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The preacher went the end a huntin", it to be on one Sunday morn"It was against his religion, however he take it a shotgun alongHe got himself a mess o" mighty good quail and also one old scraggly hareAnd top top the means home he crossed the course of a great big grizzly bearWell the bear obtained down lookin" ready to chargeThe preacher never ever seen nothin" fairly that largeThey looked each other right smack in the eyeDidn"t take that preacher lengthy to say byeThe preacher, he run till that spotted a treeHe said, "Up in that tree"s where I oughta be"By the moment that bear make a grab for himThe preacher to be a sittin" on peak a that limbScared to death, that turned aboutHe looked come the sky and began to shout"Hey lord, you delivered Daniel native the bottom that the lion"s denYou ceded Jonah from the ship of the whale and thenThe Hebrew children from the fiery furnaceSo the good books carry out declareHey lord, if you can"t aid me,For goodness services don"t assist that bear"Yea, look out preacher!Well, around that time the limb damaged offAnd the preacher come tumblin" downHad a right razor the end of his bag By the time he lit top top the groundHe came down on his feet appropriate in former a that bearAnd Lord, what an dreadful fight The preacher and also the bear and the razor and the hairFlyin" native left to rightWell first they was up and then they to be downThe preacher and also the be affected by each other runnin" round an" roundThe bear he roared, and the the preacher that groanedHe was havin" a challenging time holdin" his own!He said, "Lord if I acquire out a here aliveTo the an excellent book I"ll abideNo more huntin" top top the Sabbath dayCome Sunday I"m headin" come the church come pray"Up come the heavens the preacher glanced he said, "Lord won"t you offer me simply one much more chance"So the preacher acquired away, the looked aroundSeen a tree where he"d be safe and also soundJumped on a limb, turned aboutLooked come the sky and also began come shout"Hey lord, you ceded Daniel from the bottom the the lion"s denYou ceded Jonah from the ship of the whale and also thenThe Hebrew children from the fiery heater So the an excellent books execute declareHey lord, if friend can"t help me,For goodness sake don"t assist that bear"