FORMER Teen mommy stars David Eason and also Jenelle Evans obtained super cuddly in a brand-new selfie.

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Jenelle, 29, poked she tongue out to the camera as David snuggled close to his wife through his eyes closed a huge grin top top his face.


Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans and also David Eason cuddled in a brand-new photoCredit: Instagram / Jenelle Evans

He posted the selfie to Instagram, writing "You do me feeling so good!"

Some pan loved see the on-again, off-again couple looking so happy.

"You guys are great. Stay true to you yourself always," created one Instagram user.


Jenelle explained David together 'the most supportive husband'Credit: Instagram / Jenelle Evans

And a third said: "You 2 look for this reason happy together."

The loved-up pics come after Jenelle shut down pregnancy rumors and also proudly confirmed off she stomach and also declared "FUPA for life."

Jenelle mutual a video clip reassuring females of their changing bodies after having children, especially around the lower abdomen.


The ex fact star slams pregnancy speculation together she reflects off she stomach and declared 'FUPA because that life'Credit: TikTok

The former Teen mom 2 star then responded come those saying: "That's not a FUPA. That's a baby belly."

She fired back: "Hold up. Wait a second. Let's talk around this.

"This whole write-up was claimed to be about body positivity. And you males are sitting below saying she doesn't have a FUPA. She's pregnant.

"First of all, let's acquire this the end of the way. I had actually my tube tied after I had actually Ensley, and I only have one ovary left."


Jenelle revealed she had actually her tubes bound after she last babyCredit: Instagram / Jenelle Evans

Jenelle went on, reflecting what she looks favor seated and also wearing jeans: "This is what the looks like once I sit down. For this reason I put these jeans on to present you it wake up to me too.

"We all have actually a FUPA area, and it's simply there. I think, ya know, v moms gift so tranquil at home, ya recognize taking treatment of the youngsters all the time, they really don't have the time to work out.

"But friend know, embrace your body. You're no there to admire anyone. Just live your life. Be happy."

The mom of three has insisted she is "happy" through her current size and that she to be "totally insecure" through her thinner frame a few years ago.


Jenelle has actually three children, Jace, Kaiser, and EnsleyCredit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram

In a current TikTok video, among her fans commented: "Omg you provided to be so thin what happened?"

She opened up around her body battles over the years, sharing: "Back in 2015 ns started gaining weight, and also I to be being cheated on. And this is once I to be feeling entirely insecure and also feeling prefer I needed to something about my body or ns wouldn't it is in loved."

"So I started going to the gym. Like damn, i looked good... Yet was i happy? No. Was i trying to admire people? Yeah."

David is additionally Dad come Maryssa (far right) indigenous a vault relationshipCredit: Instagram/Janelle Evans

not simple on she

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The young mom likewise shared photos of it s her posing ~ above the beach, together she recalled: "Acting choose I to be living my best life, but I wasn't happy. Trying to be conceited once again but you recognize what? once you begin living for yourself, this is as soon as you'll be happy.

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"Happy wife, happy life. Strut your stuff. More happiness is better, and also no, I'm not pregnant - just happy."

Jenelle has three children with three various fathers, Jace, 11, v her ex Andrew Lewis, Kaiser, six, with her ex Nathan Griffith, and Ensley, four, with her existing husband David . She is also stepmom to her husband's daughter Maryssa from a vault marriage.

Teen mommy Jenelle Evans slams pregnant speculation as she mirrors off her stomach and declares "FUPA because that life"

not straightforward on her

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