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Hey guys, an initial post! surname is McCord, indigenous Santa Ynez, ca. Anyways, ns just acquired myself a R700 ADL in 6.5CM and in walking to make it my project rifle and also get tuned in before I deserve to afford a nice action/barrel setup. I was thinking about putting a Area 419 brake top top the barrel. I was looking at the CNC warrior kits and also they it seems to be ~ pretty sweet. Any type of of you males threaded your own barrels? exactly how easy or tough was it? likewise will the 5/8”x24 job-related on a factory Remington barrel? It’s simply the share contour, no a bull. And also yes ns did find first, didn’t find any kind of threads on it. Thanks! ??????

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California? did you gain permission from your neighborhood police chief and also congress person prior to you to be able to short article that question? ?. As stated above, unless you have the right tools to get the threads concentric come the bore. I’ve provided parts of the kit, but only come clean present threads, and thread one AK barrel and also 22lr barrel that will only acquire flash hiders/brakes. Don’t to trust them if she looking to usage on a total you’ll use a suppressor on.
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Don’t recognize the diameter in ~ the moment, also don’t have actually calipers therefore it would be tough to get a an excellent accurate number. Also, yea living in CA is sure a ache in the ass haha. For this reason the kit comes through a tap guide that slips inside the finish of the barrel and is an alleged to save it inline v the bore. The length it sits inside the bore looks pretty short, possibly an customs or two.
Also probably won’t operation a deserve to on this setup. This is my pre-precision rifle build. Simply to acquire me familiar with everything, then will certainly be structure a mid/top finish gun in the future
No calipers is a red flag for world wanting to carry out machining work.For a good deal, you can buy a collection of Clockwork tools 6" digital calipers for about $19 top top Amazon, so cheap you must buy a preventive too.The right way to thread a muzzle is to show the bore and also hold the barrel so the is concentric through the lathe spindle within around 0.0002".You can"t get that through a Spud in the bore.What you can obtain is one acceptable an outcome that probably won"t be turn off so far regarding cause a problem but it may interfere with the bullet exit from the bore and accuracy.Any way, if you want to perform stuff prefer this, try to discover some straightforward machining and also shop technique. As soon as you know how to host a 0.001" tolerance, you"ll recognize what it method to host 0.0002".
$60 to add shipping for a shade-tree kit? You"re nearly at the expense of having actually a "smith do it because that you the proper way. Have some ramen because that dinner for a week and then take it it to a professional.Then again, with few of the Remington 700"s I"ve seen in recent years, friend couldn"t do lot to the that would make it worse. If it shoots alright this particular day then take it to a pro, if not then have at it with the amateur tools.

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I completely agree through you guys. And I perform understand and also respect the tolerances the machining. I didn’t really do any type of research because that gunsmiths approximately my area, will execute that in the near future! This construct isint walking to optimal notch but I still want to do things the appropriate way. Many thanks for the intake guys! ?? additionally will it is in ordering some calipers indigenous amazon quickly ?? ns still green, give me time lol
If the the regular adl (pinky size) and also not the varmint (thumb size) i wouldnt bother spending no longer time thinking around it. Not sufficient meat at the finish of the barrel.