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If you’re a rapper in 2018 and also haven’t to be accused of being in the Illuminati, then are you really even a rapper in ~ all?

The mystery society’s place in hip-hop culture, and also hip-hop’s obsession with it, can be traced all the method back come 1995, once Prodigy of Mobb Deep reduce this heat on the remix to LL Cool J’s “I shoot Ya”:

“Illuminati desire my mind, soul and also my body/ secret society, make the efforts to keep they eye top top me/ however I’ma remain incogni’, in places they can’t uncover me.”

It to be the an initial time the organization was pointed out on a hip-hop track, and the rest, as they say, is history. Hip-hop has always articulated the struggles of daily life, and the grind to do it out of certain situations and counteract the oppressive equipment in right now in place. The coy cite of a secret society, then, one that exists to manipulate society and determine what (and who) can be successful, speaks to these ideas.

But as the Illuminati started receiving mentions on wax, rappers additionally began facing accusations of gift apart of the so-called new World stimulate themselves together we moved into the 21st century. “Eminem is sacrifice his career for the Illuminati,” one at sight creepy video asserts. “Tupac faked his death to escape the master of the Illuminati,” others proposed.

As hip-hop spoke of their fears that the mystery society in the ‘90s, the dawn of the Internet and also the digital age fully intensified the narrative. Now fans with a taste for conspiracies and a crawl eye began concocting a brand-new theory: Rappers were no longer skeptical of the Illuminati. They were complete on members. YouTube videos breaking under Illuminati symbolism in music videos started to pop up. Noþeles a rapper wore to be scoured for secret messages express the Illuminati, and also any inadvertent hand signal was taken as a gesture toward their all-powerful masters.

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As most conspiracy theory go, this one doesn’t exactly have a hard foundation—but the doesn’t stop civilization from believing in it. These are all of the rappers accused of gift in the Illuminati. Sleep one eye up.