All foodstuffs can it is in measured on the pH scale to identify if they have the ideal amount of acidity to support bacteria growth. 7.0 top top the range is neutral. Wherein on the scale is the bacteria most likely to grow?

below 7.0

Some foodstuffs are maintained with heat and also then cooled again prior to ever reaching a food service establishment. This process, dubbed _______, is used on foods like dairy products, eggs, and also wine.

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Which of the following statements is not true about thermometers and temperature taking?

Only supervisors should take it food temperatures.

Each employee has a duty to be sure the food prepared, cooked or served is safe. One employee should inform the manager instantly if a swollen can is found, since the deadly toxin that causes _______ can be inside.


When an employee go the work essential to eliminate physical dirt or food residue from a surface, that is described as _______.


People manage food the others eat. That way it is feasible for world to contaminate food. People can contaminate food _______.

accidentally, deliberately, or v unwashed hands

Contamination that food items by various other living organisms is well-known as:

Biological contamination

When a food safety and security inspector enters your establishment, friend should:

Accompany him/her around the kitchen and also be as open as possible

If an employee is receiving a food delivery and also inspecting the items, i m sorry of the adhering to is no a factor to refuse food items?

the driver does no speak English

When receiving a food shipment _______ have to be put away and stored first.

cold foods

To be certain that pollution from raw meats to various other food or surfaces does not take place in a kitchen a great practice would be to _______.

wash knives and also cutting boards for raw meats immediately after use

A cook who is doing a quality examine on the offer lines by tasting sauces and also sides must _______.

use clean spoon because that each item

Doors in a restaurant should be sealed tightly right into the door frames. If you deserve to see daylight in the cracks, this have to be repaired since food safety can be at hazard if _______.

pests can enter the building

Proper cooling of foods items is really important to prevent an outbreak of foodborne illness. The Food Code and science say the cooling foodstuffs must with _______ in _______ as a an initial stage in cooling.

70°F; 2 hrs or less

You must wash her hands _______.

before placing on disposable gloves

A food handler’s duties regarding food security include every one of the following practices EXCEPT:

Periodically check food for disease causing microorganisms

Viruses like Hepatitis A and also Norovirus come from human being intestines. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to protect against spreading lock is _______.

good, suitable hand washing

Employees must wash your hands often, should take care of food only when necessary, have to taste food only with clean utensils, have to never _______ in ready areas.

Spit or smoke

Which one of the adhering to food contaminations is ideal prevented by food preparation to safe temperatures?

E. Coli

Each year in the united States, about how many civilization get noble from foodborne illnesses?

Millions of people

It is crucial to be alert because that pests in a food operation. The people who room responsible for noticing and also reporting sightings of pests include every one of the following except _______.


Inspecting shipments very closely when they come ensures that the food to be fresh, maintained cold and also has been properly stored and shipped. It additionally helps to determine _______.

if there has been insect infestation

At what temperature would stored life chicken come to be unsafe to use?


Bill is cutting chicken ~ above a cut board and afterwards, take away the cutting plank to the dishwasher. He climate takes one more cutting board, puts it on the very same table and also then easily rinses his hand in the create sink, taking out the carrots and washing them in the sink. He climate takes the carrots to the cutting board to prepare them. What did Bill do incorrectly?

Both, the very first and third response.

It is crucial for a food business to keep out flying insects. Display screens on kitchen doors have the right to be really effective as lengthy as the display screen mesh is the ideal size, there space no tears and also _______.

the door is kept close as much as possible

What is the easiest means to recognize foodstuffs contaminated through spoilage bacteria?

Changes in color and smell

Why does raw meat must be save on the bottom shelf?

To avoid cross-contamination

Trash is unsanitary and can attract pests. That is vital that garbage is taken out to the dumpster _______.

as often as necessary

What is the proper means to sanitize a table that has actually been used for preparing food?

clean it v a detergent, rinse it, then wipe it v a sanitizing solution

What is the maximum variety of hours the food deserve to be hosted in the food danger zone?

4 hours

Which among the adhering to contaminants is a physical contaminant?


Health departments think about it a violation to dry dishes through a bath towel after washing, rinsing and also sanitizing dishes. The biggest food safety concern is _____.

Cross-contamination from dish to dish

Which of the following is not a sign of feasible pest infestation?

Smelly garbage

If an employee has symptoms the vomiting and diarrhea, the best thing because that them to do is _______.

call the manager

If a hair gets into food, it could be introducing _______ contamination into the food.

physical, chemical, or biological

Which among the following instances would MOST likely promote bacterial contamination?

Touching life chicken and also then cooked chicken without changing gloves

The correct order the a three-compartment sink is _______.

wash, rinse, sanitize

Which that the complying with does not influence the efficiency of a detergent?

The air temperature

Why have to you stock only brightly colored bandages for first aid supplies?

So they have the right to be more easily be discovered should they autumn into food.

What is an example of miscellaneous food inspections emphasis on?

Are the employee clean and also dressed appropriately?

Food should be stored in a dried location, totally free from dust and also contamination and at least _______ off the floor.

6 inches

What is the best means to prevent negative food safety?

Employee training

When an employee is taking activity to kill microorganisms on cleaned surfaces, this is referred to _______.


If one employee pertains to work v a bandaged cut, he/she have to do which of the following?

All the the above

John is prepare lentils because that the enjoy the meal service. That pours the lentils native the package into the pot and adds water and the seasonings from the recipe. The cooks them for 30 minutes, yet later the night over there is a complain from a patron. What physics contaminant can be in the lentils?

A piece of rock

Jennifer is working in a hot kitchen and also doesn’t desire to become dehydrated. She grabs a fluid measuring cup, filling it through water and ice, and also brings it ago to her job-related station come drink while she is working. What around this practice is incorrect?

The container she is drink from is no covered.

Which one of the following conditions in an outside waste disposal area requirements to be corrected IMMEDIATELY?

Containers without covers

Anne has been asked to receive the food order in ~ the loading dock native the restaurant’s food distributor. What is a great idea for anne to have actually with her prior to she meets the shipment person?

An prompt read thermometer to examine temperatures

Which that the adhering to statements is no true about thermometers and temperature taking?

Every kitchen employee should have a thermometer with them.

Which agency publishes the food code?


It is important that food servers space trained to recognize food ingredient because:

They will require to assist customers who have food allergies.

Which among the following food contaminations is usually connected with undercooked chicken?


If all suitable hand washing procedures are followed, just how long should the entire procedure take?

At the very least 20 seconds

Why is jewelry unreasonable to stay in the kitchen?

Both b and c. It have the right to harbor bacteria. That can capture on equipment.

A food business such as a restaurant must be specific to purchase their food assets from a _______ source.


It is possible for anyone to gain sick v a foodborne illness, however of the following, that is the most likely to end up being ill?

A 4-year old pre-schooler

What must you carry out to protect against cross-contamination once using cutting boards?

Use separate cutting boards because that raw and cooked food.

When storing life meat and poultry in a cooler, they should be stored _______ various other foods.


The preservation technique that attempts to eliminate moisture is:


Improper warm holding and also improper cooling are both examples of _______.

temperature abuse

All of the complying with are Time/Temperature regulate for security (TCS) EXCEPT:

Processed garlic oil mixtures

In order for pests to feeling comfortable and also survive fine in a food basic they need access to _______.

warmth and also shelter

An biology that lives in or on an additional organism, regularly with harmful next effects, but without services is a:


When cleaning and sanitizing dishes, employees must _______ prior to sanitizing them.

rinse the dishes

How long must you immerse equipment and utensils in a non-chlorine sanitizing solution?

30 seconds

Soil and dirt, through their contaminants room the least worry to who buying and using fresh fruit or vegetables if _______.

they space prewashed and also packaged prior to delivery

During an inspection, health and wellness inspectors will occasionally ask employee questions. They do this since they want to recognize _______.

if the employee is effectively trained

In order come make certain it is feasible to clean the floors under shelving devices in food establishments, the shelves have to be at the very least _______ over the floor.

six inches

If a client comes right into a restaurant and also has a food allergy, there is a 90% chance in the United states that the allergy would be to one of eight different foods, including _______.


All that the complying with bacteria can cause foodborne disease EXCEPT:

Acidophilus milk

The best temperature because that dry items storage is:

50°F – 70°F

When employees space asked to use chemicals because that cleaning, lock should always be sure to _______.

mix chemical remedies to the ideal strength

Whenever a trap has sprung and caught a pest, girlfriend will want to:

Check for biological contamination indigenous blood and dispose of any kind of possibly contaminated foods.

Before you prepare a new raw pet food on a cut board, you need to _______.

clean, rinse and sanitize

If you are preparing a tuna salad using canned tuna, what temperature does it should be cooled to within 4 hours?


What is the best kind of cleaning agent to usage for cleaning burned-on grease?

Solvent cleaner

Why is it crucial to readjust the sanitizing water once it gets dirty or has actually organic issue like food debris in it?

Both a and also b space correct. The performance of the sanitizer can be lessened. Food debris in the water deserve to cross-contaminate.

When kitchen workers room preparing food that is an extremely important to mark any kind of food that will be held for an ext than 24 hours. Health inspectors desire to check out that no perhaps hazardous (TCS) foodstuffs are kept much more than _______.

7 days

Proper lighting is very important for all parts of a food operation. I m sorry of the following is approved to store light bulbs from shattering and also contaminating a kitchen?

All the the above. Break proof glass tube Diffusers

If a health and wellness inspector comes for a health and wellness inspection and there is no manager present, the employee ~ above duty need to _______.

allow the inspector come come in and also do the inspection

The viral epidemic Hepatitis A can be most effectively regulated if:

All food personnel practice personal hygiene, such as thorough handwashing

High criter for food security will boost the top quality of food served. The will additionally improve tips, carry repeat customers, and also _______.

reduce the opportunity for lawsuits

The CDC (Centers for disease Control) has identified five contributors come foodborne illness. I beg your pardon of the complying with is one of the top five contributors?

Meats not cooked to their appropriate temperature

The many important and most effective method to control pests in a food facility is come _______.

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keep the basic clean

It is a great idea to learn around a food supplier’s warehouse practices. The best way to gather the details is to _______.

visit and also inspect the warehouse

Checking the dining locations of one eating facility for evidence of molting paint, damaged light bulbs, and also wood damages will reduce the possibilities of: