“More this particular day Than Yesterday” was a single taken indigenous the 1969 album that the very same name by American tape Spiral Starecase.Peaking in ~ #12 on Billboard’s warm 100, it to be the 50th… review More 

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I don't mental what job it wasI didn't notification what time that wasAll I know is the I fell in love v youAnd if all my dreams come trueI'll be spending time v youEvery day's a brand-new day in love v youWith each day comes a new method of love youEvery time i kiss her lips mine mind starts come wanderAnd if every my dreams come trueI'll it is in spending time with youOh, ns love you much more today 보다 yesterdayBut no as lot as tomorrowI love you an ext today than yesterdayBut, darling, no as much as tomorrowTomorrow's date method springtime's simply a day awayCupid, us don't need ya now, be on your wayI say thanks to the mr for love choose ours that grows ever before strongerAnd I constantly will it is in trueI recognize you feeling the exact same way, too
Oh, i love you more today than yesterdayBut no as much as tomorrowI love you an ext today 보다 yesterdayBut only half as lot as tomorrowEvery day's a new day, every time i love yaEvery way's a brand-new way, every time ns love yaEvery day's a brand-new day, every time i kiss yaEvery way's a brand-new way, oh, just how I love ya
“More today Than Yesterday” to be a solitary taken native the 1969 album of the same name by American tape Spiral Starecase.

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Peaking at #12 top top Billboard’s hot 100, it was the 50th biggest hit of the year (The fifth Dimension’s “Aquarius” being #1).

Considering your career had only 10 songs and 1 full album, Spiral Starecase’s heritage as a one-hit wonder lasts come this day.

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