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Keeping Up through the Kardashians Season 6: illustration 11 Recap




by Danae Young



This mainly on keeping Up v the Kardashians, drama stirs if the family is tho in Bora Bora. 


Kim was crying end a shed diamond earring, yet luckily her friend Kris discovered it in the s for her. 


Kourtney and also Scott were sitting in the pool and Scott finally chose to come clean around drinking in las Vegas. Kourtney definitely has her issues still. 


The whole family went out for lunch and also Kim’s boyfriend obtained stuck talk to she mom. He definitely seemed uncomfortable. 


The whole trip Rob has been yes, really rude come Scott. At dinner Kris got so fed up through it that she obtained up and left. 


Kris mentioned a boat in the ocean and Scott referred to as it a “tanker” and also she thought he dubbed her a “tanker.” Haha what a complete misunderstanding! 


Kim’s boyfriend seems to have a tough time expertise that the Kardashian girls treatment a lot about the means they look. They gained upset when he accidentally flipped their kayak and also he didn’t acquire why. 


Scott sat down to talk to Rob and also they started drinking part brewskies. It looks like things room better. Yay! 


Kris refused to walk tanning since she is for this reason insecure about her body, also though she looks amazing. 


Bruce to plan a surprised ceremony come renew their wedding vows. 


Kim never told her boyfriend she to be married once before and he was totally captured off guard once it got brought up in former of the entirety family. 


Bruce called Kris around the ceremony and she wasn’t that right into it.

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She keeps happen up how insecure she is and using it together an excuse for things. 


Kim and also Kourtney take it Kris shopping for the ceremony and also Kris gained really embarrassed around her body. Very sewing Bruce talked to her and got she to feel much far better about everything. 


Scott to be drinking v Rob and when he got back to the room, Kourtney was a little upset. 


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