Okay for this reason I understand I will probably gain a the majority of hate for this but I didn’t desire to simply sit earlier and watch all this hate fly around about Dahvie. I am no “hating” top top anyone for these accusations, however I desire to gain a many things straight around him. Why? since I have actually been a fan of the tape from the start. Yet no, that does not average I am because of this a “13 year old, scene fan girl”, since I’m not. Ns am practically 19 years old, Dahvie is not my idol, and also I am far from a scene kid if girlfriend knew me.

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So an initial thing is first: Jessie Slaughter.

Now, this girl framed Dahvie because that rape earlier in 2009 yet it all go out up in 2010 as soon as the media got hold that the story. When Jessie Slaughter saw the police around this, castle arrested Dahvie and also held him until Jessie refused a lied detector, when they exit him since there was no genuine evidence. And, in Summer 2011, Jessie Slaughter posted a video on she friends YouTube about admitting that whatever had been a lie. Here’s the link:


Now, you have the right to say that she only made this apology due to the fact that Blood on the dance Floor’s fanbase bullied her right into it, yet if you actually watch this video clip she plainly states that she has no computer. So she had actually no means of in reality being bullied. This is a clean apology to everyone she hurt. And I’m certain you’ll be able to find her on Facebook and ask her for yourself.

Second that all, I desire to deal with the rumours the the Florida Police Department in reality registered Dahvie as a first Degree sex-related Assault. Yes I’m certain you have actually all seen this photo:


I yes, really wish world would carry out their research. This remained in 2010. And if you guys hadn’t noticed, Jeffree, Dahvie and also Jayy comprised on Warped Tour, 2011 and also took back everything he said around Dahvie, saying it was all a “misunderstanding.” I have no proof he actually claimed this but I have actually the proof that Jeffree Star actually joined Blood on the dance Floor on their 2012 “The step Is Dead Tour” along with brand-new Years Day and also Davey Suicide.

Which brings me ~ above the following thing. New Years job blogs around Dahvie and also Blood ~ above the dance Floor. Now, in November 2012, brand-new Years Day to be kicked turn off the step Is Dead Tour and how go they respond. Through posting blogs. You can easily uncover these blogs if girlfriend look them up on stayinfiji.com. She says exactly how Dahvie has constantly and will constantly be a bully and also she has actually seen the on previous tours doing points with underage girls. Now, I’m not saying Ashley Costello is lie but, if what she states is true, why would certainly she ever put she fans in that position? Why would she go on tours through Blood top top the dance Floor and put her very own fans in a position of gift molested? She wouldn’t.

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I will certainly write more on this later, however for currently I hope you men will have sufficient to dislike about. Or maybe execute your research however keep your mind open that probably not everything is as it seems. Prefer I said, ns am not calling Ashley Costello a liar, ns am just posing questions about her intentions. But I think i have provided you enough to hate on for now.