Justin Bieber post a mea culpa to his Instagram stories Wednesday because that his current endorsement of country star Morgan Wallen’s music, 6 months ~ a video was leaked that Wallen drunkenly utilizing the N-word through friends.

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In a now-deleted post, the Biebs, 27, had shared a screenshot the Wallen’s “Sand In my Boots” native “Dangerous: The double Album,” creating “Love this album,” alongside it.

Not long after, Bieber turned off the post and penned an apology top top his Instagram Stories.

“I had no idea the the guy’s music ns posted to be recently found saying racialism comments,” the “Peaches” singer wrote. “As you recognize i dont support or tolerate any kind of sort of racism or discrimination. I had no idea, ns sincerely apologize to anyone ns offended.”

Justin Bieber post an apology top top his Instagram Stories.Instagram

Bieber nodded to his own past v the slur by adding, “When ns was a kid, i was exceptionally ignorant and also said some really hurtful racist joke that clearly were not funny. Ns hurt a many of human being especially the Black civilization in my life but was fortunate enough to have had actually them educate me ~ above the horrifying beginning of the n-word. This brings those ache memories earlier up, ns will constantly take property for my ignorance and also my past since I recognize I am no that person.”

The “Hold On” singer revealed in March the he doesn’t own a cellphone, opting rather to use an iPad, for this reason it’s at the very least somewhat plausible the he let go the dispute surrounding the nation star. Wallen to be on “Good Morning America” in July talking about the incident, but admittedly the Biebs is no the target audience for the show.

Wallen faced enormous backlash on society media in February after ~ TMZ published a video clip of him informing a girlfriend to “take care of this p—y-ass n—a” once they returned home from a night out in Nashville.

He instantly issued one apology, saying he to be “embarrassed and sorry,” yet months later, that revealed it wasn’t the very first time he’s used the word.

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Wallen’s record label, big Loud, suspended him in February however has because reinstated him. Either way, the dispute hasn’t dented his album sales: Wallen’s “Dangerous” album has been No. 1 top top the Billboard nation album chart because that 26 weeks.