I guess being will Smith’s wife is never easy, particularly when your husband refuses to period on screen. So I deserve to understand if Jada Pinkett smith really has been acquiring plastic surgery to sustain she looks

No woman wants to look at older than their hubby and that’s simply the truth!

Born in Maryland with Jamaican and African American roots, Jada does have a beautiful face and also amazing skin, many thanks to she genes. But as age creeps in, the Hollywood star appears to be aging faster than her better half.

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In fact, ns think her face has fluctuated a lot end the years.

You’ll view what i mean.

Before & after Photos

Yes, i’m going to compare her photos to view if there has been any type of work done. Then together usual, i’ll let girlfriend decide because that yourself.

Did Jada Pinkett Smith have botox?


I have no idea what happened to her confront here however it looks prefer both of her cheeks have sunk in together aging kicked in. So whereby did the extra volume come from all of a sudden?

To it is in honest, i’m leaning in the direction of botox although I have the right to understand if rather think it’s simply extra fat.

The “after” photo clearly showed a lot smoother and wrinkle-free skin so everything Jada has actually done, it definitely made she a couple of years younger. The good thing is, if this is really an injection, the didn’t make her look also puffy.

Has Jada had actually a facelift?


As you can see indigenous the “before” photo above, Jada’s face had visible folds and big wrinkles listed below her cheekbones. These aging signs have actually somehow disappeared in her later on years. Therefore this tells me that she might’ve had actually a facelift along with botox to exactly this look.

Given just how smooth her neck looks, I doubt she might have additionally had a neck lift procedure. What do you think?

Does Jada have cheek implants?


The loudest rumor neighboring Jada is most likely cheek implants and after see the comparison picture above, ns couldn’t disagree. I mean, this woman’s entire face shape has actually changed.

Her face used to it is in flatter so ns don’t understand if filler alone is enough to do such a far-ranging change.

But hey…I can be wrong. She could have acquired weight…I don’t know.

Did Jada have actually a sleep job?


There is tiny evidence here, people.

I don’t think she had actually a sleep job because her nose forms look comparable in these photos. The fact that she was smiling in both pictures makes it much easier for me to check this.


Jada Pinkett Smith: Then and Now

Let’s see exactly how Jada has adjusted over the years. I bet girlfriend her change will be fairly an interesting one.

Baby Days

Source: Pinterest

As a toddler, Jada had super wild afro hair and also really cute eyes. She looks so priceless here!

Pinkett blacksmith in Childhood

Source: Pinterest

Here’s a picture of little Jada through her mom, Adrienne Banfield-Jones. Though she had actually an unusual childhood, Jada was an extremely close to her mother.

Source: Twitter

Like many of us, the actress clearly had flaws as a kid with evident gaps in she teeth. This might have been corrected with braces in her later years.

Pinkett Smith as Teenager

Source: Pinterest

As a teen, Jada already demonstrated just how she have the right to be stylish and trendy. She retained her hairstyle natural and had thick eyebrows the suited she pretty face.

Jada additionally had prominent and also natural twin eyelids.

Pinkett blacksmith in 1990

Source: Facebook

This to be the year Jada started acting top top a show called “True Colors,” where she confirmed off her distinctive taste because that fashion. Just look at her an option of earrings in this photo!

Pinkett smith in 1996

Source: Youtube

At 25 years old, Jada ended up being a crate office star once her work again, please again of “The Nutty Professor” v Eddie Murphy hit key theaters. This was also the year when her change began.

I yes, really like exactly how she trimmed she eyebrows thin and also dyed them the same shade as her light brown hair. Those glowing lavender eye makeup additionally suited her.

Pinkett smith in 2000


Although she provided birth to 2 kids, Jaden and also Willow, the actress tho took great care of herself yes, really well. This photo is perhaps the finest evidence that her organic beauty reflecting off her influential jawline and flat cheeks.

Pinkett blacksmith in 2007


It’s popular that Jada functions out a lot to save fit and this red carpet photo shows.

Pinkett smith in 2011

Getty Images

Jada attends the Grammy Awards v a entirely different look. Besides her loosened afro, what caught my attention was her significant cheekbones. This clearly led to plenty of rumors.

Pinkett blacksmith in 2013

Source: Pinterest

Talk around a adjust of style!

Mrs. Blacksmith surprised everyone once she appeared on the red carpet with an undercut ponytail. I can’t aid but noticed just how smooth her challenge cheeks look compared to 2 year ago.

Pinkett smith in 2017

Source: Pinterest

At the EMA Awards, Jada challenged the push with a slightly puffy confront that some fans stated looked unnatural. Ns think she can have overdone the botox a little here.

Pinkett blacksmith in 2021


The 49 year old star invited 2021 through posting this bikini photograph on Instagram. No sure about you, yet I think she looks incredible at this age. Will Smith is a lucky man.


More Information about Jada Pinkett smith (Bio):

Real Name: Jada Koren Pinkett Smith

Birthday: 18 September 1971

Star Sign: Virgo

Birth Place: Baltimore, Maryland, unified States

Nationality: American

Race / Ethnicity: afri American, Creole-Barbadian, Creole-Jamaican

Occupation: Actress, Voice Actor, Businesswoman, Singer-Songwriter, Author

Net Worth: $20 Million

Relationship: Married to will Smith

Children: Jaden Smith, willow Smith

Height: 1.52 m (5 ft 0 in)

Average Weight: 51 kg (112 lb)

Bra Size: 32C

Dress Size: 4 (US)

Shoe Size: 6 (US)

Natural Hair Color: Black

Natural Eye Color: Dark Brown



While Jada has never openly admitted to having plastic surgery, she photos appears to suggest an additional story. Her wrinkle-free appearance seems to defy she age…as well together her photos from vault years.

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So yes, i think there could have been work done to her face but not on she body. I haven’t seen any kind of signs of a boob job nor a target lift. The fact that she practice a many is sufficient to define her an excellent physique.

(Featured picture Credit: Getty)

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