you may have actually noticed that the packaging on her dried fruit says the it includes sulfur dioxide. It might seem strange to you that this random chemical is frequently the just other ingredient besides the dried fruit itself. Is that harmful? and if it is, how deserve to you stop it?

What is Sulfur Dioxide?

Sulfur dioxide is a naturally arising chemical compound that's gift in its gaseous state. It was first used by the Romans when they realized that burning sulfur candles during the winemaking process helped north wine vessels to remain fresh. While that exists naturally in wine, additional sulfites room still added in contemporary times for numerous of the same factors they to be used throughout the period of antiquity.

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Why is Sulfur Dioxide added to Dried Fruit?

Sulfur dioxide is mainly in dried fruits and also vegetables and soft drinks (and alcohol addict beverages choose wine). It’s a preventive that's included to expand shelf life and also kill bacteria. Since it maintains color, it’s likewise often supplied in dried fruits that are light in color like gold raisins, dried apricots, peaches, apples, pineapple, papaya, and also mango to store them from turning brown.

countless foods save sulfur dioxide, however according to the Food and also Drug Administration, only foodstuffs that save on computer 10 mg/liter or 10 ppm are forced to have it top top the label. Dried fruit often tends to save on computer high quantities of the preservative, and also as a result, it's regularly listed on the label.

Other foodstuffs That contain Sulfur Dioxide

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certain food teams tend to use sulfur dioxide as a preservative an ext often 보다 others.

Pickled foodsMaraschino cherriesTinned coconut milkBeer, wine, and ciderVegetable juiceSoft drinksGrape juiceBottled lemon and lime juiceCondimentsPowdered prepared potatoesFrozen shrimpSome handle meats

Is Sulfur Dioxide Dangerous?

The name sulfur dioxide doesn’t specifically sound appetizing, however is it for sure to consumer? If you have actually asthma or a sulfite allergy, it’s definitely not an excellent for you. A study published in the British journal of illness of the Chest found that it’s for sure for many people, yet it can induce asthma in those that room sensitive to it.

Extensive trial and error done by the human being Health Organization and the worldwide Program on chemical Safety uncovered that sulfites could negatively affect asthmatics, but in part cases, other people not thought about sensitive may additionally experience similar side effects. Studies have not discovered sulfur dioxide to it is in a person carcinogen, despite a study published in the newspaper Mutagenesis did find that sulfur dioxide could cause DNA damage and cancer in mice.

It have to be detailed that in 1986 the FDA banned the usage of sulfites, a larger group of food preservatives which consists of sulfur dioxide, for use in fresh fruits and also vegetables. The preventive was regularly used in restaurants and also food retailers to do fresh fruits and also vegetables appear fresher for much longer periods the time, yet it was banned after it brought about 13 asthmatic deaths, follow to the new York Times.

How to Avoid Sulfur Dioxide

Organic brand of dried fruits execute not contain sulfur dioxide. When organic dried fruits won’t last as long as conventional dried fruits since they don’t contain the preservative, you deserve to freeze them so the they last longer.

when sulfites are naturally occurring in wine, periodically the preservative is also included to further protect shelf life. Look for wine labels that say "no included sulfites." If you’re unsure even if it is a product consists of sulfites, speak to the company to discover out.

How to make Dried Fruit making use of Your Oven

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another easy method to prevent sulfur dioxide, is to do your own dried fruit at home. It's also a good way to placed extra create to usage in your kitchen and it's much less expensive than buying it.

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1 come 2 pounds that leftover fruits 4 cup or more of filtered water 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice


1. Gather your very ripe fruits. To wash them really well and also then remove brown spots and also pits.

2. Reduced fruit into uniform pieces and also then soak because that 10 minutes in water and lemon juice. Drain top top a clean towel.

3. Cover cookie sheets v parchment file and line v an even layer that fruit. Bake in a preheated 130 come 160 level F oven, using lower temperatures because that sliced fruit and greater temperatures for berries.

4. Rotate fruit every couple of hours. When it's done, it need to look choose leather but still it is in pliable. This can take all over from 6 to 12 hours.

5. Once the fruit is ready, it's not actually completely dried yet. Leave it in an open up glass container for 4 to 5 days to remove any remaining moisture. Shower the fruit every so often to ease it from the container.

Recipe adjusted from Spark People.

Other Tips for Dehydrating Foods

1. Choose great quality, organic fruits that room ripe yet not completely bruised.

2. Soaking fruit in lemon juice will help to preserve color. It deserve to be a organic replacement to an ext dangerous chemical preservatives prefer sulphur dioxide.

3. Take time to cut fruit right into small, bite-sized, and uniform piece so that it bring away the same amount the time to dehydrate.

4. You should be able to bend and tear the fruit, but it shouldn't be so dry the it snaps as soon as you bend it.

5. If you'd rather use a food dehydrator, it will run friend anywhere between $40 and also $300 for a luxurious version. I like the Waring pro DHR30 skilled Dehydrator, it's on the lower finish of the price spectrum, running at about $64. It's attractive and it comes v a 5-year warranty.

Do you make your very own dried fruit? If so, send us your advice via Twitter 

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