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Music and also Lyrics by Richard Rodgers

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“I have Confidence” to be written particularly for the film by Richard Rodgers alone, because Oscar Hammerstein II had passed away six month after the show’s Broadway opening. The filmmakers said the tune as a method to visualize Maria’s trip from the Abbey come the von Trapp villa. Over there is a moment in the film, as soon as Maria is crossing Residenzplatz, as soon as the real Maria Trapp crosses the square. She is, naturally, checked out in traditional Austrian dress.


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“I have actually Confidence” LYRICS

What will now be like? i wonder What will certainly my future be? i wonder

It might be so exciting To be the end in the world, to be free! My heart have to be wildly rejoicing Oh, what’s the issue with me?

I’ve always longed because that adventure To perform the things I’ve never ever dared Now here I’m dealing with adventure climate why am ns so scared?

A captain through seven kids What’s therefore fearsome about that? Oh, I should stop this doubts all these concerns If i don’t I just know I’ll rotate back! I must dream the the things I am seeking ns am seeking the courage i lack

The ship to offer them with reliance challenge my mistakes there is no defiance show them I’m worthy and while I show them I’ll present me!

So… permit them bring on every their problems I’ll do much better than my best I have confidence They’ll put me come the test! but I’ll do them check out I have actually confidence in me

Somehow I will impress castle I will certainly be firm, but kind and all those children Heaven bless castle They will certainly look up to me and mind me!

With each action I am much more certain everything will turn out well I have actually confidence The people can every be mine! They’ll have to agree I have confidence in me

I have actually confidence in sunshine I have actually confidence in rain I have actually confidence that spring will come again! besides which, friend see, I have confidence in me!

Strength doesn’t lie in numbers strength doesn’t lie in wealth stamin lies in nights of tranquil slumbers when you wake up, wake up! It’s healthy!

All ns trust i leave my heart to All ns trust i do not care my own! I have actually confidence in trust alone…

I have confidence in confidence alone! besides which, girlfriend see, I have confidence in me!