Steve Wilkos, that routinely supplies lie detector tests on his eponymous tv talk show, asserted in a 2016 Reddit “Ask Me Anything” thread the “he lie detector test are prefer 99% accurate.”

But much more recently, Wilkos admitted in an interview with new York radio station WWPR’s country syndicated program, The Breakfast Club, the he would never take a lied detector test and also that that beat one when he was younger.

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Wilkos make the admission on wait on Friday, 29 in march 2019, in response to a question from Breakfast Club co-host Angela Lee, who asked, “How credible are lie detectors, due to the fact that people are always saying castle know just how to beat it?”

Steve Wilkos: “Hell no, I median I would never ever take one!”

Wilkos’s reply, and also the occurring conversation between Wilkos, Lee and also The Breakfast Club’s various other co-hosts, Charlamagne tha God and DJ Envy, space transcribed below:

Wilkos: Well, placed it this way. My boy did a school project, scientific research project, right? for this reason he did that on lie detector tests and he came in through my man Dan Ribacoff and also he go the, friend know, test and stuff and also they asked, and also it was a hundred percent, you understand what i mean? so like, would I ever before take one? Hell no, I average I would never take one!

Lee: What room you hiding? What are you hiding Steve?

Wilkos: It’s no that I’m hiding anything, yet like, if it came like, were, you know, would you permit anything in your life that’s vital to you loss into the hand of a lie detector test–

Charlamagne tha God: not if it’s no accurate.

Wilkos: That’s what I’m saying, like… I’ll to speak this. Ns did win a lie detector test as soon as I was younger. I had actually to take it a lie detector test, and i lied on that thing.

Lee: What to be you lied about?

Wilkos (laughing): i really don’t desire to gain into that right now.

Lee: We have to know this.

Charlamagne tha God: You stated you lied, Steve.

Lee: You’re a habitual liar, Steve. (laughter)

Wilkos: after ~ I have actually bleeding on the brain, i just acquired discharged , ns don’t know, I… who knows what ns said? But, yeah, so i took a lie detector test and I to win it, you know, and…

DJ Envy: how did you beat it? ‘Cause they tell you choose if friend breathe normally?

Wilkos: So, I’ll tell girlfriend this. Ns was a young guy, and also I was functioning somewhere, and also something go down. Ns was not involved, however I knew what happened, okay? ns knew what happened. For this reason the agency came in, they brought in a lied detector. So ns came right into work and also they’re like, “Oh, you’re taking a lie detector test.”

Well, instantly I choose crumbled. I’m favor “Oh my God!” you know? however like, so, they referred to as in prefer three or 4 other people before me, and then as soon as it involved me, ns was already calmed down. Therefore then when I acquired in there, the guy goes—I had my high institution jacket ~ above the thing—and that goes, “Oh, you go to roadway Tech?” ns go “Yeah.” the goes, “Oh, i went there, too!” So appropriate off the bat the guy’s placing me at ease, friend know? and also then I just went on. I lied, favor basically ns didn’t know—

Charlamagne tha God: you lied to that nice guy.

Wilkos: ns lied, i lied due to the fact that I didn’t want to be a rat.

Charlamagne tha God: No snitching!

Wilkos: Right. Ns didn’t want to be a rat, and I simply didn’t—I really didn’t also want to be involved. And some the the dudes i would have to say about, they to be scary guys, right?

Charlamagne tha God: got you, acquired you.

Wilkos: i don’t want nothin’ to perform with that.

Lee: choose the blue wall surface of quiet thing?

Wilkos: Well, i wasn’t a cop. I was a high school… Cops don’t take it lie detector tests. They—I never…

Lee: Really? lock don’t need to do that?

Wilkos: I—no, i was on the task for twelve years. I never…

On 10 December 2019, ripe months ~ Wilkos’s join that he would never take a lied detector test, that accused Anca Pennington, a guest ~ above his show, the having shed her child daughter through cigarettes, due to the fact that she had actually failed a lie detector “test” administered through the show’s polygraph operator, Daniel Ribacoff. In fact, no one had shed Pennington’s daughter: lesions that had appeared on the child’s foot turned the end to be the an outcome of a ringworm infection. The anguish of gift falsely accused and also publicly humiliated led to Pennington’s check suicide later the same day.

Viewers and also potential guests of the Steve Wilkos Show should be conscious that when it pertains to lie detectors, Wilkos is unwilling come eat his own dogfood.

Steve Wilkos’ join that that would never ever take a lie detector test may be viewed below:

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12 think on “Steve Wilkos on lie Detectors: “Hell No…I Would never ever Take One!””

Federal Poly Beater

Steve states his kid did a science fair project and concluded that lie detectors are 100%. Climate Steve states he lied and beat one before. Well that contradicts his son’s conclusion. Every polygrapher knows the maker can be beaten. An easy scenario: You take it a lied detector (polygraph), you don’t confess, the polygrapher insists you space lying, you to speak you room telling the truth. There is no proof that you are lying other than some perhaps rigged machine or computer software that part people believe in an ext than the Bible.

I great there was a high college seminar that teaches kids things like just how to handle acquiring pulled end or questioned by police, just how to ask for a lawyer, how to preserve a car and also other family members duties, and also even just how to win a lie detector. No high school student should also be forced to take a lie detector as component of a job. Steve didn’t say just how old that was when he took a lied detector in high school, but if he to be under 18, is that even legal?!

Rowdy says:

This is hilarious thank you for posting this. I think I submitted a request to girlfriend a pair of weeks back to have actually you covering this story so I appreciate you considering/fulfilling claimed request; however, to correct you, I believe Steve actually stated “No! It’s no that I’m hiding anything…” in place of “it’s no that I’m lying or anything” and also “After I’m bleeding ~ above the brain, i just gained discharged ” instead of “I just got this job.” I might be wrong yet that is just just how I heard this. Expect you do these correction if you agree, and otherwise terrific job.

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Anthony R says:

Dulcie, ns don’t think Steve is borderline retarded. If I had to guess, I would certainly say he contends least normal knowledge or feasible boasts a typical deviation over normal intelligence.Steve is payment to it is in an entertainer, and only an entertainer, yet several that his audience think the objective of the present is to acquire at the truth. That is not, the purpose of the show is to sell advertising. I understand the importance of advertising. If mirrors did not have actually the capacity to create revenue, then every productions would certainly be governmental and corporate propaganda or pay every view.Now, my issue with the Steve Wilkos show is the desperate and also hurting world are further ground as much as the pleasure of audience members. This is morally indefensible.Yes, Steve supposedly knows the polygraph is BS, similar to Dr. Phil,(I wish government officials could see previous the BS, however that will certainly be a different short article on a various day) but because they believe ratings gimmicks are much more important than people, they, and also their producers, will both allow this bearing the false witnessing to continue.