that protect against the water from draining the way it should. The may additionally be as result of not wait for the water in the reservoir to drainpipe into the heating unit prior to closing the handle. Also, be sure to not use an ext than 10 ounces of water. Fill your mug v water first, and use that as the measurement. In rare cases the machine may be defective. Keurig will change it as long as the warranty is in effect.

Some customers report the the coffee this device produces is not very hot (drinkable without having actually to wait because that it come cool), while rather say the coffee is too hot to drink right away. Some also recommend putting the cup of coffee in the microwave for a few seconds for this reason it’s hot enough. The manufacturer states that the coffee is brewed in ~ 192 degrees, so the comes out of the device very hot. However, the temperature the the cup, and also cold creamer deserve to lower the coffee temperature. They introduce pre-warming the cup by pour it until it is full it with hot water and letting that sit because that a minute prior to emptying it and also placing the on the drip tray for impending (or rinse it under hot water because that a minute or two). They additionally recommend place the cream in the bottom of the cup before brewing, quite than putting it right into the warm coffee.

User reviews imply that utilizing chilled water can reason problems with the machine and recommend making use of room temperature water. The manufacturer agrees, saying that chilled water might not reach a high sufficient temperature to permit the machine to brew properly or the coffee might not be as hot as it can be.

Some users feel the this maker is no as sturdy as an ext expensive models and are disappointed by that, if others feeling it’s fairly sturdy for home use.

The K10 Mini Plus renders some noise if brewing, but users feel it’s not enough to wake up a baby resting in the following room.

It’s reported the this device does no emit excessive steam, and also therefore have the right to be supplied under an upper cabinet.

The user guide contains this amazing statement: “WARNING – this product consists of chemicals, consisting of lead, which is known to the State the California to cause cancer, birth defects or various other reproductive harm.” Keurig assistance assures us that every one of their machines have actually been completely tested and proven to it is in food-safe. All components that come into contact with water, including K-Cups space BPA totally free and FDA approved for the temperature they encounter. However, California Proposition 65 calls for that manufacturers administer a warning if any type of of end 800 noted harmful chemistry are present in assets sold in California.

Keurig K10 (B31) Mini plus Price

The Keurig K10 Mini Plus impending System is reasonably priced and also offers an excellent value for a home-use pressurized single cup coffee maker.


We agree with the majority of users who feel that the Keurig K10 (B31) Mini Plus imminent System
is a great choice for home use, provided:

you nothing mind having to wait because that each cup the water come heat,you space happy v K-Cups (or don’t mind trying out to create good-tasting soil coffee through the my K-Cup reusable filter),and you feel the 10 ounces is sufficient coffee every cup (or space comfortable doing a 2nd brewing to develop a bigger amount)

Note the you might need come clean the needles often to save it running smoothly, or change how you download the K-Cups.

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We appreciate the Mini Plus’s tiny footprint, portability, ease of use, wide range of colors and the range of obtainable coffees and also assorted beverages.