pH in Digestive system

our stomach has an acidic medium because of the cheap of HCl the helps digest our food. In ~ times once we suffer from indigestion which also leads to excess acid development in the stomach, us feel uncomfortable. To neutralise the impact of the excess acid , we use antacids which are straightforward in nature.

The antacid neutralises the excess acid and also thus provides relief come the person. The most frequently used antacid is Magnesium Hydroxide (Mg(OH) 2 ) additionally commonly known as Milk the Magnesia.


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Tooth decay :


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Tooth degeneration starts as soon as the pH of our mouth falls listed below 5.5.

This happens because of acids exit by bacteria if breaking down sugar in our mouth.

Toothpastes usually contain a mild base to neutralise together acids in her mouth to prevent the enamel from acquiring corroded due to the acids.

Plants and also Animals space pH perceptible :

Our human body works in between a pH of 7-7.8. All living us are exceptionally sensitive come pH adjust and extreme change can do it daunting for the existence of life.

mountain rain, which is rain water combined with acids and thus having actually a pH of much less than 5.5 , when falls into rivers , transforms the pH levels of the river water and thus kills aquatic life. Likewise acid rain top top plants additionally kills them together they need a details pH of soil to thrive.

me Defence in Animals and Plants :

once ants sting a human being , castle inject methanoic acid into the skin which reasons extreme burning and irritation. Once a honest suit stings a human being , they inject a straightforward liquid onto the skin which again reasons immense discomfort.

In such cases corresponding mountain or bases are provided to neutralise the impact of stings native insects. Because that an ant bite , frequently a soft base choose baking soda deserve to be rubbed ~ above the sting come neutralise the effect of acid. And also for the honest suit sting , a soft acid favor vinegar is rubbed to neutralise the effect of the base. Many other animals as well as plants such as the nettle plant usage this system as a defense in the wild.