Angelina Jolie and also The Weeknd have ‘had dinner together’ as date rumors proceed amid she unpleasant divorce native Br … – The us Sun

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Selena Gomez pan seemed convinced the singer is pregnant in 2021 adhering to her society media video. However, she is no pregnant yet is healthy and happy.

TikTok is arising as a renowned platform wherein celebrities have displayed their talent. Recently, Selena additionally jumped ~ above the platform. His latest TikTok video sparked a the majority of questions in the psychic of his fans. Meanwhile, there to be others that praised the video.

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Selena Gomez pregnant rumor 2021

Social media deserve to sometimes be a cruel place. An extremely often civilization tend to focus on how civilization look. Recently, Selena asked some world to question her appearance due to the fact that of a recent video clip she uploaded to her social media platform.

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Has anyone else viewed Selena Gomez’s IG story and also thinks she is pregnant?

– Š (
SamanthaElyssa) January 30, 2021

In the video, Selena is watched dancing through her friend on Baila Conmigo. You can see just how happy the singer was together she delighted in dancing come the beats of the song. The video quickly obtained attention.

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No it’s due to the fact that of his procedure I think

– lena / era without problem (
selygodmez) January 30, 2021

However, some world wondered if she was pregnant. Comments like: “Has anyone else watched Selena Gomez’s IG story and thinks she is pregnant?” and “Is Selena Gomez pregnant?” or am i tripping? someone, please tell me ”started showing up on social media.

Some pan were rapid to end the insurance claims by stating that the singer was no pregnant. “No, it’s as result of her surgery, i think,” composed one user. Another added: “She keeps shaming the body.”

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She keeps shaming the body

– s (I to be at the time) (
drunkxselenerr) January 29, 2021

Selena Gomez spoke about her operation

The singer had actually previously talked of a kidney transplant operation. At the exact same time, she had talked of being ashamed of the body together she struggled through lupus. “I have actually lupus and also I have actually kidney problems and high blood press so I challenge a many of health and wellness issues, and for me that’s once I really started noticing more. Things about body image, ”she stated in an interview.

She had also explained exactly how social media can take a toll on mental health, saying, “Social media has actually been really terrible for mine generation… It simply scares me. I view these young girls, I’ll accomplish them on days or something, they’re just ruined at the bullying and can’t have actually their very own voice.

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