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How Fire Works

If there"s one thing you"ll it is in doing a lot of (besides walking), it"s do fire.

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To do a fire, push the <4> vital or go with the fast menu. The picture of a campfire will appear in former of you. As soon as it"s environment-friendly it have the right to be inserted by left-clicking the mouse. The photo is red as soon as you can"t ar it at that location. Campfires can only be placed:

Outside an extremely near friend On reasonably flat soil On non-wood surfaces

Fire can also be placed in a "fire container" where it is shielded from the elements. These space a timber stove, fireplace, burn barrel, or furnace.

Three things are compelled (and one optional) to begin a fire.

Ignition resource Tinder Fuel Accelerant (optional)

Ignition Source

There are several species of ignition sources. Most of the time you will be making use of matches but there are miscellaneous other items like a firestriker or magnifying lense. Canceling in the center of beginning a fire (by pushing ) will certainly still usage up the ignition source.


If girlfriend don"t have any tinder (newspapers, birch bark, cat tail heads, etc) climate you can make some by breaking down a rod in her inventory. Just choose the stick, pick "Actions" then "Harvest". Choose the ignition source, canceling in the center of beginning a fire will certainly still use up the tinder.


Fuel item are typically just lumber lying approximately in miscellaneous forms. Coal is likewise available, however can just be added to the fire once it"s to be burning for 30 minutes. For an ext on fuel, see this chart.


An optional ingredient that drastically accelerates the procedure and gives a 100% chance of success.

Chance of Success

If you"re having actually trouble starting a fire, it"s probably since the percentage chance of success is low. This relies on the top quality of every the elements involved plus her fire skill. Try to rise your possibility of success by selecting far better ingredients if you have them.


Fire and Wind

A fire deserve to be turn off by wind. As soon as this happens, you"ll view the minute left for the fire instantly drop right into the single- or short double-digits. You cannot store it alive any kind of longer by adding more firewood once the wind gets to it. You"ll just have to find one more location to start a new one. Wind have the right to put the end fires also while you"re sleeping. And keep in mind that wind direction alters a lot.

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Fires made in a wood stove, burn barrel, fireplace, or heater will no be affected by the wind.