Typically currently of year we're all discussing the recent happenings top top The Bachelorette and dissecting her choices, who we think is over there "for the appropriate reasons" and trying come guess that is walking to do it come the end. We were an alleged to it is in rooting ~ above Clare Crawley on her path to find love, again, with this franchise. Instead, that's on organize thanks come the an international pandemic. 

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All is not lost though; in its ar we acquire to revisit periods of the past. The franchise introduced The Bachelor: The greatest Seasons – Ever and with it, we obtain to relive few of our favorite episodes, bachelors and also bachelorettes, and cringe at those epic moments that we can't forget. One stand-out is ~ above the season with Kaitlyn Bristowe — Ian Thomson. Mental him? 

Not every contestant on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette are going to be winners yet it feels favor every season casts its villain, who deserve to sometimes it is in a winner if they're spring for any kind of 15-minutes that fame. Sometimes it feels choose that's why some human being are top top the show and one human being from Kaitlyn Bristowe's season was standing out. 

If you can recall, Kaitlyn's season that The Bachelorette was a little different in the the very first episode, 2 potential Bachelorettes were competing for the role: Kaitlyn and Britt Nilsson. In the season, Ian Thomson was introduced and also in his introduction video clip he seemed to have it all. The was good looking, had a good job, and said all the right things. 


"If i could select the Bachelorette I want to date, it would certainly absolutely, no ifs, ands or buts, it is in Kaitlyn," he said in the video. "I feel like she’s genuine, i feel choose she’s thoughtful. I’m therefore excited. I’ve always want a wife, I’ve always wanted a family. This is the possibility to really discover that.” 

Oh boy, Ian's true colour came through on the group date though. Ian stated a whole bunch of disastrous things about Kaitlyn to the camera during the interviews that legitimately made it seem choose he was no really there because that a potential connection with she – or honestly, anyone. 

"I’m not right here to be with Kaitlyn," that confessed during an interview for the camera. "I don’t uncover Kaitlyn interesting. Kaitlyn just seems like she’s below to do out through a bunch the people and just have actually a great time. Like, I have actually a an excellent time in my own life. And I fulfill chicks, and also I have actually a many sex in my own life." 


Sounds bad, right? cause it is – yet he made that worse by what he said directly to Kaitlyn's face. At the group date, Ian traction Kaitlyn aside and also said some pretty intense things straight to her face. 

"I heard what friend said about being honest, being honest with you," he began off saying. "And girlfriend told me to share mine feelings through you, and also I look around the house and also I look in ~ you and also I sort of feel choose everybody’s on vacation from life. And, because that me, this isn’t a vacation. Ns came below for love, and I came below to find a wife." 

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But, the wasn't done v that. That continued, "And it’s really complicated for me hanging around a team of men that space telling fart jokes, make poop jokes, do sex jokes, and they have actually all the movie quotes, and also that’s what functions for you. Yet that’s not what works for me. And it’s that surface level ingredient that i really shot to break through. And that deep human is that I am. And also it’s hard for me, since I came right here to meet the girl that had actually her love broken and was devastated by kris Soules, not the girl who wanted to acquire her field plowed by Chris. Ns feel like I’ve uncovered that you’re still the girl and I feeling you are here to make out v a bunch the dudes top top TV." 

Yep, what a winner. We acquire to watch this all play out again top top the June 15 illustration of The Bachelor: The biggest Seasons – Ever, and also Ian it s okay 15 much more minutes the fame.