because of the buggy nature of far Cry 4 (and every significant release recently it seems) I"ve sat v the 20 minute cutscene intro 2 time now, and also I will certainly gouge out my eye if I have to do the again (patches changed something v save, etc;).

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Is there a skip intro movie button I missed?



No you have the right to actually skip the intro :)

To carry out it you require a shortcut on your desktop, right click it and also select ‘Properties’. In the ‘Target’ crate simply add “-skipintro” (minus the quotes) and also click okay to confirm. For the far Cry 4 intro skip come work, much Cry 4 need to be introduced through the desktop executable quite than with your Uplay library.


No you didn"t miss out on anything, there space no buttons/ways to skip those unskippable cutscenes.

As dreadful as that sounds, you"ll need to watch them over and also over again anytime a bug occurs, or you can go do dinner and dance a little bit too if girlfriend want.


And come skip the intro in vapor right-click much Cry 4 in her library, then choose Properties, then go to collection LAUNCH OPTIONS:


enter "-skipintro":


and click OK


maybe little bit late, yet just a a gamespeed changer, most well-known would it is in cheat engine. Collection hotkeys for common speed and a quicker speed (maybe x10). If a cutscene come on, just rapid forward it rotates you deserve to play again. Dont know if this is a possibility.

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