You understand a display is winding down for good when the audience"s favourite guest stars start returning en masse, and that"s absolutely been true the Glee Season 6. No only have actually the brand-new Directions alumni (Mercedes, Puck, Quinn, etc.) been placing in many of appearances, but characters choose Emma Pillsbury, Roz Washington, rod Remington, Doris Sylvester, and also Abuela Lopez have turned up, and vanished students like Unique, Sugar, and Joe have returned from every little thing fifth measurement they to be banished to. That shouldn"t it is in a surprise, then, that Jonathan groff is reprising his role as Jesse St. James, former lead singer of Vocal Adrenaline — and also yet it"s tho thrilling news.

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Although Jesse in the interim joined new Directions throughout Season 1 when wooing Rachel, he has actually only put in a couple of brief appearances due to the fact that then. He very first returned in the direction of the end of Season 2 as ND"s display choir consultant, tempering Mr. Schuester"s unending enthusiasm with some brutal honesty. Despite a short attempt to get ago into Rachel"s good graces, she finished up in Finn"s arms instead and also Jesse vanished once more. The turned increase again in Season 3 as the brand-new coach the Vocal Adrenaline, top Unique and also her team to Nationals in Chicago. If there, he put in a an excellent word because that Rachel through NYADA"s mam Tibidezus, after ~ Rachel had actually shockingly botched she audition. New Directions win Vocal Adrenaline and also we never saw Jesse again... Back Rachel did get embraced into NYADA, partly thanks come her previous flame.


So where has Jesse St. James been for the past three years? (At least, ns think it"s been 3 years. Glee"s timeline gained a tiny fuzzy once they stretched one institution year over two-and-a-half seasons and also then go a pair of time jumps after ~ that. Walk anyone also know what year the is in the Gleeverse ideal now?) Obviously groff himself has actually been quite busy, what through headlining his very own HBO show. Looking will be pack up its 2nd season in a couple of weeks, so thankfully that present finished shooting gradually to allow its star head over to paramount Studios to film the final two episodes of Glee.

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However, it"s harder to understand what Jesse has been up to in his time turn off screen. Did he gain fired indigenous Carmel High after shedding their display choir a national Championship? Did the buy a roller skating rink and also spend his days to sing karaoke like other former glee clubber April Rhodes? walk he join Derek Shepherd"s society For males With Gorgeous Hair?

Actually, if his project at Carmel may have ended, it appears that his career was only simply taking off. The push release for this week"s episode, "We developed This Glee Club," teases that "Rachel need to choose in between returning come NYADA and also doing another Broadway present with her past love, Jesse St. James." That display that Rachel obtained into after completely forgetting she"d auditioned for it periods ago? Looks prefer the actors list contains one Mr. St. James himself. In the Gleeverse, has actually Jesse end up being a big-time Broadway star? If that had, you would think we would have actually heard Rachel mention that... But because when has continuity ever been Glee"s solid suit?

NYADA vs. Broadway. It"s a choice that Rachel has faced before, once Carmen Tibideaux urged her college student to remain at school quite than take the leading role in Funny Girl— advice i beg your pardon Rachel ignored, only to get bored through Funny Girl a couple of weeks in, quit, shot her hand at Hollywood, fail, and also return to Lima, Ohio in shame. Will certainly the allure of involvement Jesse top top the great White way lead Rachel to do the very same mistake again? Or will choose differently this time and finally end up her education?

Whatever she choice, Jesse"s return will certainly jeopardize Rachel"s already-shaky relationship with Sam. Regardless of a most flirting, part kissing, and also a few dates, Rachel and Sam never ever really characterized their relationship, and it appears like currently it might be over before it ever really got off the ground. Sam to be the only among her friend who resisted the idea that Rachel taking the Broadway role, encouraging she to go back to university instead. It"s straightforward to imagine i was sure Jesse, who"s constantly been donate of Rachel"s Broadway dreams, coming in and also sweeping her off her feet, far from Sam and also McKinley.

But prior to any huge decisions have the right to be made, very first a song must be sung. (This is Glee, after all.) The authors wasted no time in utilizing Groff"s prodigious pipe — the an initial song that this week"s illustration is an epic duet in between Rachel and also Jesse, who belt out Roxette"s love ballad "Listen To her Heart." If Rachel complies with the advice of that song, it"s going to it is in bye-bye Samchel... And also hello St. Berry!

Of course, the outcome of this decision has been revealed by part extra-spoilery promotion stills exit by FOX. Yet click at your own risk, Gleeks.