Aspiring songwriter VioletSanford (Piper Perabo)was in find of huge city famein the 2000 romantic dramedy Coyote Ugly. The film, command by David McNally and produced through Jerry Bruckheimer, starred john Goodman as Violet"s overprotective father, and also Maria Bello, Tyra Banks, andBridget Moynahan as Violet"s sexybartender co-workers in ~ a notorious nightclub. Though movie critics panned thefilm ~ above itsrelease (it currently holds a 22 percent Rotten tomatoes score), fans were all aboutLeAnn Rimes" music contributions (helloooo, "Can"t fight the Moonlight").

In respect of the film"s 15th anniversary, right here are 10 things you never ever knew about it.

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1. The real Coyote Ugly Saloon opened in 1993 in new York City.

Therearenow 14 Coyote Ugly Saloon locationsacross the country.


2. The movie is motivated by the genuine experiences of author Elizabeth Gilbert that Eat, Pray, Love fame.

In the GQ post "The Muse that the Coyote Ugly Saloon," she recounts she time together a Coyote bartender.


3. Jessica Simpson auditioned because that the lead duty of Violet Sanford.

However, she dropped out after filmmakers refused to take out the sex scene in between Violet and Kevin O"Donnell (played by Adam Garcia).


4. Britney Spears and Jewel were likewise considered because that the role.

Spears, that course, did walk on to uncover big-screen fame 2 years later in Crossroads.


5. Coyote Uglyis a real slang term, apparently.

According to urban Dictionary,it"s "waking up from a drunken stupor to discover that her sexual partner of the previous night is not just ghastly, however is sleeping with his/her head relaxing on her arm. The only method to escape, without waking the beast, is to chew off her arm and flee." fine then.

6.LeAnne Rimes did every one of the to sing for Piper Perabo.

Even thoughPiper Perabo could actually song in genuine life.

7. Kevin blacksmith did one uncredited rewrite of the script.

Despite the fact that eight writers assisted Smith work-related on it, the writers Guild that America only provided credit to Gina Wendkos.She walk on to create the screenplay for The Princess Diaries and The Princess Diaries 2: imperial Engagement.


8. Johnny Knoxville and Michael bay both do cameos in the film.

They play a man in the bar and also a photographer, respectively.

9. The soundtrack because that the movie was on the Billboard peak 40 for over a year.

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Three sings were additionally released indigenous the soundtrack consisting of "Can"t hit the Moonlight," "But I do Love You," and "The ideal Kind that Wrong."

10. LeAnn Rimes was just 17 as soon as the movie come out.

Critics took issue with her overly sexyoutfit(leather pants and also a skimpy top) and the truth that, even with a fake ID, she would"never have actually been allowed inside any type of NYC bar."