Making me redo mine MyPlayer together if i never developed one.

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This is a discussion on Making me redo my MyPlayer together if ns never developed one. within the NBA 2K Basketball

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Making me redo mine MyPlayer together if i never developed one.
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I came home today come play NBA 2K14 on Xbox One i beg your pardon I have actually had since launch week. That is questioning me to collection up MyPlayer together if I have actually never play the game. I guarantee every the VC I"ve earned to this allude will be gone as well. Anyone else?
Same thing taken place to me but as quickly as i saw it was making me re execute MyPlayer, i simply reset my PS4 and everything went back to common after that.
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LoL it"s funny how all these issues are happening come us and 2k has nothing come say. This taken place to me yesterday, ns don"t know why either.

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It happened to me too, yet I assumed it was questioning me to create a second player, so ns made a brand-new one, with a brand-new name (Dennis Johnson). Dumb! ns later changed my MyCareer guy earlier to his beginning name (Bob Cousy), yet now his social media handle is native the 2nd name (
Dennis). Everyone know exactly how I deserve to reset my society media handle? I assumed I witnessed an alternative to carry out it somewhere, however can"t discover it now for the life that me.
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I had that problem too. Had to restart my console. Currently I have an additional problem, As quickly as I try and pack the mycareer from main menu it mirrors loading ******************* and then kicks me to dashboard. Wake up 4 out of 5 time I shot and pack mycareer, have to restart mine console a few times to properly load the save. Smh

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