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Advanced technology Attachment (ATA) is an user interface for internal computer storage components. ATA-6 is a specification within the ATA family members that denotes a particular kind of ATA with matching data move speeds. The standard ATA cable is recognizable as a an extremely wide, flat cable with 40 or 80 wires running parallel in a ribboned sheath. Connectors have actually 40-pins that connect to a maker such together a difficult disk drive or CD-ROM. The opposite end of the cable attaches come an magnified Integrated device Electronics (EIDE) user interface on the motherboard or organize card.

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ATA-6 is used to user interface with computer hard drives.

ATA has progressed through the years to bring far better data carry speeds. As it improves, each brand-new standard is deadline a numeral to distinguish it from previous standards. As of 2006, there are eight varieties of ATA.

ATA-6 to represent the 6th generation the the ATA interface standard. ATA-6 is likewise known as Ultra ATA/100 because that its theoretical transfer rate of 100 megabytes per 2nd (mbps). Another name is ATA Packet interface (ATAPI) 6, i m sorry is the ATA-6 specification for added commands the pertain come CD-ROM function.

Ultra direct Memory accessibility (UDMA)-5 is an additional term you’ll see connected with ATA-6. UDMA-5 denotes the type of storage addressing offered in ATA-6, which has 48-bit reasonable Block Addressing (LBA). LBA is a attribute written right into the straightforward Input/Output system (BIOS) chipset the motherboards. ATA-6 utilizes the 48-bit variation of the LBA mapping system for much faster data access. LBA mapping has actually existed since ATA-2, however at that time, a 28-bit LBA specification was in use.

As hard disks have grown in capacity, mapping schemes have had to keep pace. ATA-1 supported difficult drives up to 137 megabytes. ATA-6 introduced support for drives up to 144 petabytes. That’s around one million gigabytes.

Newer ATA standards changed from a parallel data transfer system to serial data transfer. Serial ATA (SATA) offers narrower 4-wire cables and is a desired interface with quicker data deliver speeds. ATA-7 presented SATA, if ATA-8 is designated for use v hybrid cd driver that feature internal flash memory cache.

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Hard drives are developed to conform to certain ATA specifications. More recent drives are developed to newer ATA standards. ATA-6 represents the last generation of tough drives and CD-ROM/DVD players built to use conventional parallel ATA (PATA). If purchase an older drive, look because that one the is ATA-6 compliant to get the fastest drive in the class. Otherwise, opt for the newer and also even quicker SATA drives, assuming your motherboard is SATA-compatible.

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anon244903 February 3, 2012

I work-related on a the majority of laptops and also need to have the ability to slave a Toshiba HDD 1764 1 x ZIF Ultra ATA/100 (ATA-6) IDE/EIDE drives which are common in DELL systems. Ns am not sure what the connector is on the other end of the ribbon cable that is attached to the zif connector top top the drive. I need an easy method to slave/dock these drives and also would prefer to usage this plug top top the ribbon cable quite than the zif connector top top the drive. anon46635 September 27, 2009 I want to change my Toshiba ATA-6 mk4026gax 40 GB tough drive with an additional one with higher capacity, but don"https://stayinfiji.com/ide-ultra-ata100-ata-6/imager_6_1654_700.jpgt know which. Can you advive. My laptopn is a Toshiba Portege Tablet. Give thanks to you. anon40824 respectable 11, 2009 Hi. It"https://stayinfiji.com/ide-ultra-ata100-ata-6/imager_6_1654_700.jpgd be nice to have actually the chronology (years) next to each conventional so people can compare to the age of a computer system they have. anon23674 December 30, 2008 Is there an additional compatible hard drive I can use in the Toshiba Satellite M45 (HTS541010G9AT00 ata/ide 5400rpm travelstar? tyshiloh November 18, 2008 mine laptop Harddrive just died and also the old one is one Hitachi TravelStar HTS541010G9AT00
5400 RPM ATA-6, ns was wonder if i can replace it through a SATA or other kind or interface, or if i had to replace it with another ATA-6? If so can I use an upgraded Hitachi 160 MB ? anon18371 September 21, 2008
anon2621: as the text above already mentioned.. "https://stayinfiji.com/ide-ultra-ata100-ata-6/imager_6_1654_700.jpgATA-6 is additionally known as Ultra ATA/100"https://stayinfiji.com/ide-ultra-ata100-ata-6/imager_6_1654_700.jpg anon14961 June 27, 2008 my laptop Harddrive simply died and the old one is one ATA-6, ns was wondering if i can replace it v a SATA or other form or interface, or if i had to replace it with one more ATA-6? Watty162 12 hours back my laptop Harddrive simply died and the old one is one ATA-6, ns was wonder if i can replace it v a SATA or other kind or interface, or if i had actually to replace it with one more ATA-6? anon2621 July 19, 2007 I have an old laptop that has actually a DMA/ATA-100 (Ultra) drive and i was wondering if ata-6 is compatible with DMA/ATA-100 (Ultra)? short article your comment
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