I’m going because that something a little different tonight. Rather of a right espresso, I’m having affogato, a shoot of espresso poured over a small scoop of ice cream cream. Cassie made some egg nog ice cream cream this previous weekend, so the made a perfect base because that this. Type of choose an egg nog “latte,” just homemade and more awesome.

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Where were we…?

Mike’s freaked out about his girlfriend ending up being one of the guys.

It’s actually nice to view MTV rally through their “Restore the shore” telethon to raise money. The shore is screwed due to the fact that of Sandy, for this reason every tiny bit will help.

Ron and also Danny space working in the keep and all of a sudden they to walk out v hats on sideways, imitating Snooki and Deena acquisition their random “Meatball days.” it was kind of funny.

Mike calls his sister about how he’s freaked out around Paula, and also she instructs him to tell Paula the he favored who she was prior to they made the official. The sounds prefer he’ll do every little thing his sister states anyway, yet it puts that on the monitor to lastly say something to Paula.

In the middle of Ron and also Danny’s meathead day, that starts raining and also the strength goes out. It’s in reality a quite insane storm, at the very least it is the method they edited it. Deena acts choose she’s going to operation home. It turns out it’s simply rain, and also everything is fine. I’m walk to call that one “too soon,” MTV.

MVP go the end to a bar/arcade, and also the guys try to hook Mike up v these 2 girls by telling them he’s single; psychic you, he’s stated nothing come Paula yet. When he does, his setup is come tell her, “it’s no you, it’s me.” I’m going come say the is 100% true. The crew asks if they can be there for the breakup.

They’re sitting roughly at dinner in ~ a crummy looking place, and they all congratulate Mike ~ above 100 days being sober. He thanks them and also toasts v some lemonade in a silly lemonade cup through a sippy straw.

Vinny talks about how Snooki is not participating in anything through him since she is trying to repress whatever in the past pertaining come him. I think I phrased that correctly. Dude, she’s favor 8 month pregnant here. She probably just doesn’t desire to be approximately bullcrap.

Back at the house, Sam asks Snooki if Mike or Vinny are invited come the wedding. Snooki responds perhaps Vinny if he talks to Gianni however definitely not Mike.

Snooki goes to the house one morning to choose up Jen and Pauly. They have to work, yet Snooki is really tired. She call a doctor since she has a spicy pain in her side. She doesn’t acquire through come the doctor and also this “plot line” just falls. Ohh well. Jen and she leave and sit down at a restaurant and also talk. Snooki tells her that she can’t talk to anyone in the house however her since they’re not pregnant. Jen urges her to acquire Vinny to speak to Gianni. Also, Snooki is supposedly waiting for Mike to speak to her. I believed he tried the already…

Jen go home and proposes the idea of making baby clothing for Snooki’s child at the t-shirt shop. Jen wants to litter a “Shore Shower,” and everyone is cool v that. Jen tells vinny that she wants him come go, yet he has to talk to Gianni first. The doesn’t desire to since he doesn’t treatment if Gianni doesn’t prefer him. What a toughguy. He’s no buying it anyway; he desires to listen this from Snooki before he talks to that little wimp, Gianni.

Ok. There was a advertising for simply Dance 4 for Wii special J-Woww…ohh mine God. What a damaging commercial. The tune is “Call Me Maybe,” and also they display J-Woww law nothing but pumping her fist right into the air. And, in ~ the end, there are various other jobbers dancing v J-Woww and also this girl, and I think Roger is just one of them; everyone is blurred out, though. Exactly how strange?!

Jen explains the shower idea come Sam and also Deena. They start planning the party and also call themselves, “team kooka.” Yuck. Climate they have a dispute over the spelling of the word “hors d’oeuvres.” (Yeah, why go it have so countless letters?)

Jen phone call Gianni and also tells him about the party and also then intimidates to reduced him if he says something. Why did girlfriend call and tell that if girlfriend didn’t think you might trust him?

Deena and also Sam go out for stuff because that the party; there’s a 70% turn off closing revenue at the ar where lock go. The place is jam packed, though. It looks like a dollar save for infant clothes.

Paula calls Mike, and she phone call him out for wanting to rest up through her since she heard the from some girls she works through at the tanning salon who claimed that Mike has been going roughly telling world he wasn’t happy. He defines that he didn’t call anyone that, but he has actually been going about saying the she hasn’t to be the same. She starts crying and wants him to prevent by the demorphs salon during her change to talk. He it s okay pissed when he realizes she’s crying. This girl keeps digging it deeper and also deeper.

Ron is in ~ the t-shirt shop through Vinny, Jen, and also Danny, and he talks around how Gianni watch weak because that not showing up at the residence like every one of the other far-reaching others. The does. What a wimp.

Snooki beginning walking about the boardwalk dragging a penguin balloon ~ above a leash and also talking to it. One thing you have the right to count top top in every illustration is a scene that looks 100% staged that renders no feeling whatsoever. No that any kind of of this renders sense, however the staged scenes yes, really don’t make any kind of sense.

Pauly calls beanie in the t-shirt shop and also tells the to do a tank optimal that states “Lets do it unofficial.” Ron desires to make one that says, “Gym, Tanning, break up v Paula.”

Mike speak Sam and Deena around what taken place with Paula, and also Deena thinks he wanted Paula to find out due to the fact that he’s been blabbing about how unhappy he was everywhere the shore. The guys obtain home and also give the the tank top. That loves it, but he won’t wear it since he thinks that’s screwed up. He cases “Gym, Tanning, break up with your far-reaching other” as his own catchphrase.

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Mike brings the entirety house down to the tanning salon. Mike tans first. Vinny and Pauly sit back on the couch and also wait because that the show to start while sucking ~ above Dum Dums. Mike actually talks come her and also mentions things are relocating too conveniently for him. He wants to go back to the method things were. She’s cool with it, and Vinny and also Pauly desire their money earlier because this movie sucks. I agree. An excellent thing i didn’t pay because that this.

On the way home in the car, they celebrate the MVP is back!


Episode rating – 1.5/5 (With under a handful of episodes left, ns don’t check out this season choose up at all. What a dud!)