Toilet finding out is something that so many parents battle with, however somehow I thought I’d endure unscathed. Julia has actually been using the potty occasionally because she was just a pair of month old. You deserve to read around our at an early stage Elimination communication journey here.

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But this week ns realized that I’ve to be rushing her and also so I’ve chose to back means off and shot again as soon as she’s more interested and ready.

She’s a pro at learning when she has to poop and has done that continuously on the potty due to the fact that she was about six month old! Hooray! However, peeing is another story.

I’ve to be “catching” she pee for her totality life, yet unless she’s nude, she no seem to understand that she’s around to go. The fascinating come me that all summer long, we’d simply leave her pants off and also she would constantly run come the potty once she essential to go. But as shortly as we put a pair of maintain underwear on, she appears to shed the capability to suspect going and she definitely doesn’t have any kind of interest in running over to the potty. She’d much rather to pee in her underwear.

We’ve done every sorts of points to encourage her like playing games, gyeongju to check out who deserve to pee first, showing her doll exactly how to walk on the potty, analysis books about the potty etc. I’ve even started come ask she to pull under the wet undies herself (which is hard!) and also take castle to her diaper bin.

But the fact is, she just doesn’t seem to mind running around in wet underwear and also she type of enjoys any brand-new task I offer that invites she to take an ext responsibility because that herself and her things. So, rather than gift a motivator for change, taking care of she wet underwear is just another fun brand-new task the she can accomplish with pride.

Since I execute my ideal not come bribe her, i’m at a bit of a loss regarding how to motivate she to store her underwear dry. I typical really, those in it because that her?

Last week to be the worst. She seemed to clue in to the fact that every the adults in her life would favor her to keep her underwear dry and since she’s two and also a half, the lure of defiance and subsequent feeling of power were just too strong to resist. She started to hold it while sit on the potty and also then go in her pants ten minute later. Needless come say, i was frustrated through the backsliding.

But due to the fact that she has NEVER however told me, “Mama, I have to pee,” I’ve chose that she’s just not all set yet, and also we’re going earlier into diapers because that a time. I simply need to let go of my hope the she would have learned to walk on the potty by now and also relax into the knowledge that she’ll find out it as soon as she’s ready and also motivated come learn.

“If you want to urine in her pants, it is fine, that’s what diapers space for, for this reason we’ll just go earlier to diapers and when you ready, we’ll try underwear again.” She is fine v it. In fact, i think she’s relieved that she doesn’t need to run come the potty every hour. She’s liven learning and growing in so many other ways, and also she’s simply not interested in potty learning right now.

She did mention that the diapers are more bulky and also uncomfortable 보다 the underwear is. Perhaps that will assist to motivate her as soon as she’s much more ready. And also when it’s warm again, we deserve to let she run roughly in the buff, i m sorry somehow makes it simpler for her to call she’s about to pee.

I understand a many preschools in mine area require children to it is in “potty trained” before admittance (at roughly 3 year old) which can be quite stressful if you’d prefer to enroll your child, but he’s no yet utilizing the toilet reliably. Luckily, we’re homeschooling for the time being, so no concerns there.

I’m curious, just how did you take care of toilet learning? walk you will to bribes? execute you think that’s OK? Or go you simply wait until your child showed a genuine interest? What seemed to motivate lock to discover to usage the toilet? and at what age did that happen?

I guess: v I’ll run over come the library and also check the end “The No-Cry Potty cultivate Solution” Oh, and by the way, if she struggling to figure out whether your kid is all set or not, I choose this quiz because that “potty training” readiness native Elizabeth Pantley.

Have a an excellent week! Warmly, Shelly


ah yes….this has been our last 2 weeks also. The has carried up so lot for me. Thoughts that Im messing the up, I’m failing him in some way, he must be ready etc… us were diaper free for the first year and also as quickly as he started walking he shed all interest in the potty, needless to say it’s every MY stuff to occupational through and I have actually been digging deep v my listening partner these last 2 weeks i beg your pardon is the only thing that has actually helped store me kind of light about it. I’ve to be bringing lots of giggles and also laughter to it and also the last 2 job have provided him full an option of if he wants to be in diapers or underwear and doing some role reversal. I jump around and also do the to pee pee dance and he gets to decide where I need to go pee, which it s okay him come laugh and laugh and releases tension. We have actually made alot of progress in the critical 2 weeks, he has woken up dry for 11 days currently in underwear and we pee on the potty before bed and an initial thing in the am, the rest…we simply wing it. So ns have gained to the place of just taking the day come day. I’m embarassed come say that ns tried the 3 day potty technique which had rewards- for the first time ever- that is a sham. He didn’t buy it because that a 2nd and the didn’t work. I was shocked and laughing at myself each time I offered him something. I knew that wouldn’t however she made it so compelling and also i assumed oh, 3 days no scar him for life:) and also it didn’t, it just didn’t work. Onwards! here is a great article that assisted us also.

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You’re telling my story!! I’m glad we’re no the only one’s. Us too started with elimination communication from birth. Ns think that renders me even an ext expectant that he need to (also 2.5) it is in potty trained by now. I did will to potty treats ( little toys) also though I also am versus that and sometimes it worked yet we’re still not there. As lengthy as we’re naked and at home, the goes there is no me even mentioning it but, as with you said, the second I put undies on he goes in them. I guess the just thing to execute is wait. All things involved an finish eventually. . .

I kept my daughter in diapers and at 2 she somehow just determined to no longer need them. It can be they to be cloth and super bulky- I included extra pads, etc. She suddenly began using the potty when I started watching mine niece that was 3 months at the time. I think she witnessed me changing diapers on the baby and even despite my daughter still continued to nurse – she go cold turkey no diapers from 2 on. I did not even used castle or trainers in ~ night. Reflecting earlier the just thing I deserve to think is the she had an older brother who provided the potty and also a lot younger cousin who was very much in diapers and also some exactly how saw it s her too large for them. My son meanwhile would wear unders and even in ~ 3 1/2 would pee his pants all over the floor in ~ Fred Meyer immediately trying to usage the potty. Eventually they both really favored using public /or other peoples’ toliets and also even now at 4 1/2 and 7 whenever we go into a save they automatically have come go. Ns think that the habit that that- no matter just how gross that sounds, make them realize that the bigger community – anyone goes in the toliet and also I think it somehow made castle feel an ext independent. Plus youngsters are curious and love to inspect things out. One good thing- lock pretty much understand in Bend ever place we go- 1.) if the place has actually a publicly restroom and 2.) wherein it is. So i guess ns would just go ago to the diapers and sounds like she could determine once it can be time. It can be cool too to go v the things she knows exactly how to do, prefer – You can play blocks, you have the right to pour water, you deserve to draw, you have the right to eat v a fork, and also every time she go another brand-new thing add it come the list. She may start come think- what room some other things I could like come do, and also perhaps climate you can give her examples; together as, sleep through the night, put your bowl away, use the potty everytime…