LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - start on September 1, anyone under 18 years old in Texas will certainly no longer be able to purchase end the respond to cough medications like NyQuil and Robitussin that include the ingredient dextromethorphan.

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Governor Greg Abbott signed the bill previously this month the will prevent minors native buying these commodities in an effort to alleviate teens from making use of them.

David Huffman, Brookshire brother Pharmacy Manager, is no stranger to see customers comes in asking about dextromethorphan in cough medicines.

“Now, I perform occasionally gain one that will certainly ask me which one has actually dextromethorphan in it. That’s the type I want, and a red flag would go off,” said Huffman.

Governor Greg Abbott signed the bill earlier this month the will stop minors indigenous buying these assets in initiatives to mitigate teens from using them.

“Kids see points on the internet and say they would prefer to try it without understanding the dangers,” said Huffman.

Side effects include hallucinations, rapid heart rate, and even death.

Huffman said raising the sale period to 18 is a good, but he additionally has other concerns.

“The concern is will the medicine remain obtainable out front of the pharmacy where children can simply come and grab it off of the shelf. If they desire to and also steal it and things choose it,” stated Huffman.

“That remains to it is in seen since it could go behind the counter, i beg your pardon would develop long present and an ext long currently at some pharmacies. I can see that being a problem,” claimed Huffman.

Stores caught violating the new law will first receive a warning, climate a $150 fine for a 2nd violation and $250 fines for every violation after that, follow to the bill.

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Texas join 18 various other states that have actually passed comparable laws restricting accessibility to over-the-counter cough medicines like NyQuil and Robitussin that include the ingredient dextromethorphan.

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