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Age Range: over 15 YearsBrand: HubsanCamera Resolution: 1080PRemote Control: YESType: the end Toys,Entry-level Aerial DroneTransmission Channel: 5.8GLevel: Intermediate Level,Advanced LevelControl FPV Distance: 300m-800mGimble: withoutConstruction: Unfoldable
We have upgraded the H501S to H501SS version. The difference between H501S and the upgraded version H501SS pls click here
Difference in between Profession version and also Standard variation is the tranmitter.The transmitter of Pro variation has far better range than traditional version.

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Description: English ManualBrand Name: HubsanItem NO.: H501SItem Name: Hubsan X4 brushlessFPV1080P cameraGPSRC quadcopterFrequency: 2.4GChannel: 4CHMotor (x4): Brushless KV1650 PM1806 x4
Color: golden White, golden BlackFeatures:- 5.8G FPVwith 1080P HD camera space tuned amazingly to record stunning pictures and also videos native the sky.- integrated GPS(Universal version) positioningsystem,theaccuratepositioninglocation,perfectadvancedfollower.- through Brushless motor.- v Follow me function,headless mode,one an essential return.- The clever battery with large capacity extends the flying time last to 20 minutes.- paris both indoor and also outdoor.Note:The general practitioners of Hubsan H501S is global Version. It can be offered in any country. us upgrade the camera withLense Filter which will become much more stable when shooting videos and also photos.Package Included:1x Hubsan X4 Brushless H501S RC Quadcopter1x Transmitter1x Battery1x Charger4x Blade
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