BlameItOnKWay, whose genuine name is Kwaylon Rogers, is still among Instagram’s most famous users, thanks to his hilarious comedy videos. He has actually a enormous fanbase the 5 million on Instagram and also 386 thousands subscribers top top his YouTube channel, many thanks to his talent.

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He shows up in a wig and also a girly outfit top top a consistent basis, giving a the majority of laughs. Has the publicity, on the other hand, assisted him secure a happy dating life and also financial success? Let’s take it a look.

Is it better to be happy or dating?

After showing up on Zeus Network’s truth TV parody display Titi execute You Love Me, Kwaylon’s sexuality ended up being a warm topic.

In the front, he illustrated Titi, his famous internet transform ego character.

The comedian generally entertains his viewers while showing a character the resembles a queer person, dressed in a girly outfit and wearing some fun face make-up.

Furthermore, that kissed a male in the parody show, fueling speculation about his homosexuality. However, it’s unlikely the he’s gay due to the fact that the internet celebrity hasn’t confirmed any of the rumors.

Even if he is straight, the whereabouts that his existing dating life room unknown. In 2011, the did, however, do a reference to his girlfriend without revealing her identity. He did, however, continue to tweet around his girlfriend until the complying with year. In retrospect, he appeared to it is in tweeting around wanting a girlfriend.

Kwaylon, ~ above the various other hand, post a photo with standup comedian Jess Moore in June 2019 and professed his love for her in the caption.

Kwaylon Rogers pictured through Jess Moore in June 2019 (Photo: Kwaylon Rogers’s Instagram)

However, because they haven’t proclaimed whether or no they room dating, it’s most likely that this was just a trusted gesture.

Net Worth, company Ventures, and also a quick Bio

When it comes to keeping his finances in order, the Instagram sensation is a genius. His resources of income are now diverse, and he isn’t solely reliant ~ above Instagram.

In 2018, that signed an undisclosed contract with Zeus, an Influencer-driven subscription video streaming service. Given that the communication charges a monthly fees of more than $3 per user, it’s clear the the comedian renders a tidy profit from his participation.

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In enhancement to his entertainment business, that is likewise involved in the hospitality industry. In Atlanta, he own Krab Queenz, a seafood restaurant.

He also makes money by selling his merchandise, which has t-shirts, pillows, and even socks.

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Age-Related Facts about BlameItOnKWay

Kwaylon’s date of birth is February 11th, 1991, and he was born in Dallas, Texas, according to main records.His an initial viral video was one impersonation the Tyra Banks, a supermodel.TitiMoji, the TV personality’s app, is accessible on the application Store.The Instagrammer was born and raised in Oakcliff, a low-income community in Dallas.

Quick facts