You don"t actually see them have actually a "we"re over" conversation, however the season-10 finale confirms what we"ve known because July: this two are done.


So, exactly how are us all claimed to just accept the last night"s illustration of Keeping Up with the Kardashians was the season finale already?! Seriously, the display came ago less than a month ago. I"m guessing I to be Cait screwed things up a small for the franchise, in terms of scheduling, but what is E! also doing if it"s not offering us with brand-new Kardashians illustration every week, every year round. You GUYS have actually ONE JOB. But set your grief aside, and let"s acquire on to last night"s episode.

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Cait the the Union:If there"s one point this micro-season that KUWTK has actually accomplished, it"s answering my"Wait, where are the Kardashian girls throughout I to be Cait?" concerns by mirroring us much more of what they were going through in the early on months that Cait"s publictransition. Khloé is quiet furious at Caitlyn for "bashing" Kris in the mediaand then no apologizing. And as much as Khloé"s mine (usual) favorite, it"s really tough to hear she say, "It"s no a real relationship anymore," about Caitlyn, who she quiet hasn"t met.

At any rate, they domeet, and also we view a bit much more of Khloé and also Caitlyn"s conversation than we did on I am Cait. What"s fascinating is that their argument around Caitlyn"s comment in the press boils down to Caitlyn saying, "I"m telling the truth," and also the rest of the Kardashians saying, "That"s not actually what us do." I"m not accusing the remainder of the Kardashians of being liars, yet their common media policy method they"re not always frank and forthcoming around feelings. Or anything else. They"re very polished that way. Their communication wrapped up the same method it did on I am Cait:with Khloé promise Caitlyn that all these interactions could be fixed by Cait learning exactly how to team text. Here"s hoping.

Not-So-Great Scott:This might just be the last we view from Scott Disick top top KUWTK, although that"s virtually unimaginable. (Of course, ns typed the sentence prior to watching the "Next season on…" trailer, which guarantees a showdown in between all 3 Kardashian sisters, Kris, and Scott, since of food it does.) I carry out believe, for the record, the Kourtney and also Scott"s existing breakup is because that real and also for good, however that doesn"t median he"ll it is in 100 percentout that the Kardashian family photo forever. Scott bring away Kourtney the end on a nightclub appearance the goes how amazing well, yet it"s a red herring; soon, he"s back in Vegas, and you can tell shit"s about to gain real due to the fact that the clip is the end of focus and also Scott is smoking.

Also, at one point during all the drama, Kim gravely educates Kourtney the she no longer wants Scott to be in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. "I simply don"t feel like I want power in the game." AT least WE"RE finally DISCUSSING THE actual ISSUES.

After Scott disappears to France, it"s clean it"s over. That"s not much of a surprised to viewers, who"ve known because July the the partnership was finished. And frankly, we don"t find out much more about exactly how the breakup went under than we"ve been able come glean native the Kardashians" veiled statements and also social media posts since. Kourtney continues to be a pretty closed book, although watching Kris lose her mind when Cousin CiCi calls come tell her about the leaked photos of Scott through Chloe Bartoli gives us lot of of emotions to job-related with. (It"s likewise interesting that KUWTK would enable CiCi come do most of the ranting on your behalves, fairly than doing that themselves.) Also, we get to watch Kourtney assert that interventionists room basically prefer bounty hunters, i m sorry is…something.

But there"s one much more unguarded moment, where Kourtney actually division down and cries, which permanent viewers that KUWTK recognize is a vast deal —normally as soon as she"s sad, she awkwardly laughs. The present follows it v clips that Kourtney and Scott v the years. I"m a sucker for those two, and I freely admit that, yet I completely cried.

Kylie"s big Day and also Kris"s new Dude:In the middle of all of this, Kylie"s finally moving right into her home — she complies with the internal designer v the house wearing a sparkly mini-backpack, which provides her seem even more prefer an actual boy making grown-up decisions. Kris brings her boyfriend Corey through to hang out, i beg your pardon is awkward, yet not as awkward together a few minutes later, as soon as Kris announces to she children the she"s "probably having actually too much sex." and also it all gets also moreawkwardstill as soon as Khloé and also Malika sit Corey down to, like, encourage him to share what his intentions withKris. Seriously, I desire Kris to be happy, and also I to be not here for the way our culture tries to desexualize older women — so do you, Kris Jenner.

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