Episode 10 the Tyler Perry’s If love You Is Wrong left us, yet again, through a million inquiries left to be answered. More police corruption, an ext secrets and also lies, much more love triangles, and more torture. And also while every one of that is walking on, we room still waiting to find out the fates the three individuals that lie wait in the hospital for help! will our ILYIW characters have the ability to get through this season unscathed? Keep reading to watch what occurred this week!


Did you record last week’s ILYIW episode? If love You Is not correct 2016 Recap: S5 E9 – A Room for You.

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We catch earlier up through Marcie, that is still in shock that she’s pregnant. The doctor told her that she knows she can’t store her in ~ the hospital, yet she yes, really doesn’t think the she needs to go all over right currently (remember, she blood press was at stroke level). Nonetheless, Marcie tho went ahead and left. Us still don’t know how much along she is, so us aren’t certain who the actual daddy is, i guess….?

Meanwhile, Kelly is still in ~ the house when Brad walks through the door. When he walked through, Kelly instantly looked nervous, and Brad noticed. Kelly do the efforts to speak all favor she didn’t think that did it and blah blah – Brad wasn’t buying it. Once he asked around Marcie, Kelly told the what happened, and also that’s as soon as Marcie walked in. She automatically apologized for the bottle and for accusing the of act this crime. They talked whatever out and all was okay. When Brad walk upstairs to inspect on the kids, Marcie speak to Kelly about going next-door to acquire Miss Louise’s purse. When she walks in the house, she breaks down. Brad goes looking for her and also comforts her. Marcie asks Brad come take she to Alex’s parent’s house or call her where they live so she can go. They walk on this back-and-forth about whether she demands to walk or not. Brad was like, “Is this around Randal or the baby?” Basically, he’s like, is this still around her wanting to defend him or whatever. I think Marcie cares and also wants to help, yet I think she simply wants to try and aid keep Randal alive since she requirements to recognize whether or no he’s the dad of her wonder baby!

Anyway, Brad ultimately decides come just provide in.

As that’s walking on, Lushion finally comes right into the room with Natalie and Joey. Natalie tells Lushion to contact her sister and check on the kids. She also mentions the the tape might be at she sister’s house.

Then us get back to Alex and Andrew, still sitting in the police car. Finally, back-up shows up and also they both feel better. Andrew walk to talk to the backup….it to be Eddie.

This totality scene TICKED ME OFF, due to the fact that Andrew had actually every opportunity to bust a cap in Eddie or fight the or something, yet he didn’t. Eddie simply pepper injected him and left him to shot and stand earlier up. The goes end to Alex, place the pistol on her, and also tells her to get out the car. Alex goes into Mama Bear mode and, as soon as she acquired over to the steering wheel, shut the door and sped off, dragging Eddie through her till he permit go. Climate Eddie

He goes end to Alex, put the pistol on her, and tells her to gain out the car. Alex goes right into Mama Bear setting and, as shortly as she gained over come the steering wheel, closeup of the door the door and also sped off, dragging Eddie through her until he let go. Then Eddie goes earlier to Andrew.They pull weapons on every other, and also Eddie is simply taunting the blind boy. Eddie told him to traction the trigger, however he didn’t. Therefore Eddie to walk behind him and shot that in the shoulder. Together he’s top top the ground begging to it is in spared, Eddie decides to shoot him again in the leg. Then Eddie says, “Be safe getting home,” cd driver off, and leaves him there.

Andrew…..I’m end you currently too. I hope you’re okay, however you can have taken on this SO lot better!

Then we check out Randal, who is bound up and bloody in Rusty’s prior yard. He forces Randal to say the he raped Alex, climate tells him come ask him for forgiveness, and then the mr (hypocrite). Randal states it, then begs for them to spare his son. But, of course, they don’t. Rusty said, “I’m gonna cave you and throw her body to the gators. But first I’m gonna throw the baby out there and make you watch.”

The illustration ends through them getting whatever ready to death Randal and the baby.

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Next main is the season finale of If love You Is Wrong! check out you then!

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