John Cena destroyed "cruddy" Christmas presents with a sledgehammer in a hilarious segment ~ above Jimmy Kimmel Live. Examine out the cathartic video below.

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Need to get rid of the Christmas gift you hate? John Cena can aid with that.

During an figure on Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, the well known wrestler dished about the "cruddy" Christmas gift his dad offered him and also how bad he wanted to destroy it. Luckily for him, that's precisely what host Jimmy Kimmel employed him to perform for audience members.

First, let's talk about Cena's gift from his too ~ old dad.

As the Doolittle actor explained, "The gift providing thing, ns am no a pan of since my family—I have 4 brothers, castle have families of their own. I think the resources need to go to the kids, and also instead we gained into a challenge of trying come out-gift each other and also people wasting money on points that nobody of us will use."

So, to protect against gift receiving altogether, Cena and the adult in his household made a pact come only gain gifts because that the kids. However Papa Cena didn't follow the rule this year.

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As the actor said, "He gained me a gift, i beg your pardon he thought was so really special. That is a ceramic wine bottle holder that is two revolvers. Ns don't live in, like, a west ranch. I don't live in a saloon."

And the didn't hold his opinion back for the services of his father.

"I called him ns hated it," Cena revealed. "I really wanted to damage it 1) because he type of violated our agreement of trust, so he wanted to provide that gift to it is in like, 'I offered a gift! funny Christmas!' prefer he walk a good thing. However he actually did a negative thing by violating the pact. And also he obtained me a really cruddy gift."

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To obtain out all of his holiday present frustration, Kimmel offered the WWE alum a enormous sledgehammer to damage other peoples' presents.

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First up was a pig bowl. As the participant said of a gift she gained from her sister, "I asked for a classy serving bowl so I can serve mine boss when I had actually him over, and also this is what she gave me."

As for she gift, the Tuscon native gained her sibling one autographed Neil Gaiman book. Horrified, Cena turned come the camera and said, "Lauren, your sister offered you a signed publication by among the biggest graphic novelists of our time and also you picked v the cheap bin at large Lots. Shame! Shame! Shame! and that's why this small piggy is going to hell!"

Bye bye, pig bowl. After shattering tbe present, the star said, "So here's a much better gift. It's a man Cena activity figure signed by john Cena."

Now, examine out the remainder of the video clip to watch Cena wreck part Christmas accessories filled with...underwear.

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