In our detailed review, we will certainly be comparing 2 smartphones with different Operating systems and manufacturers head come head and list the end all the pros and also cons to aid you decision which call fits your require better. Both phones have actually 12.19 MP main cameras yet Apple iphone 6s Plus"s LCD is 5.5" conversely, Samsung Galaxy S8 energetic has a 5.8" size screen.

We deserve to expect this to it is in a close complement up because both models are ranked amongst the ideal in phones. Out of 1961 smartphones in this class, Apple iphone 6s to add is ranked #2 v an all at once score of 77 and Samsung Galaxy S8 active is ranked #0 with an in its entirety score of 82. Let"s have a short look in ~ the main functions of Apple iphone phone 6s Plus and also Samsung Galaxy S8 active before acquiring into our more detailed analysis.

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Apple iphone phone 6s Plus key Specs iOS 9 Operating system 12.19 MP behind Camera 4.92 MP prior Camera 3840 x 2160 video clip Resolution 5.5" 1080 x 1920 pixels display IPS 16 GB |64 GB |128 GB built-in Memory Dimensions: 158.20 x 77.90 x 7.30 mm Weight: 192 g
Samsung Galaxy S8 Active an essential Specs Android 7.0 Nougat Operating device 12.19 MP behind Camera 7.99 MP former Camera 3840 x 2160 video clip Resolution 5.8" 1080 x 1920 pixels screen Super AMOLED 64 GB built-in Memory Dimensions: 152.10 x 74.90 x 9.90 mm Weight: 207 g replaced Samsung Galaxy S7 active Compare
Digital picture Stabilization
YesvsNoSharper Photos and also Videos
192 gvs207 g15 g lighter
human body Thickness
7.30 mmvs9.90 mm2.6 mm thinner
body Volume158.20 x 77.90 x 7.30 mmvs152.10 x 74.90 x 9.90 mm25% Smaller

Max CPU Clock Speed
2350 MHzvs1840 MHzBetter Performance
LCD Size5.8"vs5.5"0.3" larger Screen
568 vs401 Higher display Resolution
front Camera Resolution
7.99 MPvs4.92 MP3.07 MP greater Resolution Images
exterior Memory card Support
YesvsNoBetter Expandability
Heartrate Sensor
YesvsNoHeartrate Monitoring

Apple iphone 6s to add is 2.6mm narrower and also 2.6mm thinner 보다 Samsung Galaxy S8 energetic but the is likewise 3mm taller.

Weight is an additional important factor specifically when deciding ~ above a smartphone hold in her hands or carry approximately for a long time. Apple iphone phone 6s to add is 15g lighter than the Samsung Galaxy S8 active but we don"t think this will certainly make a significant difference.

Screen size, resolution and also quality are several of the most essential features to think about when selecting a smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active"s 5.8" supervisor AMOLED LCD is slightly larger (0.3" ) 보다 the Apple iphone phone 6s Plus"s 5.5" IPS screen.

Besides comparing the LCD sizes, an additional specs that us find useful to compare is the ratio of display screen area to full surface area the the phone call (screen area/total surface area).Samsung Galaxy S8 active LCD covers 80% the its surface ar which is only slightly higher then Apple iphone 6s Plus"s 70%.

Screen size is only one next of the story, resolution is as necessary in many cases.Samsung Galaxy S8 Active"s 568ppi pixel thickness is significantly greater (167ppi ) 보다 the Apple iphone phone 6s Plus"s 401ppi pixel density.

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comprehensive comparison that specifications GeneralApple iphone 6s PlusSamsung Galaxy S8 ActiveCameraScreenMemoryConnectivityBatteryPhysical specs
BrandApple Samsung
Operating SystemiOS 9 Android 7.0 Nougat
Number that SIM1 1
Max CPU Clock Speed1840 MHz2350 MHz
CPU Bits64 little bit 64 bit
GPUPowerVR GT7600 Qualcomm Adreno 540
Release Date2015 2017
Main Camera Resolution12.19 MP12.19 MP
Front Camera Resolution4.92 MP7.99 MP
LED Flash
Face Detection
Burst Mode
Panorama Mode
Touch Focus
Optical photo Stabilization
Digital picture Stabilization
Dual Camera Recording
LCD Size5.5"5.8"
LCD Resolution1080 x 1920 pixels 1440 x 2960 pixels
LCD DPI401 568
Number that Colors24 bit24 bit
Display Protectionn/a Corning Gorilla Glass 5
Proximity Sensor
Multi Touch
Ambient irradiate Sensor
In display Fingerprint
Scratch Resistant
Buit in Memory16 GB , 64 GB , 128 GB 64 GB
External Memory card Support
Bluetooth Version4.2 5.1
Mobile Hotspot
Battery TypeLi-Polymer Li-Polymer
Battery Capacity2750 mah4000 mah
Replaceable BatteryNon-removable Non-removable
Weight192 g207 g
Dimensions158.20 x 77.90 x 7.30 mm 152.10 x 74.90 x 9.90 mm