Who eliminated JonBenét? It's among the many enduring American mysteries. Revisit the homicide that gripped the nation, v exclusive interviews and also never-before-seen clip from the crime scene.

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Police inquiry the Ramseys' within circle and also learn the bed-wetting to be an concern for JonBenét. They then envision an alleged theory with Patsy Ramsey together the killer- spanning up a disastrous accident and staging the killing scene.

Authorities examine writing samples the John and Patsy Ramsey it is registered at the start of the JonBenét investigation. Expert Cina Wong rule out man as the ransom note writer, however found similarities in between Patsy's writing and also the ransom note.


A shocking murder. No viable suspects. No heavy leads. The baffling homicides in If I should Die deserve to only be resolved with help from the victim themselves, speaking from past the grave through their diaries and guiding investigators to their killers.

THE instance THAT HAUNTS ME bring away a cinematic dive into 8 evocative true crime stories told directly from the detectives who led every case.
Pat Postiglione to be a Nashville homicide detective...with a photographic memory. The investigated thousands of murders he'll never ever forget. Pat's memories are frequently haunting...but additionally served together an impressive crime-fighting tool.
The Interrogator recounts few of the most hypnotic situations from the records of Houston Homicide Detective Fil Waters who provides his charm, intellect, and down-home Texas style to acquire his prime suspect to reduced his guard and also reveal the truth.
Last possibility Lawyer complies with the extraordinary people of Howard Greenberg, one of new York's many infamous, outlandish and also feared criminal defense attorneys. For Howard "winning isn't everything, it's the only thing" and to that life is one lengthy battle.
Solving a murder is prefer putting with each other a gigantic jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes, the piece snap into place with ease and sometimes, castle don't fit. In Dead Reckoning, the police should meticulously reconstruct what occurred to carry justice because that the victim.
A brutal assault seems isolated, yet investigators soon discover it's just the reminder of one iceberg. Acts of revenge, serial killings and twisted web of deceit leave communities in fear as revelations stack up to disclose these real-life devils in disguise.
Chaos in Court is a show that goes beyond and also behind clips that dramatic, unexpected and also cathartic courtroom moments. The display brings the backstories of the crimes and also legal proceedings to the forefront with insightful and of-the-moment analysis from a varied blue-chip panel of specialists including judges, defense attorneys, prosecutors, and criminal psychologists. We likewise feature first-person interviews v defendants, household members and other people who were there - angry the activity to help bring dramatic courtroom moment to life through context, nuance, and also the emotional realities that what happens once the ultimate stakes are on trial.
Lurking behind every killing is the truth. What if those associated the case disagree top top what the truth is and what happened? This original series interviews civilization with conflict perspectives top top a real murder instance to expose the true Killer in Question.
Suspicion is a contagion. What starts as a tiny spark of doubt focused on one individual can metastasize and cast a zero on every little thing you, her community, and also ultimately legislation enforcement believed to it is in true.
Unusual doubt is a documentary series that showcases some of the most notable and complicated investigations in modern-day law enforcement. Each one-hour episode will profile completed instances that to be anything but cut and dry.
What if the person closest to you...were a adversary in disguise? evil Lives here tells the true story of human being who lived with a killer. Just how well perform you really understand your family? would you identify the warning signs? Or would certainly you come to be entangled in evil?
A retirement homicide detective and criminal defense attorney re-examine controversial murder situations to assist the desperate families of those convicted decision if it's time to appeal... Or expropriate the guilty decision once and also for all.
Homicide investigate unfold through dramatic actual footage in this groundbreaking series. The series provides one up-close view of the case, consisting of footage indigenous bodycam at the crime scene, surveillance video, and also interrogation room video.
40 years after the catch of 'Killer Clown' john Wayne Gacy, chef County cold situation Detective Jason Moran reopens the instance of among America's most well known serial killers to finally identify the EIGHT victim who have gone without a name for decades.

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Lies, betrayal, and also murder what happened to Caylee Anthony? This 3-part distinct looks inside among the most controversial murder situations in American history. Explore the captivating examination with interviews from the family at the facility of that all.