Important Information

The Ridgeline Hotel is currently open! Overnight continues to be are accessible 7 days a week.

Latitude 105 Alehouse is currently open daily from 4 pm – 10 PM.

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Please Note: at this time, several of our on-site amenities are currently unavailable. The security of our guests and also employees is our height priority, and we will certainly strive to do these amenities safely accessible again as soon as possible.

For the latest info about restricted and do not have services, you re welcome visit our company Updates page.

We are pleased to present you with the complying with on-site amenities.





Indoor swim Pool

No stay at Ridgeline Hotel would certainly be complete without going because that a emboldened in our full-size at home heated swim pool and also hot tub. We likewise feature a 180-inch projector display screen in our swimming pool area, v movie showings start typically roughly noon, and Monday Night football every week during football season! enjoy a “swim-in” movie when you continue to be with us, or simply go because that a leisurely swim, no matter what the weather is choose outside.

Please Note: The swimming pool have the right to be reserved for personal events! If you would choose to reserve the pool area for a personal event, please speak to our Sales Office in ~ 970-527-1500.


Pet-Friendly Hotel

Here at The Ridgeline Hotel, we recognize that all members the your household are necessary – consisting of the four-legged ones! We space proud to be a pet-friendly hotel in Estes Park, through our whole West wing of pet-friendly rooms. We allow up to 2 dogs per room, 80 pounds max. We are also located much less than a mile from Estes valley Dog Park and also Lake Estes, where you have the right to take your pooch for some outdoor exercise.

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Outdoor Fire Pits

One of the many talked-about functions of The Ridgeline Hotel is our outdoor fire pits! Terraced fire pits are situated right outside, complete with Adirondack chairs and also bench seating. Conference with various other Ridgeline guests and also share story of her day’s adventures in Estes Park and also Rocky hill National Park! S’mores kit are available for purchase at the prior Desk.

Game Lounge

Stop by our new Game Lounge, located inside Latitude 105 Alehouse, and an obstacle your travel companions come a friendly game! With options including dart boards, pool tables, arcade games, foosball, Xbox games, pinball, and also more, there is something for anyone to enjoy. We also have cornhole accessible just exterior when the weather is nice, along with two fire pits.

Fitness Room

Being on vacation method doing part extra relaxing and also indulging the you wouldn’t usually do in ~ home. And that’s great! But, for few of us, burning turn off those excess calories is something we enjoy doing, and if you autumn into that category then you are in luck! ours Fitness Room includes a number of ways to get your practice fix, including elliptical machines, cost-free weights, and treadmills. Included as component of our Amenity Fee, this basic is easily accessible to use for every overnight guests.

Bicycle Rental

Bicycle rentals space now accessible at Ridgeline Hotel! even if it is you’re a skilled cyclist or simply want come re-live some memories from your childhood, riding a bike is a fun means to gain some exercise and also stay in form while also exploring several of the most amazing vistas Rocky mountain National Park has to offer. Usage of bicycles is had as part of our Amenity Fee.

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Latitude 105 Restaurant and also Bar

Don’t eat and also run once you dine at Latitude 105! besides being a ar to gain your next meal, our restaurant additionally features ample lounge room to relax and also chat, as well as a shuffleboard table so you can challenge the rest of your party come a familiar game.

The Ridgeline Hotel Estes Park® 101 southern Saint Vrain AvenueEstes Park, CO, 80517 970-480-0110 (Reservations) 970-527-1500 (Hotel)