Players can come to be a go death machine with the Juggernaut suit the is easily accessible in Warzone.

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First introduced as a game mode, the fit is easily accessible on the map for those daring to obtain it!

However, if you room still exploring the regular Warzone map; you may want come know how to obtain the elusive Juggernaut armour.

Here"s how to obtain it within Warzone! 

How To get Juggernaut Warzone

It"s really straightforward - find a Red accessibility Card and head to a bunker that calls for a Red accessibility Card!

There space ten bunkers scattered all roughly Verdansk that you can try and go after. 

Some of this will occupational with keycards, while rather will work-related with specific codes players have been able come uncover.

You will understand if the bunker you find is going come let girlfriend in through the keycard, as a green light will appear above it! 

Complete Easter Eggs

Along with the red keycards, there are assorted other methods into which players can tackle in bespeak to achieve the fit of armour.

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Some the these incorporate completing the Subway easter egg, and also the stadion easter egg.

All that these choices are perfect viable in the procedure of obtaining the Juggernaut suit, so that is really up to you which friend prefer. 

Check the end the following video from Wetzel showcasing just how to obtain the Juggernaut suit! 

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