Cody Garbrandt called his story of his connection with Maddux on the Harry display yesterday and was surprised be a distinct guest.

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Go behind the scene at 207 after ~ Amanda Nunes defended her title versus Ronda Rousey and also Cody Garbrandt caught the bantamweight championship vs. Dominick Cruz in the Thrill & the Agony preview. Watch complete episode ~ above struggle PASS.




Listen together Tim way talks after his fight in ~ 207 against Alex "Cowboy" Oliveira to be ruled a no dispute due to an inadvertently knee in the FIGHT happen Featured Bout.


Watch Amanda Nunes backstage ~ her success over Ronda Rousey to safeguard the women"s bantamweight title.

Watch Cody Garbrandt in the Octagon after claiming the bantamweight title versus Dominick Cruz.

Dominick Cruz and TJ Dillashaw comment on their championship hit from critical January and much more in today"s edition of the Minute.

Dominick Cruz perfect his comeback as soon as he defeated TJ Dillashaw at Fight Night Boston come win ago his bantamweight title. On Dec. 30 Cruz defends his belt against challenger, Cody Garbrandt.

Ronda Rousey return Friday at 207 to shot and reclaim the bantamweight title vs. Amanda Nunes.'s Andre Khatchaturian and also's Matt Parrino preview the fight, market predictions and debate Rousey's media blackout. 207 is this Friday night and also Forrest Griffin and Matt Parrino failure Ronda Rousey vs. Amanda Nunes, Dominick Cruz vs. Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw vs. Man Lineker.

Dominick Cruz sit down v correspondent Megan Olivi to discuss his upcoming title fight versus Cody Garbrant, plus lot more. 207 headliners Amanda Nunes & Ronda Rousey have actually no shortage of finishes. Checkout their height 4 finishes from their careers.

Friday night"s 207 has actually so many large names, the a few fights room flying under-the-radar but well worth her time. Lisa Foiles breaks down which fights you can"t miss, including Magny vs Hendricks, Borg vs Smolka and also Kim vs Saffiedine and also international record artist G-EAZY unleash brand-new 207 promo clip: “Vengeance on mine Mind.” featuring G-Eazy and Canadian recording artist Dana together with footage of 207 headliners Ronda Rousey and Amanda Nunes, who fight Friday, Dec. 30th. Minute host Lisa Foiles previews every the statistics behind the 207 main event title between Amanda Nunes and Ronda Rousey.

Dominick Cruz evaluate his fight versus Urijah Faber, as soon as he safeguarded his belt at 199 in Los Angeles, California. Cruz make the efforts to defend his belt against Cody Garbrandt at 207.

Watch Ronda Rousey talk about her fight against Bethe Correia, as soon as she KO"d the Brazilian early in the very first round at 190.

Amanda Nunes is ready to make another statement following week. Nunes defends she title because that the first time versus Ronda Rousey in ~ 207.

Cody Garbrandt is a proud Ohio born fighter. Garbrandt will fight because that gold and look to lug the bantamweight belt home when that takes on Dominick Cruz in ~ 207.

Rener and Ryron Gracie break down the very first ever women"s bout, as Ronda Rousey it is registered Liz Carmouche for the bantamweight title.

Watch Cain Velasquez"s most recent victory, as soon as he KO"d Travis Browne at 200. Don"t miss out on Velasquez"s rematch through Fabricio Werdum at 207.

Before that fights bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz in the co-main occasion at 207 ~ above December 30, learn about Cody Garbrandt and also his distinct friendship with young Maddux earlier in his hometown of Uhrichsville, Ohio.

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Follow Amanda Nunes in ~ home and in the gym, together she discusses her relocate to the unified States and also her increase in the