Now, the best singer by much is-- however all the polls and also blogs say the David"s gonna shed to his opponent.

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Wade Collins.

And we can"t let that happen.

So friend gotta poll for David.

Come on, people.

Whip the end your phones and also votes.

We really want David come win.

It"s all i want.

It"s all ns want, too.

It"s what all the cool children want.

And trolls!

Vote because that David Archuleta.

Vote because that David Archuleta.

Vote because that David.

I"m a troll.

I"m a troll.

Vote for David Archuleta.

Vote for David.


In five, four, three, two--

♪ ns know, you"ll check out ♪♪ in which method the world ♪♪ will readjust for me ♪♪ and be so wonderful ♪♪ live life, breath air ♪

♪ I recognize somehow ♪

♪ we"re gonna get there ♪

♪ and also feel so exorbitant ♪♪ it"s every for actual ♪♪ I"m informing you ♪♪ just exactly how I feel ♪♪ so wake up the members ♪♪ the my nation ♪♪ it"s your time to it is in ♪♪ there"s no possibility ♪♪ uneven you take one ♪♪ there"ll be time to check out ♪♪ the brighter side ♪♪ that every instance ♪♪ part things are meant to be ♪♪ so give me your finest ♪♪ and also leave the remainder to me ♪

okay, examine out this application I download on my pear phone.

It makes all the little--aww, she licked my phone.

Shh! "America sings"

is coming back on.

Never lick mine phone again.

She did that again.

Freddie, be quiet.

Sam, prevent licking technology.

And it every comes under to tonight-- the final moment.

The winner the "America sings"is going come be among these two amazing artists-- David! David! David!

He"s not gonna win.

Shut up! shut up! closeup of the door up!

Your votes space in and they"ve been counted and also the winner that "America sings"

will it is in announced appropriate after this.


Another commercial?

And lock wonder why they"re shedding teens come the Internet.

Carly! Carly!

Have you watched my copy of that movie "boogie bear takes Manhattan"?

No. As soon as did you shed it?

A tiny over 10 years ago.

10 years?

Yeah. Ns just acquired this letter from video clip village informing me I never returned it.


So it"s a dollar for every job it"s late.

They"re saying ns owe them end 3,600 bucks.

So just go to the place and also tell them you changed it

10 year ago.

What, lie?


Oh, no, ns can"t.

I"m a disastrous liar.

Its true. One time-- don"t phone call the story.

I"m telling the story.

One time we were gonna journey roller coasters ~ above a college day, and also when Spencer pertained to get me, he told Ms. Briggs the was taking me to the doctor and she said, "which one?"

And Spencer said--Dr. Roller coaster.

And assumption: v what i didn"t get to ride that day?

You know, I can teach you to lie.

Yeah? i don"t think so.

Why not?

If girlfriend wanna be great at something, girlfriend might too learn indigenous the best.

Yeah, i got 3rd place in the Washington state lie competition.

Yeah, but still, i don"t think--whoa, third?

Dude, I"m lying.


Okay, so girlfriend wanna start tomorrow?

Oh, i can"t tomorrow.

I gotta go to my great-uncle"s funeral.

Oh, man, I"m so sorry.



Shh! It"s earlier on.

Welcome back.

All right.

I"ve preserved you and also Wade Collins and David Archuleta waiting lengthy enough.

America voted.

And the winner of this year"s"America sings" competition is--

come on, David.

Please be Archuleta.

Say it.

David Archuleta.

Oh, yes.

I can"t believe it.

This is unbelievable.

That"s why i can"t believe it.

Oh, David!

He won!

Yeah. Yeah, the won.

Go David! Archuleta! Go!

Found it!

Your movie?

No, my tiny banjo.

Yo. Yo. Yo. Yo.

Okay. Ready?

Watch the TV totter out.


I addressed it so it swings out18 percent quicker now.

Okay, you"ve gotta acquire a girlfriend.

I know. Uh-- no.


Turn top top the TV.

They"re talking about "iCarly."

Turn on channel nine. Hurry!

Whoa, cool yo-yo.

Turn top top channel nine.

Many to be surprised the Wade Collins lost, and also according to industry insiders David archuleta may owe his success to a popular Web present called "iCarly."


No way!

Where"d you gain this yo-yo?


Apparently the teenage girls who organize "iCarly"

told your fans to poll for archuleta.

"America sings" producer, Stan Berman, evidenced there was a huge spike in votes for archuleta simply after the "iCarly"

Web show.

He won because of us.

Well, we didn"t carry out anything wrong.

We choose archuleta, so we helped him win.

Yeah. Ns guess nobody acquired hurt.

Except that bad guy you made lose.

Look, ns gotta give it approximately David.

I mean, he"s a good singer, but, yeah, it would"ve been nice to win.

You see, my mother"s been ill, and I was going to use the money native the recording contract to aid her get the surgical procedure she needs.

Aw, his mom needs surgery.

She"s not gettin" it now.

Oh, man, i forgot.

The winner gets a huge recording contract for a ton the money.

Yeah, ns hear the loser gets nothing.

Hey, we offered the strength of "iCarly"

to aid archuleta.

I recognize that.

So let"s use "iCarly"

to help Collins.

We can carry him on, have him sing.

And Sam and I have the right to be all "aah! go Collins,"

and then perhaps that"ll aid him get much more popular and he can gain a record contract too.


I"ll look increase his pan site and shoot that an e-mail.

Do it!

Someone broke your yo-yo.

I think you must go downstairs.

Hey, look, I changed the movie.

Well, ns don"t treatment what your records say.

I understand I returned it.


Well, friend know, favor 10 year ago, on Thurs--wednes--

it was an afternoon.

That"s when--okay, I"m lying, I"m a dirty liar.

These room the eye of a liar.


Hey, you"re an hour late.

I know. I obtained jumped.


I was on my way here as soon as these two substantial biker chicken jumped out of an alley, beat me up and also stole mine backpack.

Ohmigod, room you every right?


I better call the cops.

Okay, and also when you obtain "em ~ above the phone, make sure you call "em the I"m lying.


Hey, my tiny sister"s friend just got-- I"ll speak to you back.

You do it look therefore easy.

Just bring away practice.

Yeah, however I don"t know if I have actually your talent for this.

Dude, lie is easy.

You just gotta speak stuff prefer it"s true, choose you really mean it.

You can learn this.

You think?

Yeah, you"re smart.


Wait. Was the a lie?


I think you"re really smart.

Okay, as you know, walking Collins was supposed to be right here on "iCarly" tonight to sing for us, however apparently Freddie screwed up.

He claimed he would certainly be here.

Anyway, due to the fact that Wade isn"t here-- our little friend Gibby is gonna come out and also sing for you.

Get out here, Gibby.

Oh, yeah.

Hey there!

When ns wake increase in the center of the night screaming, this is the tune my mom sings to patience me down. Freddie?

♪ mine screaming tiny angel ♪♪ don"t you cry ♪♪ mine screaming small angel-- ♪

cut the song!

Hey, friend guys, he"s here.

Say hello to-- the an initial runner-up indigenous "America sings"--

so many thanks for comin" ~ above the show.


Well, give thanks to you for having me.

I"m a huge fan that "iCarly"-- and apparently so space a many people.


We"re sorry we influenced the voting.

And, girlfriend know, kinda damaged your life.

Oh, no worries, girlfriend didn"t ruin my life.

You just destroyed a big part the it.

Well, we"re really psyched that you take it time out of your busy schedule to be v us here tonight.

Um, actually, I"m not all that busy.

But I thought you shoot a music video clip after being on "America sings."

No, no. Only the winner gets to perform a music video.

I lost.

So, you didn"t acquire anything because that coming in second?

No, i did.

They provided me a jacket and also a gift certificate come b.F. Wang"s.


I love your cashew chicken.

Oh, yeah, me too.

Yeah, it"s great. Chicken.

Hey, am ns gonna sing or what?



Hey, you know what?

What"s that?

Freddie"s awesome with a camera, for this reason how about you permit us help you do a music video?

Yeah, great call.

And we can premiere that right below on "iCarly."




Why not?

Let"s perform it.

Oh, thanks.

You guys are the best!

Okay, Freddie"s giving us the signal, i beg your pardon means--

show"s over.

But be sure to inspect out the following "iCarly"-- because that the premiere of go Collins" new music video.

Until then, constantly remember--never forget-- what to be it?

I forget.

Me too. Oh, man.

That"s embarrassing.



See ya.


And we"re clear.

Okay, method to go, Wade.

Yeah, pretty job, Wade.

Hey, my friends call me Wade.

You call me Mr. Collins.

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Um, okay, I thought we were friends here.

Why would I it is in friends through a group of teenage idiots who ruined my singing career?