“The temptation in the existing service is constantly to feed yesterday and to starve tomorrow. It is, that course, a deadly temptation. The enterprise the does not innovate inevitably ages and declines. And in a period of fast change, such together the present, an entrepreneur period, the decline will it is in fast.”

- Innovation and also Entrepreneurship, page 30

Peter Drucker is renowned as the founder of contemporary day management. The native “innovation” and also “entrepreneurship” room usually linked with possibility or luck. Drucker dismisses this notion and makes it apparent that innovation and also entrepreneurship are ethics that deserve to be measured and also learned if efficient strategies and practices room applied.

Entrepreneurs search for, answer to and also Exploit change as one Opportunity

"Entrepreneurs see readjust as the norm and also as healthy. Usually, they carry out not bring around the change themselves. But—and this defines entrepreneur and also entrepreneurship—the entrepreneur constantly searches for change, responds come it, and also exploits it together an opportunity."- Innovation and Entrepreneurship, web page 28

Innovation and also Entrepreneurship was originally published in 1985, but the practices and teachings room still relevant today. This publication is split into three distinct sections: the practice of innovation, the practice of entrepreneurship, and also entrepreneurial strategies. In the practice of innovation Drucker discusses the prominence of constantly innovating and actively searching for opportunities, as it is crucial for survival in the marketplace. In the 2nd section, Drucker highlights the notion of entrepreneurial leadership and also how that is vital for any kind of innovations to be successful in business, organization institutions or new ventures. In the third section Drucker share the finest strategies to introduce innovations to the marketplace.

The thesis of this publication is summary in the following an essential themes:

Innovation is purposeful and also a technique Entrepreneurship is the school which tote the innovation Management and also entrepreneur strategy is forced in order come successfully carry innovation to the industry

Insight #1

The Seven main Sources of innovation

"Entrepreneurs innovate. Development is the particular instrument the entrepreneurship. It is the act that endows sources with a new capacity to produce wealth. Innovation, indeed, creates a resource. Over there is no such point as a “resource” until guy finds a use for other in nature and thus endows the with economic value."- Innovation and Entrepreneurship, web page 30

Through Drucker’s an interpretation of innovation it is clear that the one that “innovates” is merely taking something that has currently existed previously and also positioning it in a means that will create value and also therefore, generate wealth. Systematic invention is purposeful and is an organized search because that change. Wherever modern technology is introduced it alters the economic situation from a supply driven to a demand driven economy.

In this section, Drucker explores the seven key sources in i m sorry innovative opportunity deserve to be found. The is possible for the lines between these sources to come to be blurred as there is a level of overlap in between them. Drucker describes them as seven windows, every is a different side of the exact same building. The seven sources are:

1. The unanticipated – the unforeseen success, the unforeseen failure, the unexpected outside eventThe incongruity – between reality together it actually is and also reality together it is suspect to be or as it “ought to be”Innovation based on process needChanges in industry structure or sector structure that record everyone unawareDemographicsChanges in perception, mood, or meaningNew knowledge, both scientific and nonscientific

The an initial four that these resources lie within the enterprise, whether it be business, public-service college or in ~ an industry or business sector. Which means they are usually just visible come the civilization within that industry. They deserve to be assumed of as the symptoms, and also therefore reliable indicators of alters that either have actually happened or could be pursued.

The critical three sources of innovative chance involve the transforms that reside external the enterprise or industry.

Drucker walk on to further describe that purposeful innovation—one which outcomes from analysis, systems and also hard work—is the exercise of innovation. The foundational ethics of the technique are:


Start with an analysis of every the opportunities: think through the resources of innovative activity.Innovation is theoretical and perceptual. Go out to look, to ask, to listen.To be effective, be straightforward and be focused. Efficient innovations start small. Do one details thing and also then be able to adapt.Aim at management in an sector or market. If not, you will develop an chance for the competition.

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Don’t try to it is in clever: aim at ordinary person beings.Don’t diversify, don’t splinter, don’t do too many things at once.Don’t innovate for the future: innovate for the present!

Insight #2

Treat Entrepreneurship together a Duty

"Entrepreneurial businesses law entrepreneurship together a duty. They room disciplined around it they work-related at it, they practice it."- Innovation and also Entrepreneurship, page 150

Drucker makes it clear the entrepreneurship and innovation deserve to be achieved by any type of business if the is a priority and also consciously strived for. Both self-controls can it is in learned through effort and also commitment.

When it come to organization operations of any type of size, there will constantly be conflicting concerns or a daily crisis that should be dealt with right away and cannot it is in postponed. This is why that is pertinent because that the self-controls of innovation and entrepreneurship to be deeply rooted and baked into the organization and collection as a priority.

The art of entrepreneurial management requires policies and practices in four major areas:

The organization need to be receptive come innovation and also perceive adjust as an chance rather than a threat. Policies and also practices are crucial to develop an entrepreneurial climate in the business.The organized measurement or appraisal that a that company performance as an entrepreneur and also innovator is mandatory, and also built-in finding out to boost performance.Entrepreneurial monitoring requires particular practices in connection with to organizational structure, to staffing and also managing and to compensation, incentives and rewards.There room some “DONT’s” in entrepreneurial management

The 3 core fundamental “DONT’s” the Drucker advises are:

Do not mix managerial units and entrepreneurial ones.Innovative efforts that take the existing business out the its own field are seldom successful. It is virtually always futile to avoid making one’s own company entrepreneurial by “buying in,” the is through acquiring little entrepreneurial ventures.

Through the ethics of innovation, the ethics of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial tactics Drucker has actually taken the concept of innovation and also entrepreneurship and bottled it into a formula.

When it pertains to the essentialism the innovation and entrepreneurship, Drucker says “In truth if today’s products or services do not generate a continuing and big revenue stream, the enterprise will certainly not have the ability to make the comprehensive invest in tomorrow that innovation requires.”

It is essential for the future that the service to focus on the day-to-day business operations but additionally invest in your future through consistently innovating and creating a culture of businessman spirit.

In today’s this firm driven culture we view entrepreneurs as danger takers. Drucker but sees it the opposite, that an entrepreneur is not a hazard taker per se, but rather one that has managed the threat that they space going to be embarking on.

Do you take into consideration an business man to be a risk taker or one that has managed the risk they will be embarking on?


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