Just together America was ready to give up hope after watching its 2 candidates because that the most powerful office in the world engage in one ugly, argumentative and also insult-laden dispute less than a month away from the election, one man provided us hope.

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"We have one an ext question, native Ken Bone, about energy policy," moderator Anderson Cooper said. "Ken?"

A guy in a red sweater and also pressed khaki pants stood up, unfolded a little piece of file and review from it.

"What measures will your energy policy take to accomplish our power needs," Bone began, with a warm yet earnest watch on his face, "while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and also minimizing task loss for fossil power plant workers?"

No one is likely to psychic the candidates" answers to the many policy-intensive concern of the night. However Bone instantly came to be the face of what"s right in American politics at a time when it feels like so lot is wrong.

But who is this an enig man? below are 5 things you have to know.

How walk he acquire here?

While last night"s controversy was organized in St. Louis, Bone in reality hails indigenous Belleville, Illinois, a city of about 40,000 civilization a half-hour"s drive eastern of St. Louis.

The town hall contestants to be selected by the polling for sure Gallup, who determined undecided voters to show up before both that the candidates.

He offered a disposable camera

Because Bone is a guy of the people, that didn"t require a brand-new two-camera iphone 7 to add or one exploding Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 7.

No, Bone to be happy to record his 15 minutes of fame forever on an old-fashion disposable camera. He also left the flash on.

Ken Bone rides off into the sunset #debate #kenbone pic.twitter.com/4BjaI985zr— Matt (
Matt_Campbe) October 10, 2016

What"s the resolve that sweater?

The pullover was not part of Bone"s early plans.

"I had a rally nice olive fit that ns love a good deal and that my mommy would have been very proud to watch me put on on television," Bone told CNN"s Carol Costello. "But apparently I"ve gained about 30 pounds, and also when i went to obtain in my automobile the morning of the debate, I break-up the seat of my pants all the way open. So, the red pullover is plan B, and I"m glad it works out."

Ken Bone claims he wore the red sweater together a arrangement B come the debate because he "split the seat of my pants broad open" https://t.co/H9eL2wi5as— CNN (
CNN) October 10, 2016

If you want to be Ken Bone for Halloween, net sleuths have determined Bone"s now-iconic red sweater as an IZOD Men"s Cable quarter-zip. As of Monday morning, the red was sold out top top Amazon in all sizes but one.

Wonder why?


He"s a pan of his mustache

Ken Bone is not going come sit by idly as you laugh at his selection of facial hair. In the CNN appearance, Bone protected the other fifty percent of his defining appearance.

When he was shown this tweet by Costello throughout his CNN interview...

A breakdown of Ken Bone lovableness: 33% to trust 33% calm demeanor 33% huggability 1% strength mustache#KenBone #VoteBone #debate— Nate Weatherup (
NateWeatherup) October 10, 2016

...he responded, "I feel prefer the moustache deserves more than 1 percent."

Who is that voting for?

Like most of America, Bone didn"t seem too impressed by critical night"s screen by the two candidates.

But for what it"s worth, he told CNN that he entered the debate a trump lean. He said he left that leaning Clinton.

Image via YouTube

Who Is Ken Bone? 5 Things around The Pants-Splitting, Disposable-Camera-Using Presidential controversy Winner

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