A subdural hematoma is swelling that occurs underneath the dura mater. This form of ede would also put straight pressure ~ above t
This kind of ede would also put pressure on the skull and develop the pressure that can cause the mind to malfunction. As soon as it forms, farming blood coagulation occupies space within the skull and also damages the mind tissue. A subdural haematoma is a arsenal of coagulation blood that forms in the subdural room a space between 2 of the meninges which kind the safety lining that covers the brain. It commonly occurs since of a head injury and a serious condition that emergency treatment might be needed. A CT scan can show a subdural haematoma and an operation to eliminate the haematoma. The mind and the meninges extending it to the right tightly in ~ the skull. 
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Which the mendel"s laws or principles states the gametes carry one allele because that each trait?
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law the segregation says that each gamete carries separate allele because that each gene

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When are Scientific concepts Modified.?
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When brand-new emperical evidence is discovered

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5.What room HeLa cells? Why are HeLa cells suitable for this experiment? encompass references to info sources provided to re
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HeLa cell (also known as "HeLa cells" or just "Hela") are a particular form of cell society cell, used in clinical research. It is the oldest and also most frequently used human cell lineage.The HeLa cells turned the end to be perfect because that the polio vaccine, and also that experiment and also the vaccine saved millions of people.

To construct it the was essential for the virus to flourish in the laboratory and also for that human being cells were required.

6.This protein is uncovered in the nucleus of cells and also plays critical role in the multiplication and destruction the cells. ... The p53 gene is a form of tumor suppressor gene.

Cell cycle arrest:

P53-mediated cell cycle arrest at the G1 / S checkpoint, once DNA damages is recognized, to protect against replication. It have the right to be taken into consideration the main response when DNA damages occurs. The cabinet cycle arrest in the G1 / S change is as result of p53-dependent warrior of the CDKs inhibitor or likewise (CDC), cyclin-dependent kinase> dubbed CDKN1A / p21. P21 inhibits CDK-cyclin complexes and prevents phosphorylation of pRb, so the transcription element E2F continues to be inactive, and cell development to the S phase (DNA synthesis) is prevented. This "pause" in the development of the cell cycle gives time to repair DNA damage.

7.The Philadelphia syndrome or chromosome is an abnormality discovered on chromosome 22 that the body, and also was uncovered in 1960 through Philadelphia researchers Peter Nowell and also David Hungerford; Both scientists functioned in two different laboratories, but both were in the city that Philadelphia, and that is why this syndrome is named after the city in which castle both uncovered it.

This anomaly is connected to cancer because when presenting this anomaly that chromosomes 9 and also 22, there appears to be a relationship with chronic myeloid leukemia. The reality is that, according to countless studies lugged out on patients with chronic myeloid leukemia, 90 percent of patients v this condition presented the anomaly the the Philadelphia syndrome.

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The Philadelphia chromosome genetic defect consists of a phenomenon recognized as translocation, that is, a chromosomal rest occurs in two particular regions the chromosome 9 and also 22 (translocation 9-22), exchanging their positions. Specifics the breakpoint wake up in the ABL gene (Abelson) ~ above chromosome 9 (region q34) and also in the BCR gene (Breakpoint swarm Region, ) top top chromosome 22 (region q11), providing rise come an altered chromosome 9 and also a chromosome 22 likewise altered (Philadelphia Chromosome), yet characterized through the fusion of these two genes (BCR-ABL), i beg your pardon encode a chimeric protein. The ABL gene bring away its name from "Abelson," the name of a virus that reasons leukemia, a precursor come a protein similar to that created by this gene.