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"It"s Time to Stop" is a memorable quote uttered by YouTube personality Filthy candid in an exploitable environment-friendly screen video that was uploaded in late December 2015. The video, which reflects Filthy frank walking into a environment-friendly screen set with an overlapping clock and yelling out the phrase, has actually inspired a collection of remix videos native his fans.

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The green screen videos come native a video clip uploaded top top December 24, 2015 by among the alternating channels that Filthy Frank, saying that many people had request him because that greenscreens, resulting in him uploading various greenscene shots come the channel and also to his website for cost-free use. The most popular greenscreen is the "It"s Time come Stop" shot, which has Frank shiver a large clock repetitively saying "It"s time come stop", which received over 900,000 see in the complying with two months.


The first videos about the meme to be both uploaded ~ above December 25, 2015 by YouTubers Popsicle Juice and Creepypasta Archives (shown below, respectively), both compilations of every the greenscreens obtainable for download from Frank"s website. Within the days following, multiple to edit of the scenes to be uploaded come YouTube<1> and multiple edit of the "It"s time come stop" shot<2>, with the many popular video featuring the shooting uploaded through YouTuber Pyrocynical top top January 1 2016, garnering a tiny over 400,000 as of February 2016. The expression "it"s time to stop" likewise has multiple outcomes on Tumblr relating come the greenscreen shot<3>.

An picture macro that the step featuring Filthy frank holding the clock v the overlaying text reading "It"s time to stop" likewise gained consumption as a reaction image, in a similar means as the prevent Posting meme. The image was likewise combined with various fictional characters whose abilities revolve roughly time, including various personalities from Jojo"s Bizarre Adventure.




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